10 Ways To Make Money With Your Blog Quit Your Life Draining 9-5

Is this your magic question?

I know it was mine when I first started learning about how to blog and how exactly I could make money with it.

How the heck can you make money with this whole blogging thing if you don’t have oodles of blog traffic yet? Or raving fans??

Well, it turns out, there isn’t just one way to make money blogging, and everyone’s journey is different.

But to be able to make it work you gotta know where your strengths lie.

Are you good with design?

With coding?

Are you a killer writer?

Are you great at coaching people through difficult situations?

All of these things (and more!) can help you start a profitable blog while you wait for the oodles of traffic and your SEO to start kicking in (You ARE using Pinterest to massively grow your traffic right? If not, read this mega guide on how to get started).

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Let’s look at all the ways you can start making some blogging income on the side to be able to quit your 9-5.

Start Creative Coaching

This one only sounds scary. But many bloggers do it successfully.
Consulting goes closely with offering services.

If you are really good at blog design, for example, you can sell 30-minute website audits or coaching calls with bloggers who are stuck with their blog design or branding. Here’s an in-depth guide on how to start.

Offer Services

Are you good at creating pins? Are you exceptionally organized and can meet deadlines?

You can easily offer services on a services page in your menu and create a sales page for the services you offer.

PRO TIP: Beta Test your services by posting your offer for free in your most interactive Facebook groups to get results and gather genuine testimonials that you can add to your sales page!

Often, the most important part of selling your services is people want to see proof that they’ll get results, regardless of your background or extensive experience. Here’s an awesome post by Miranda Nahmias on how to get started offering your first services.

Create and Sell An E-book

If you have extensive knowledge to about something (and even better some sort of results to back it up) then you can write an e-book and sell it on your blog.

Publishers like Amazon Kindle Publishing let you publish your e-book for FREE and give you the choice of making it an e-book or a paper back!

how to make money with your blog

Many bloggers create and sell e-books that can bring in sales through a funnel or a ‘Shop’ section in their blog menus.

Just make sure your e-book aligns with your blog niche! It would be bad for your sales if you sold a book on Flamingos if your niche was website design. ☺

Start Email Marketing

You might not be getting tons of traffic to your blog, but that still doesn’t mean you can’t grow an email list and sell them your services/goods.

PRO TIP: Create a FREE landing page with ConvertKit (the best email list builder out there. You can get the first 30 days FREE here) and make pins with a link to your page that you can post on group boards.


Create A Members Only Vault

Membership sites aren’t much heard about but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make money off them.

This is especially true if you know information that you could teach/package in a desirable way so people want to buy it.

It’s going to take some setting up and constant upkeep, but if you provide enough value it’s sure to start bringing in income, especially because it is recurring revenue. Check out this article on tips for creating your first membership site.

Sell Art + Prints Through Etsy

This can be a highly profitable way to monetize your blog if you have the artistic eye to create beautiful prints.

how to make money with your blog

I’m actually thinking about adding a section to the Teal Notes blog on prints for sale.

You can easily set this up with Etsy and open a FREE merchant account where you can get started selling and showcasing your prints.

PRO TIP: Showcase your prints for sale on your side bar with a call to action, or include a ‘Shop Now’ section in your main menu bar!

Sell Your Recipes/Planner Pages

This is great for an organizational niche or bullet journaling/planner niches.

Don’t be shy about the knowledge and the creativity you have to offer!

Chances are, if you have the knowledge, and it’s useful, someone out there is looking for what you can offer.

Are you a great cook and have a food blog?Compile a home made e-book of the best recipes in your arsenal and sell it as part of your blog.

PRO TIP: Invest in some nicely taken pictures of your food/planner pages and post them on a pin with a link back to your sales offer.

On top of that, you can add a countdown times on your sales page to create a sense of urgency.

Sell A Small Handmade Product

This goes back to Etsy too! Many people sell physical products to through their blogs on Etsy, whether that’s Jewelry, lotions, or soaps, and some making a killing doing so.

Many people sell physical products to through their blogs on Etsy, whether that’s Jewelry, lotions, or soaps, and some making a killing doing so.

Check out Etsy here to open your first store and promote it through your blog!

Use Your Blog as A Freelance Portfolio

If you have a knack for writing and want to start freelancing a blog is the perfect way to be able to land more freelance work.

Why? Because it shows your writing chops and it shows that you have experience publishing content that people will read online.

If you don’t have a blog yet, you can get started with Bluehost for a dirt-cheap ($3.95) a month and kick start your freelancing career.

To get a better idea of what you can expect, read this in-depth post about how I was able to land my first freelance assignment in four days here.

Write Informative Affiliate Reviews

I included affiliate posts last on this post because it can turn out to be really hard to make money with affiliates and your blog.

While some bloggers start making affiliate money from the start, others wait a couple of months before they start seeing any income coming in.

But informative affiliate reviews work because they teach someone interested in the product how to use it, the good and the bad about it, and what they can expect.

It simply informs them before they decide to make a purchase!

As an example, check out this post on joining The Ultimate Bundles Affiliate Program.

Your Next Action Steps

As I always like to say, you have to take action!

1. Pick a way to monetize your blog

2. Do your research

3. Create a game plan!

4. Start and make mistakes (it’s ok, that’s the only way you’ll learn!)

Remember, you can still monetize your blog even if you don’t have that much traffic. If you’re struggling with Pinterest traffic or want to learn how to start getting hefty amounts of traffic through Pinterest, make sure you check out my in-depth guide!

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