11 Brilliant Ways To Organize Your Home Office

11 Brilliant Ways To Organize Your Home Office

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There are TONS of ideas out there to organize your desk so you always find what you’re looking for and make it look great in the process.

So there is really no excuse for a cluttered desk when you can easily find cheap and gorgeous ways to make your home office desk look like a real-life boss (you!) works there.

So, I scoured the internet to make you a list of the desk organization hacks to create an awesome workspace— whether you’re in college or want to revamp an old basement work area.

Check out the list of awesomeness!

Make an empty tin can organizer.48-jars

Via diyncrafts.com

The basis for this organizational hack is cylinders. Whether its mason jars, empty tin cans, or plastic piping to keep your pencils within reach in one place. Just make sure you spray paint it before you glue it all together. There is more where that genius idea came from here.

Via Curbly.com

Give a new spin to a plain old paper calendar with a magnetic stip calendar. How Joyful tells you exactly how to put it together and create a unique calendar that can help you keep updated.

Use pails for incoming and outgoing mail, tasks, etc.
Via Bhg.com

Keep your mail perfectly organized by decorating two “in” and “out” buckets and using them to sort your mail. This way you stop yourself from collecting junk mail and you regularly empty your bucket out. If you’re up for making these cute buckets, you can find out more about them here.

Get down to business in your office space with these hacks
Via Landeelu.com

Using washi tape to organize which cord belongs to what is the perfect no hassle way to make sure you always have the right cord. Keep in mind you can also use this in the garage, the basement, or wherever you store your extra cords.

Via Iheartorganizing.com

These cereal box dividers are a downright genius ways to take the boring out of organizing your desk drawers. The great thing is that you can use these DIY cereal box dividers for your sock drawer or even your junk drawer in the kitchen. Grab the complete tutorial here. 

Organzing ideas + tips for the HOME OFFICE!
Via Jennaburger.com

Refurbish a tin can by using some cute paper and some magnets to transform it into an origial bulletin board. This can give a great spin to the cork bulletin board and can help you repurpose old tin can you might not use anymore. Get more ideas like these here.

Via RedBookMag.com

This is a great idea for your desk to stay tidy and organized! Just use an old/cheap spice rack and use the containers to keep your glitter, thumbtacks, clips, and stickers in a gorgeous array. Find more ideas like these here.

Via Abowlfulloflemons.com

Use an old egg carton to organize the bits and pieces in one cute place. It’s an unconventional way to organize smaller things, and its easy to do. Learn more about it here. 

Via Brit+co.com

Now here is a great way to add extra room to a tiny desk. Just make some clip on holders and fill them with all your office supplies. To learn how much it’ll cost and how to put them together, check out the full tutorial here.

16 Ideas for the Most Organized Desk Ever
Via Onecrazyhouse.com

Get nifty and use a moving cart as an add-on rolling shelf to your desk. The best part is that it doesn’t require much assembling and you can spray paint it your favorite color if you want.

organizery z puszek diy
Via Zszywka.pl

This is such a creative way to give a spin to the usual pencil holder. And the best part is that it doesn’t cost much to put it all together. All you need are some tin cans and your favorite wrapping paper. And then you can fill it up with your favorite crafts supplies!

The purpose of a desk is to keep you organized and neat – so why is it that desks so often become an endless pit of random crap? We end up using our desk chairs to pile dirty or clean clothes (or maybe both), the surfaces usually get cluttered with pens and notebooks and books, and the drawers are typically a giant mess filled with little things that have no other home.
Via Gurl.com

Here is a way to use old clipboards to add personality to your workspace. You can do all kinds of things like pockets and mini bulletin boards that you can blue or clip onto the boards. get the complete tutorial here. 

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