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Teal Notes is a place for everything in lifestyle and my online biz journey that inspires you to build a life that revolves around two things:

your skills + motivations.

And, as I’m sure you know by now, blogging is a great way to be able to navigate all of that and more.

In short, The Notes is where you’ll get lifestyle and income tips with invaluable lessons I learn along the way.

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So now, a little more about me. I’m Vivian, and I created this blog with lots of inspiration and drive.

My love for design, lifestyle topics, along with my passion for online marketing, all converge here.

My take: Life is better when you’re creative, gutsy, and learn to do your own thing! 😊

Right now, I’m currently amazed by two things:

1. The blogging for income lifestyle (who knew you could make a living blogging!)

2. Discovering the best ways to market my skills to live a life I actually care for + enjoy

Now what?

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