traits of highly effective bloggers

13 Habits of Efficient and Effective Bloggers That Get Things Done

Finding blog success does not come by chance for effective bloggers.

It’s lots and lots of love, work, and dedication put in compounded over time.

So what exactly do these seemingly superhuman bloggers do to stay on top of their game, constantly growing, and influencing their communities?

There can be an overwhelming amount of advice online that makes your want to put your blogger head in the sand. But, that changes if we just spotlight the fundamentals.

Everyone’s online journey and goals are different but fundamentals that build success always stay the same no matter who, what, when, or where you are.

So, without further ado, these are the key habits the most effective bloggers master:

1. Their religion is consistency 

Consistency exists in all that efficient bloggers do.

Sticking to that schedule. Giving that webinar on a bi-weekly basis. Keeping in touch with the most important part of their blog—their readers. The list goes on, right?

But consistency adds to their blogging cred, keeps their message and mission alive, helps tackle big goals, and bears results over time.

On Consistency, Seth Godin, the father of blogging and email marketing (as I like to call him) says,

“you need to be consistent in order to be able to keep doing your work in a way that other people will appreciate. Because if you’re a wandering generality, we don’t know when to listen to you, because who are you trying to please today?”

2.They plan ahead like vicious cannibals

Viciously. This way, cluelessness is avoided when it comes to taking care of the blogging needs for the day.

Bloggers that learn to plan ahead are able to maximize their output per time put in. And that equation is always in a blogger’s favor.

They know that planning ahead gets rid of worrying about what you have to do next. They just have to show up willing to put in the work.

Planning ahead improves their performance and gives them the ability to focus on the most important tasks wholeheartedly because they:

A) they know where they’re headed and the daily steps it takes to get there.

B) they’ve mapped out the daily steps it’ll take to get there.

Planning ahead does three things for effective bloggers:

  • declutters their brain
  • clears up the vision towards their goal
  • breaks down tasks into doable bits

3. Networking crowns their to-do list

Ah, networking.

The icky word many people don’t like (any introverts readin’ this?) Big bloggers know that networking is like a spider web, the bigger and stronger you weave it the better chances of a successful blog you’ll have.

Efficient bloggers understand the value of connecting with other bloggers in their fields and sharing value amongst themselves.

Constant networking (in a non-creepy way of course) is vital to their blog sustainability and they know this by heart.

They network knowing their blog’s life depends on it and it’s an opportunity to grow their tribe, get their work in front of bigger audiences, and bounce ideas off each other.

4. They cast their nets far and wide

To win in the blogging arena effective bloggers know from the start that gathering emails is vital to growing their audience, selling their products and services, and keeping in touch with the people that matter most—their community.

They know that an email list is one of, if not the most, valuable asset to their blogs because they have sole ownership of it. And because of that, they are constantly growing and nurturing it.

As Derek Halpern from Social Triggers bluntly puts it:

“If you’re not building an email list, you’re an idiot.”

5. They use their sixth sense

Yes, the effective blogger breed does have a sixth sense. It’s efficiency.

They’re constantly thinking of ways to improve their day-to-day or even month-to-month tasks in completing material and following through with their blogging necessities.

Efficiency isn’t cast aside to give way to uncertainty, redundancy, and half-assed attempts. Effective bloggers outsource when they’re pressed for time, streamline blog systems, and automate anything they possibly can.

They know when to say ‘no’ or ‘not yet’ and prioritize the tasks necessary to grow their blog.

6. Their motto is: Learn. Apply. Rinse. Repeat.

It’s a routine. And every successful blogger does it.


They’re constantly learning and don’t intend on stopping because they know this is the way to keep things fresh, creative, and engaging to a constantly changing audience.

An effective blogger is a lifelong curious learner that absorbs all they can so as to stay relevant, avoid stagnation, and being drowned out by the internet noise.

They understand that setting aside time in their schedule each day to learn something new or build upon their knowledge is part of their personal and blog growth.

7. Effective bloggers have high EQ

Notice it’s not necessarily IQ but EQ aka emotional intelligence.

Studies have shown that people with higher emotional intelligence tend to succeed because of the tenacity that being emotionally intelligent provides them and their ability to read people accurately.

Having said this—

It hurts. And they do come. The mean and outrageous comments and hate mail in their inbox. Does this discourage effective bloggers from keeping on and pushing through?


They muster the strength and courage to keep going. They allow themselves time to process and use negative experiences as a source of strength and a learning experience.

