73 Blog Post Ideas to Get Your Mind Working

73 Blog Post Ideas to Get Your Mind Working

Raise your hand if you love blog burnout? Yeah, didn’t think so :). I mean who can love being uninspired and completely drained of ideas in general? There is nothing like that innovative spark that excites you and keeps you up ‘til 3 am ‘cus your mind just keeps racing with blog post possibilities.

So, I sat down, thought long and hard, and with a hint of inspiration came up with some specific blog post ideas to either be used directly or have them inspire additional ideas…which can then inspire even more ideas. Ha!

These are in no particular order. Let’s get your mind workin’ a bit:

  1. A before and after comparison for a major habit change in your life
  2. List of low-cost things to do when you are bored
  3. How you handle your budget and why it works with actionable steps
  4. How do you specifically keep from over spending/splurging?
  5. A collection of quotes revolving around a subject e.g. fear, defeat, etc.
  6. Ways of self-care and what works for you
  7. How your family/children have impacted your business/life
  8. Major financial lessons you’ve learned over the years and how they’ve changed the way you think about money
  9. How do you nurture cyber friendships?
  10. A look inside your life as a business owner
  11. The steps you take to plan for big events to avoid overwhelm
  12. A DIY post on work space improvement
  13. Words/sayings you live by (and why you do)
  14. The downsides of business ownership/online entrepreneurship no one talks about
  15. Was/is the financial decision to go to college worth it for you?
  16. How the economy has completely evolved and its effects on you as a mother/teen/single mother/millennial etc.
  17. How you effectively plan your work day to have more control of when you get free time
  18. The process of putting your business together, bumps in the road, successes, the struggles and emotions involved (whether it be a blog or other type of business)
  19. Do you freelance? Your journey in becoming/being your own boss
  20. How you deal with burnout/writer’s block/overwhelm
  21. What exactly is a niche? Does it mean different things to different people? is it really necessary?
  22. Ways you stand out in a seemingly overcrowded online world
  23. Step-by-step insight on how you specifically handle marketing your blog posts on a day-by-day basis
  24. The biggest client horror story and your biggest take away from it
  25. Are you an introvert? How you successfully handle entrepreneurship in a world that constantly celebrates extroversion in business
  26. Experiment in the kitchen. Make your own unique meal without a recipe and share it with the world (hopefully it also tastes good)
  27. Memorable ways to celebrate a holiday
  28. How you make the most out of family time
  29. Strategies to handle holiday shopping without feeling overwhelmed and without overspending
  30. How you incorporate exercise into your everyday life
  31. How you overcome procrastination and ‘I don’t feel like it’
  32. How you stay focused and motivated
  33. Your saving strategy for a big purchase
  34. Habits you wish you would have formed before venturing into business
  35. Do you invest? Your journey through the investment world and its pros/cons
  36. Scheduling strategies you use to never miss deadlines/appointments
  37. How you stay creative and artistically inspired
  38. A step-by-step through your photo editing process
  39. A journey through the thought process of branding and designing your own logo (with pictures and reiterations)
  40. Do you invest in real estate as an additional revenue stream? What you’ve learned from the market
  41. What does it truly take to start and maintain an online business?
  42. A post with mini interviews of successful business owners and their journeys, the failure they learned the most from, what they are most proud of, their visions for the future
  43. Failed business ventures: Why they failed and what you could have done better
  44. A list of ways you keep your business expenses low
  45. How hiring a virtual assistant has worked out, pros/cons
  46. Where you see your business in 5, 10, or even 20 years and the actionable steps you’ll take to get there
  47. Goal planning: how you go about it without losing focus
  48. Investing in a house vs. nomadic lifestyle and mobility: what has worked out for you and why
  49. Your writing style: how you found it and fine-tuned it (or maybe you are still in the process of finding it)
  50. The value of mentorship: How it’s impacted you in your business process
  51. Are you an avid side hustler? Your experiences with it, the good, the bad, and the ugly
  52. How you leveraged your personal skills, experiences, and abilities to create your own business path
  53. Are you constantly indecisive? How do you deal with decision making in your business
  54. What you thought business ownership was like vs. what it’s really like
  55. Making the most out of failure: How you bounced back from a major setback in your business or your personal life
  56. Three big role models that greatly impacted your life and why, e.g. business coaches, business owners, family members, etc.
  57. How you brainstorm and put together ideas or solve problems
  58. If there was one thing you could change about business what would it be and why
  59. Your biggest blogging dream and ways you can make that possible
  60. Blog button/Pin/Featured image design Ideas along with a step-by-step with how to do it
  61. Your journey in finding your ideal reader and how you cater to them. How can your readers find THEIR readers?
  62. How you deal with self-doubt when you’ve got a whole business to run
  63. How a skill you learned when you were younger is vital in your entrepreneurial ventures today
  64. Do you run more than one business? How do you juggle each of them without being overwhelmed
  65. Do you guest post frequently? The positive effects that can have on your blog/business
  66. Your experience planning and writing your first e-book
  67. How do you go about designing your blog sidebar?
  68. What were the key points in your life that let you know online business was for you?
  69. The Ultimate guide to designing and posting free printables for your blog
  70. How you keep from sounding like a textbook when you write copy
  71. Your method for figuring out the best blog post titles
  72. Your strategy for keeping a relationship with your readers through e-mail: How often you write, what you write, how you format it, etc.
  73. Describe a valuable community you are currently part of and how you could recreate that online

Every one of these thought provoking, value filled ideas have potential in terms of the direction you can take them and how they can fit your specific blog style/focus.

Are there any that spark your interest?

Any that took you on a tangent and inspired other ideas?!

Comment your thoughts below!

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