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You either clicked here led by boredom or smart curiosity, hopefully it’s the latter, either way:
If you’re looking for a creative hub that thrives around learning to market yourself online then you’ve landed right on target.

Teal Notes, a blog by me, Viv, is designed for aspiring online entrepreneurs on their biz journey while they build a life they want around two things:

their skills + motivations.

And, as you probably know by now, blogging is a great way to be able to navigate all of that and more.

The Notes is where I share marketing, writing, and blogging knowledge along with invaluable lessons I learn along the way.

But wait.

Oh, you actually clicked over here to learn about me? Then keep scrolling below.

Otherwise the next step you can take right now is:

Stay updated, bro!

So now, a little more about me. I’m Vivian, and I created this blog with lots of inspiration and drive to learn to market my skills in freelancing and content creation.

My love for design, along with my passion for marketing, all converge here.

My take: Creativity can bleed into many areas of life and doesn’t have to be confined to a box. Seriously! You can be creative in how you go about your finances, brand your business, organize your house, even decorate your workspace. Most importantly…

You can be creative with how you live your life! 🙂

A little more about me: I am a graphic designer and freelance writer who is passionate about and amazed with two things:

1. I’m amazed at how branding + marketing can be used to create something magnificent and functional that can positively impact many.

2. And I am passionate about discovering how business can be leveraged as a powerful tool to achieve a better and more fulfilling way of life.

Which reminds me: my favorite quote?


-Oscar Wilde

One frequent question I get is:

Why’d you name your blog Teal Notes? (insert furrowed brow here*)

There are two main reasons why, when I came up with the name, it sat well with my gut. Firstly (is that a word?) and simply, teal is a strong color that went well with my brand and is a color I identify with often.

Secondly, the notes part was due to my habit of keeping notes of newfound topics that intrigued me. It could be anything from new spelling words and definitions to quotes that resonated with me, business terms, a recipe I thought I needed to try, or even book titles or magazine articles that seemed promising. I still have stacks of loose papers with all kinds of random things I’ve learned from over the years.

So! When I put those two things together it is a name that exemplifies the value of my blog through my love of creativity (teal) and business knowledge (notes).

Movin’ on…

Three little nuances about me:

  1. I love 90’s hit dance music (Atb, Melanie C, Sonique, and the likes)
  2. I skipped kindergarten
  3. I could eat avocados all day everyday.In any form.

Now what?

Walk with me on this blogging journey as I share knowledge + new discoveries with you!

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