11 Amazon Home Decor Ideas For Under $20 Bucks

11 Amazon Home Decor Ideas For Under $20 Bucks

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Can we talk about how cheap it can be to ‘gorgeoufy’ your house with a little Amazon hunting?

I’ve almost always viewed Amazon as a place to get necessities, like toothpaste or a new iPhone charger, but never a place for awesome home decor items (especially ones under $20 bucks).

It’s crazy, not to mention pretty time consuming, what you can find if you dig around.

I also recently went on a little home decor frenzy and created a farmhouse decor ideas post that I’m quite proud of.

It’s a whole range of ways to decorate your home with a rustic farmhouse feel that is just downright beautiful.

If you’re looking for inspiration on farmhouse decor ideas, it’s definitely a post to check out.

But anyway, to revamp/liven up your living space in this weekend, here is a list of Amazon finds for under $20 bucks.

Picnic Lights

Yes, these are the whimsical lights you see in those perfect Pinterest photos of people dining outside. They are perfect for your personal day to day use or even special occasions like birthday parties and romantic dinners.

Found them for cheap and thought I should definitely include them in this list.

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Lantern Candle Holders

These are great if you’re looking to give your house a bit of a rustic feel. I remember when I moved into my first apartment I went crazy in second-hand stores trying to find a pair of rustic lanterns to keep as accents in my living room.

It’s too bad I didn’t come across these on Amazon back then.

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Hanging Vases

These geometric vases are modern and can give any room more of a slick feel. I think the fake plants come included in them too? I’m not quite sure. You’ll have to check the listing. But even if it would just be the geometric holders, it’s pretty cute.

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Woven Mirror

This one is probably my favorite from the list. It’s such a pretty and creative way to play up a plain old mirror and the color makes sure it fits just about any room. The fancy name for it is Macrame hanger, but I just like to say woven mirror. Either way, still a really pretty piece.

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Himalayan Salt Lamp

These Himalayan Salt Lamps give off a pretty calming glow and I’ve given them as gifts before (I’ve even been told they have purifying agents or something like that). They serve well as nightstand pieces or are great for an office setting.

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Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are amazing. One, they float, two, they look great, three, they can help keep your house organized because they hold your things and don’t just sit there looking pretty (though thats also something else they do).

Floating shelves totally beat boring standard wooden shelves that you can find anywhere.

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Sea Decor Accent 

Ok so this one is probably the least usual piece to include here but isn’t it so pretty to look at?? It would fit perfectly in a bathroom with a sea decor theme. And there are different variations of the same design. I’m not even sure what to call it, a boat steering wheel?

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Patterned Cushions

You can’t have a cozy home without the classic cushions, and these are pretty bright, perfect to liven up an old couch. The best part is the price, they won’t break the bank like some other ones I’ve seen that serve the same purpose.

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Wooden Desk Stand

A tiered bamboo desk stand is such a pretty way to keep your desk in order. And you can add plants to it too and form your own shelved garden.

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Circular Plush Carpet


Circle carpets can be a change to the same old rectangle carpets. And if they’re plushy like this one then it’s a plus. Not too long ago I bought a rectangle carpet in a similar color. I regret not looking further and finding the circular carpet first, it would have probably looked cooler in my room.

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Floating Planters

These hanging planters were too pretty to not include in the list. They are great wall pieces that beat hanging up another picture frame or dull light fixture. The fact that you can’t even tell they’re hanging is the best part.

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