11 Brilliant Life Organizational Hacks to Free Up Head Space and Finally Breathe Again

11 Brilliant Life Organizational Hacks to Free Up Head Space and Finally Breathe Again

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Have you ever tried to keep ahold of all the things you need to do in your head?

And by all the things I mean ALL the things.

‘The toilet needs scrubbing, the car needs to get the inspection done before tomorrow, where did I put the keys I was supposed to hand over to the land lord? where are my kids?, Did the dog run off after the neighbor’s cat again??, how did I get into this mess in the first place??’

It just goes on and on like that. Until you mentally exhaust yourself and you feel like you can’t take it anymore (believe you me, been there!).

I figured I had to come up with ways to automate as much of my life as I could if I was going to stay sane in the long term.

So, I sat down and wrote all the ways I could reorganize my life to be able to catch a breather more often, and it’s absolutely changed my day to day life for the better!

If you’re at a spot where you feel like you just can’t. take it. Anymore. Use these systems to make sure you’re on the ball (or at least as much on it as possible) and buy yourself some breathing time!

My 10 organizational hacks to free up head space and finally breathe again are:

1. ESSENTIALS Everything Once/Every Two Weeks
I used to buy just tid-bits here and there whenever I ran out of something at my house.

It is a big no no. You waste gas and you waste time (which is even more precious!)

A good rule of thumb is to sit down and make a list of all your household essentials (hence ‘essentials’ everything in your home).

Then every two weeks (or whenever you go grocery shopping, check your inventories and restock. Notice this doesn’t only apply to groceries, but to everything in the house (tape? Pinesol? Screws?)

You get it.

2. Put Your Bills On Autopilot
I love set it and forget it features. And putting my bills on automatic draft I was able to do just that.

It frees up my head space and I don’t have to think about it other than once in a blue moon.

3. Buy a YYYYuuugggee Calendar and Write All Over It
This one works so well! I’m a visual person and calendars help me see things so much better when it comes to deadlines and to-do lists!

You can put it right above your organization station, which is the next point.

4. Create An Organization Station (It Works!)
By organization station I don’t mean a little wooden mail holder with a screw or two for your keys, I mean a full blown organization station.

Designate a corner of your house for your mail, your lost and found box, your great big calendar and your key holders.

5. Put Your Savings on Autopilot
I like to do this with the Clink app. But there are all kinds of apps out there. You open an account, set it up, and it asks you what amount you want automatically drafted from your bank account every week.

Best of all they invest the money in ETF’s (exchange traded funds) for you!

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6. Keep A Household Lost and Found Box
This is the PERFECT hack if you have kids! Or if you’re downright forgetful like me.

You can get all kinds of creative with a lost and found box and how you decorate it to fit your living space.

It’s great for keeping lost shoes, socks, or even earrings. That way when you do find the paris you’ll know exactly where the other one is.

7. Set Your Alarm A Few Minutes Earlier
This one goes well with setting ‘mini routines.’ Setting your alarm up for a a few minutes earlier (read: It doesn’t have to be a few hours, unless that’s how you roll!) can help you get some extra things done in the day as you fully wake up.

I like to take the extra time to lightly organize my room or give the toilet bowl a swish.

8. Cook The Bulk of Your Meals on Sunday
Get all your ingredients together (your essential ingredients) and cook the bulk of your meals on Sunday.

This is a great way to start getting ready for the week and keeping you from the temptation to eat out because there isn’t anything prepared at home.

9. Do A Self Audit Once A Week Before Bed
This is kind of like doing yoga, but for your mind. You can easily forget everything you’ve accomplished during the week.

And it’s always a good idea to remind yourself. I like doing this Sunday nights when I’m getting ready to tackle the next week. It’s like your little personal pat on the back/motivation to keep crushing it!

10. Aim for Mini Routines

Big changes, really fast, all at the same time don’t work 99.9% of the time. At least not for me.

Mini routine helps me feel like I’m still in control of my life, without having to do a 360 overhaul.

Your mini routine could be to do three yoga poses in the morning, or to give your bathroom a quick wipe down, or to read a motivational excerpt for five minutes.

11. Stick to One Darn TV Show
Ok.Ok. It’s so overwhelming to check out Netflix…there’s just too much to see and it’s impossible to do it all.

Stick to ONE thing until you finish it! It’ll help you focus more on other (maybe more) productive things in your life!

For the record, I only watch GOT right now. No other show, no exceptions! ☺

Get Organized!
Tackling organization and feeling like you’ve got your life together can come as easy as a few little steps at a time.

I hope these organizational hacks helped you get clarity with your organizational strategy!

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