Understanding that blows will come and should be welcomed and not shied from is a big mindset shift for successful bloggers.

Especially because, as a blogger, if you stand in the middle and please everyone you’ll have a hard time growing and audience. Effective bloggers know that they should stand firm in their message and what they believe despite the occasional setbacks.

8. They live by the 80/20 rule

When it comes to marketing their value filled content, effective bloggers live by this principle.

They know that the MAJORITY of their time should be spent on getting their content in front of the right eyes and promoting it as much as possible.

The rule (or a similar variation of it) is simply an illustration for the amount of time you should spend on each task—twenty percent of it creating content, and eighty percent promoting the heck out of it. Promoting it like there’s no tomorrow.

Content without promotion is dead.

9. Effective bloggers = effective writers

This is a biggie.

The key to being an effective blogger is to know that effective writing is essential. Especially if they want to:

  • make an impact
  • communicate their ideas as clearly and appealingly as possible
  • keep their audience believing in their business and blogging journey

The don’t just slap content around to get to at least 1,000 words and call it a blog post. They make sure that when they write, they do it well, in a way that is relatable to their audience, and as thoroughly as possible.

They recognize that words are powerful and that they carry meaning depending on how you choose to use them.If this means putting in the work and rewriting rough drafts, they do so as much as they need.

10. They capitalize on and exploit their strengths

Effective bloggers don’t try to copy other blogger’s skills and strengths to try to find their own success.


They look inward first, find out what they’re good at, what their interests are, what makes them shine, what makes them stand out, and then they take it, grow it, learn about it as much as possible. As they master their skills and get better at a few things instead of a million, they are more helpful to and serve their blogging audience better.

As they master their skills and get better at a few things instead of a million, they are more helpful to and serve their blogging audience better.

Not only do they know their weaknesses but they do something about them. Whether that’s outsourcing what they aren’t very knowledgeable in, or investing the time to learn it thoroughly, they know this is the only way to bring the best to their audience.

11. They master the art of priority

The scenario every blogger encounters, whether new or starting out, goes a little like this:

You take a look at your to-do list and notice, oh my, there’s a gajillion fifillion things do to for the blog biz…and you have not a clue where to start.

Champion bloggers do, though. They ask themselves this question:

‘What are the number one things I need to do, before anything else, to grow my blog?’

And then they prioritize accordingly. And follow through as well.

Prioritizing is a skill to be mastered and used consistently to figure out the best way to move forward while being threatened by a pile of a million things that need to get done. Without prioritizing you can get overwhelmed, feel bogged down, and it can ultimately keep you from making real progress.

12. They know and accept one truth 

It takes time.

While it doesn’t have to take half your grandma’s age to grow a successful blog, it does take time. It’s a compound process, as I like to say.

It will take time to figure out how to write great content. It will take time to make and build connections. It will take time to overall figure out your blog tone.

It won’t all of a sudden hit you at once. Effective bloggers know that it takes much patience and perseverance and they stick to it, no matter how they’re feeling on a particular day.

They know that a blogger who perseveres isn’t necessarily one that gets everything right the first time, but one who constantly learns and stays determined to make their blog work, even if that means being patient.

13. And finally, they are motivated by more than…

Yes, the money is nice, but efficient bloggers know that once you get a taste of what helping someone else on their business journey feels like, you’re sold forever.

An effective blogger’s ‘why’ is centered around bringing others to success. Because they know other’s success means their own success. While yes, at the end of the day you do blog for a living, that doesn’t mean that main reason ‘why’ you do it has to be, well, the moola.

If it is the sole reason why you blog, burnout will hit you before you see it coming.

If there is no intrinsic motivator for doing what you do (‘cus hello! Blogging is lots of hard work!) then making money will not be enough to keep you alive in the blogging game.

You’ve gotta love what you do. Effective bloggers know this.

Are You An Effective Blogger?

You can know all the habits and traits of effective bloggers by heart and recite them like you’re at your Christmas recital, but they’re truly worthless if you don’t act.

Without doing you only have knowledge, and without knowledge there isn’t even a chance of doing.

Blogging isn’t for everyone. And that’s ok. Many can and do start a blog but few have the tenacity and grit to keep working at it and turn it into something real before they get discouraged by sucky numbers, setbacks, hate mail or life simply happening.

But to end—

The last trait all effective bloggers have? They go out there and they do. So, let this be the first thing on your effective blogger to-do list.

Start, and start today.

What will you create, who will you influence, who will you help with your blog biz in this lifetime? There’s only one way to find out…