27 Brilliant Travel Hacks That’ll Save You Time, Space, & Money

travel hacks to save moneyIf there is something I have it’s an appreciation for travel hacks.

Finding creative ways to save money with savvy travel hacks is one of the best feelings in the world. You get to see more of the world with less money. How cool is that?

This one is for all the passionate travelers out there that can’t get enough (but don’t always have the fund for it). Here’s to keeping it together, actually enjoying your travels, and making the best with the resources you have to create unforgettable memories.

Let’s look at the 21 genius money-saving travel hacks to help you make travel a success.

Use essential oils for cuts and relaxation

Lavender oil can help you keep cuts clean, soothe any rashes, and the smell helps relax you in high anxiety situations.

Use house sitting for ‘free’ stays

With house sitting, you can exchange a service, like taking care of someone’s home and pets, for a free stay in their home. Find out how you can get started with Trusted House Sitters and get free stays here.

Add plastic wrap to bottles to avoid spilling

This is genius if you’re going to carry product bottles with you. Just get some plastic wrap and stick it on before you screw the cap on. That way you’ll ensure no spills take you by surprise/ruin your clothes.

Mark your travel bag as fragile

travel hacks

This makes sure your luggage is handled with extra care. Who doesn’t want that?

Stop paying for expensive water at the airport

Use an empty bottle to bring with you. You can always ask a flight attendant to fill it up for you/find a water fountain.

Use a chapstick bottle to store valuables

Did you know you can use an empty Chapstick bottle to store valuables like necklaces and $100 bills? It’s a great way to keep your valuables low key as you travel from place to place.

Learn to pack your luggage like a pro

You can’t be a bone-afied traveler until you learn to pack your essentials like an absolute pro. Here’s a quick video guide on how to do that.

Navigate flight deals on private browsing

Apparently, companies will use your browsing history to hike up prices when you are surfing through and trying to find the best deals. Use Ctrl + Shift + N for a private browsing window to find the best travel deals without the stored cookies.

Use an all-in-one stick and skip the makeup clutter


Being able to use one thing in many different ways is a great way to save you the headache of carrying a million things with you. With an all in one makeup stick for eyes, cheeks, and lips, like this one, you can make sure you are always looking your best when stepping off the plane.

Use a shower cap to cover dirty shoes

Turns out you can use a shower cap, which are pretty cheap to get, to put your dirty-soled shoes in so your clothes stay nice and clean.

use a binder clip to keep your cords in check

Either binder clips or an old glasses container, either can help in keeping your cords organized and tangle free.

Use a scarf to wake up to waves in the morning

For the ladies that want to keep their hair looking good, you can use an infinity scarf to twist your hair around at night and wake up to nice waves in the morning for on-the-go styling!

Email yourself a scan of all your important docs

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Better to be safe than sorry. Anything can happen while traveling so it’s a good idea to scan your important docs like your Passport ID etc and email them to yourself/keep photos in your phone just in case.

Use dryer sheets to stay smelling fresh

Wet and dirty clothes can get musty if you leave them sitting in a bag for too long. Dryer sheets can help freshen up your overall wardrobe.

Organize your outfits with gallon ziploc bags

This is for all the travelers that hate perusing through their packed bags for bits and pieces of their outfits. Predetermine your outfits and keep them in gallon sized Ziploc bags instead!

You can use Google Maps offline

Don’t worry if you won’t be able to use the Wi-Fi when you’re out and about, with Google Maps’ offline feature, you can download whole maps that you can use to help you navigate around later.

Carry your own mini spice blend

Hands down, food around the world is delicious. But you can’t always guarantee you’ll like the taste. Use a tic-tac container to hold a personalized blend of your favorite spices to take with you and use on a whim if the food isn’t up to par!

Use Dropbox to ensure your photos are always safe

Cloud storage is a perfect way to ensure your pictures are never lost if your phone/camera happen to get lost or stolen. Better to be safe than sorry when storing images that will last you a lifetime.

Use this tool to find exchange rates

travel hacks

This free online tool will help you get the best exchange rate near you. Check it out and make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck.

Be picky about your credit cards

There are plenty of credit cards and banks out there that are geared towards travelers and help you skip the fees. Here is a list of travel friendly credit cards you can look into.

Use a contact lens container to take smaller things

Don’t want to take your whole bottle of concealer? Use a contact lens container to store the little bit that you’ll need.

Use old medicine bottles to carry Q-tips

Pure genius. Use old medicine bottles to store your much-needed Q-tips. Don’t let the wax add up. ?

Find free Wi-Fi hotspots with FourSquare

Often people will be kind enough to post the Wi-Fi passwords in areas near you in the comments on FourSquare.Not to mention its also great for finding cool places to check out. Learn more about FourSquare here.

Roll your clothes to make your space in your bags

Rolling instead of traditional folding! A classic travel hack you should already know! And if you don’t, now you do. 🙂

Stuff your shoes with all your shirts/underwear

Shoe openings are a goldmine for extra space that you can use to store even more travel items like socks, underwear, and tank tops.

Create on-the-go moisturizing pads

Here’s how to make your own DIY moisturizing/make up removing pads. They are genius if you want to go the organized way and want to know what actually goes into your cleanser and into your skin.

Use an infinity scarf as an eye cover/cushion for sleeping on planes

Infinity scarfs aren’t only trendy, they can be used a million ways (even if you’re a guy). Pillow, eye covering for sleep, headscarf to keep the sun away, stylish scarf, you name it, you can do it with a simple scarf.

Travel hack it everywhere

I hope these travel hacks helped you become a better traveler. Many of them are pretty easy to use and are absolute no-brainers. It’s funny what all you can find with a little bit of research you would have never thought of before.

Are there other savvy travel hacks I missed worth pointing out? I’m always ready to hear them below.

Happy Traveling!

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