8 Perfectly Affordable Gift Ideas For That Special Someone


It’s the most wonderful time…to be confused about what to give that special person in your life.

Be it the love of your life, or your grandma, there are way too many choices to widdle it down to a sane amount of gifts.

There are also a lot of holiday gift ideas out there that are great to look through and that you could easily spend hours in.

Though often, I’ve taken the easy route and bought gourmet gift baskets like this one for people I care about, sometimes it’s nice to put a little more thought into it.

For this gift guide, I wanted to take a different approach and decided to create a little rhyme to get you through the holidays with all your hairs in place (see designed pin image).

I also thought about affordability and making it so it doesn’t burn a hole in your holiday budget. 

The rhyme to get gifts for your significant other goes (notice it’s primarily a rhyme for a relationship but it can apply for others too)  like this:

One Thing They’ll Use: Think of something you could get them that they’ll find useful in their everyday lives

Another They’re Missing: This one can be anything they’ve been in need of and haven’t been able to get for a while

Something They’d Choose: You can spoil them a little and give them a gift they’d choose if you gave them the option

Another for Kissing: This one is a free for all gift…or more specifically a gift for both of you that will bring you closer together

You can choose to give them only four gifts that fit the criteria or choose one of the four. It’s completely up to you (and if they’ve behaved this year or not).

Here are some gift ideas I put together using the gift guide rhyme!

The Guide For Her

One Thing She’ll Use

 What girl won’t use a set of makeup brushes if you give them to her? Exactly zero.

Check Them Out Here. 





Infuser Water Bottle 24 Oz. Infusion Water Bottle Recipe Ebook Gift Included (Blue)Another She’s Missing

Does she have an infused water bottle to keep her hydrated? Make sure you get one (this one comes with a recipe book too).

Get It Here.




Jessica Simpson Women's Rodica Tote Mint HandbagSomething She’d Choose

I mean, really a million things could go here, but going with a sleek tote bag is always a safe route.

Check Out Other Tote Colors Here.





Game Of Thrones 2015 Red Blend, Paso Robles, 750mL Red Wine


Another for Kissing

Wine for a night in for both of you is perfect. A big plus if you’re both Game of Thrones Fans.

Get The GOT Wine Here.




The Guide For Him

VRLEGEND Men's ID Wallet Bilfold Wallet Vintage Style Genuine Leather Billfold Large Capacity with Zippers (L, Brown)Something He’ll Use

You can’t go wrong with a good old leather wallet. Even if he’s broke (it can serve as a hint, ha)

Check Out More Wallets Here. 




Something He’s Missing

Does he travel a lot? Or could he use a duffel bag with helpful items for his car? Get him a stylish duffel bag.

Check Out A Variety of Colors Here.



 Something He’d Choose
Get him an at-home beer brewing kit. It’s one of the most unexpected gifts he can get and he’s sure to love it if he’s into beer.







Something for Kissing

Sheets! Everyone loves sheets. And they’re perfect for both of you.

Get Soft Quality Sheets Here.




Time To Tackle That Gift List

These are just some ideas for gifting the best way possible without breaking the bank. There are no many ways you can use this gift challenge that it can be mind-boggling.

Hopefully the rhyme I came up with gives you some useful gift giving parameters.

Happy Gift Giving!

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