Blog Posts + Strategic Content Creation for B2B Businesses 

I get it.
Finding great content to gain followers and inspire your current audience is hard. Finding a content writer that gets you there is even harder.

This is where I bridge the gap.

My specialty is in (but isn’t limited to) online marketing—specifically social media marketing, branding, and engaging blog content creation.

I use my experience, knowledge, and skills to generate content that entices people to engage and take action.

What exactly can my writing do for you?

  • My content is useful for lead generation by providing value through an engaging writing style 
  • It’s always formatted so it’s easy to read, memorable, and shareable
  • SEO and keyword optimized (not ‘stuffed’)
  • Reading boring ‘stuff’ is something no one has ever cared for, and you won’t find it in anything I write for you



Online Marketing

I’m more than happy to write online marketing pieces for you. Anything from optimizing site design, to lead generation, or results oriented strategic marketing.

The most important thing is creating content that is ‘devourable’ and breaking down complex ideas into easy-to-understand posts your reader’s will love.


Blog Content Creation

This isn’t necessarily everyone’s favorite because, let’s face it, it’s time consuming. Why? It requires attention to detail, editing, and exhaustive topic research for examples and ideas.

Fortunately that’s what I like to do best. Do you need content on branding, generating a social media presence, blog strategy, growth, maintenance, and more? I can write it.



Branding is a topic I can write about forever while I inform, engage, and entertain your readers in the process.

If you need a thorough, easy-to-understand branding piece I’m more than happy to help you with it.


Your Suggestions

I’m open to content you’re interested in that doesn’t necessarily fall under my specialties.

A good writer writes. A great writer loves a ‘challenge’ (and new topics!). Let me know what you’re thinking and we can work something out for you.


My fields of expertise also include:

  • email marketing
  • content marketing and blogging
  • Running a business/productivity
  • Lead generation

Let’s talk. Send a message and—

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