Make and Save Money: 20 Genius Ways You Might Not Have Thought About

Make and Save Money: 20 Genius Ways You Might Not Have Thought About

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Lately, I’ve been thinking about all the ways I can save or make extra money, especially since I recently moved (which is a huge finance suck).

So, I thought I’d brainstorm some of the creative ways to save and make money and turn it into a post.

The great thing about many of these is you don’t have to do much and you can easily make them part of your day. Some of them are set-it-and-forget-it type deals.

Here we go! Some ways you can make and save money are:

1.Open a Brandspanking Bank Account: Did you know that Synchrony bank yields a %1.20 percent savings rate?

ways to make and save money

My mouth dropped when I found out.

Not because it’s a whole lot, but because often banks to even give you a fraction of that on your savings account.

Check out how you can start your Synchrony account and start earning on your savings here!

2. Ebates: Rebates are a real thing. And Ebates is an awesome way to take advantage of that opportunity!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

With Ebates you simply shop at your favorite online stores and once you check out you’ll get a percentage of your bill back on your Ebates account.

Basically, the more you spend the more you earn! Get started getting money back shopping with Ebates here!

3. Swagbucks: You really need to check out Swagbucks if you like getting cash for little work!

It’s one of the easiest ways to make money from home and earn free gift cards by doing things like shopping online, doing surveys, and watching videos. Sign up for Swagbucks here! You get $5 just for signing up!

4. Groupon your hobbies: Groupon takes discount coupons to a whole new level. Each day, Groupon give anywhere from a 50% to 90% discount at a local place, event, or service.

ways to make and save money

But you can’t sit on these deals forever. They only last for a day or two. Check out Groupon here to be notified of the best daily deals!

Check out Groupon here.

7. Use ThredUp: You can definitely make some extra cash selling your old clothes (assuming they don’t

have a million holes in them!)

ways to make and save moneyWith ThredUp you order a bag, they send it to you in the mail within a couple of days, you put your goods in, and they’ll send you a check for the sellable items.

You can order your first ThredUp bag here!

5. BookScouter: Have some old books you know you’ll never read? Sell them and make some money with BookScouter!

BookScouter helps you look at which place will give you the most buck for your books, then they’ll send you a prepaid shipping label where you can send your books.

ways to make and save money

It doesn’t get much easier than BookScouter to sell your old books and it works especially well for college students!

Check out BookScouter here to see how much you can get for your old books!

6. Start Peer-To-Peer Lending: LendingClub helps you act as your own mini bank as you can let others signed up with them borrow money from you and you eventually get it back with added interest! It’s a super cool and low-risk way to multiply your money. Click here to start your LendingClub account!

ways to make and save money

8. Set It and Forget It With Clink: Clink is a super duper set it and forget it tool which is great because once I don’t have to constantly think about it after I set it up.

You can set up the amount you want them to automatically withdraw from your bank account (mine’s five bucks) and then they invest that amount into ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) for you! Get started with your Clink account here.

9. Start Freelancing: Start writing content for companies online! A great job board site where you can pitch your freelance services to is the ProBlogger site. Check out how I got started freelancing here!

10. Use a Cash Back Credit Card: Take advantage of cash back credit cards. Many credit cards will give you back a certain percentage after spending a certain amount, kind of like E-bates.

11. Adopt The Envelope Method: One way to super easy way to make sure you aren’t spending more than you are supposed to and you put aside a percentage of your paycheck each month is to use the envelope method!

The gist is: Once you get your paycheck for the month/ week, put cash amount into envelopes designated for expenses you know you’ll make e.g. gas, groceries, phone bill, etc. Once you spend all of the amount in that envelope, you’ll know you’ve reached your limit.

12. The $10 Dollar Emergency Fund Challenge: Create an envelope and put away $10 dollars a week for a whole year!

Before you know it, you’ll have started an emergency fund with $520!

13. Trade Out Your Loose Change: Loose change, though loose, is still money. And you always end up with a bunch of it some way or another!

Why not put it all together, watch your stash grow, and take it to your local coin machine to change it for cash??

ways to make and save money

One time I had a jar of change when I used to work as a server, thought I’d take it to the coin machine to at least get 15 bucks…I ended up having $118 in loose change! Don’t underestimate the power of loose coins! Click here to locate the nearest coin machine to you.

14. Use Slow Cooker Recipes: You can buy a send hand slow cooker (just make sure it’s working) and start making cheap slow cooker meals and don’t cost an arm and a leg but are still delish!

15. Rent Out Extra Space: Use AirBnb to rent out a spare bedroom in your home that you aren’t using.

ways to make and save money

This can also work great if you travel a lot and your home is constantly empty! Check out Airbnb here.

16. Renegotiate Your Credit Card Rate: You can actually renegotiate your credit card rate. It’s a real thing!

This is especially helpful if you are currently accruing interest on your credit card payments and trying to pay off debt. Read this in-depth article where they even give you a renegotiating script.

16. Batch Your Meals: Set aside a day during the week to cook up a storm and freeze some meals up during the week.

This way you’ll be less tempted to eat out as you’ll know there is a prepared meal ready to go at home!

17. Start A Blog: Starting a blog that you can work on on your free time is a great way to start building up side income (that can possibly turn into hefty income in the future if you keep at it!) Use this guide to get your first blog started in just a couple of minutes!how to start a money making blog

18. Haggle On Your Bills: This is actually a real thing. People can get out of paying full price for their bills and negotiate a new rate. Check out this article on how to do it.

19. Designate An Off Brand And Junk Food Free Grocery Run: Next time you go shopping for groceries, make it a point to buy everything off brand.

Designate a grocery run name brand free and repeat the tradition once a month to save some extra money (as you discover and try worthy substitutes for you name brand items!)

20. Make $20+ An Hour Tutoring: Chegg tutors start earning at $20+ an hour and can have a flexible teaching schedule. You get paid weekly and Chegg handles sending all the students

ways to make and save money

that need help to you (instead of you having to go out and look for them).

Get started tutoring with Chegg for $20 an hour here.

Your Next Money Making/Saving Action Steps

As I always like to say with side-hustles, it’s no use reading helpful lists like these if you don’t actually do something about it!

You have to get your hustle on, whether that’s just for saving money, making money, or both.

  1. Pick Out the top Four Side Hustles You’d like to try
  2. Pick out the one you think you’ll do best at and start there first
  3. Sign up and designate an hour a day for side hustling
  4. Most of all, be consistent about it and repeat

See you on the hustle side! 😎


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