35 Work From Home Jobs For Moms To Stay Home With Their Kiddos


Many moms are opting to work from home to be able to stay with their kids.

And with the growing amount of online jobs they can easily do at home, it’s become super convenient.

Thankfully, you no longer have to sacrifice mommy and me time for making a living. More and more people are choosing that route and doing a complete 360° lifestyle change.

Which means there are endless ways to make an income online (like starting a blog for instance, like I did!)

This is awesome because this means a much more flexible schedule, you get to spend time with the people you care about, and you get to choose when you work 365 days out of the year.

But that’s not to say getting started is a walk in the park either. Really, it’s probably one of the hardest hurdles to overcome.

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To get started on any new venture, it would be ideal to have some hand holding and a step-by-step plan from people that have been there and done that.

For that, The Ultimate Bundles Team has a huge Work At Home Bundle that includes everything you might possibly need to start a work at home career.

It includes more than 35 work-at-home resources— 23 ebooks, an audiobook, printable packs, and a whopping 9 resources to help you take the jump and start spending more time with the family.

Click below if you’re interested in learning more about the bundle (its a $1,500 value for $47 bucks)

It’s a great way to beat the learning curve and help you finally make the transition.

To help you further on your work-at-home journey, here’s a practical list of 35 work from home job options for moms (or dads) to stay home with their kiddos.


If you’d like to work from home as a virtual teacher, this is the perfect gig for you.

VIPKID is stationed in Beijing and teaches English to children in China ages 4-12.

The good thing is there will always be a demand for teachers, certified or not, virtual or not, because we are all constantly trying to learn something.

If you qualify for VIPKID, you’d be teaching for 30 minutes at a time and pay varies from $7-9+ incentives per half hour taught.

To teach, you’ll need a headset and a reliable computer with a working camera and internet connection.

Mom Blogging for Business

Of course, as part of this list, I’m going to include ‘mom blogging’ or simply blogging. It’s definitely a great route to make money from home, though it’s a lot of tough work in the beginning.

Many mom bloggers have found success blogging as they wean off their old jobs and transition to staying at home.

If you think you’d like to give blogging a shot, here is a guide on how to start your first lifestyle blog along with directions on how to monetize it.


Proofreading is yet another flexible work-at-home job you can do.

It’s great for people who are good with spelling and grammar and don’t mind extensive reading. Not to mention it’s flexible time wise so you can plan to do it around your day.

To get started with proofreading, you’ll need proper training. One great way people start their proofreading careers is with Proofread Anywhere. It lays out how to get started and maintain it as an at home career successfully.

If you’re interested in learning to proofread from home, check out how to get started here.

American Express 

Credit card companies are always looking for customer care professionals.

You can very well start working for American Express after an application process and background check.

To check out the application you can go here.

As with every call center job, you want to make sure you have reliable equipment such as a headset, computer, and reliable internet connection.

You’ll also have to go through a three-week training process to ensure proper performance. On top of pay, they also offer performance-based incentives.

You can even be eligible for health benefits and they can help pay for your internet through a provider of their choice. Learn more about them here to get started.

Freelance Writing

Don’t mind writing? Or at least, don’t mind learning to write well? Freelance writing is another way to make money from home.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to write like an encyclopedia to write articles that do well online (in fact, it’s the total opposite).

There are many freelance sites out there where work for freelancers is posted daily.

job boards you can look at are:


You can become a tutor for students through Chegg and start earning $20 per hour.

Chegg not only sells books, it also provides online tutoring services to students needing extra help. And this is where tutors come in.

With Chegg you get paid weekly, you can work from anywhere with an internet connection, and they make sure they send the students to you (instead of you having to go out and find them).

If you’re interested in tutoring with Chegg, you simply fill out their application, and they’ll give you an answer within a week before you’re approved to start tutoring.

There is also a small exam in the subject you will tutor in that you’ll need to pass. Get started with Chegg tutoring here.

Translate Online

This is great if you know more than two languages. There is a constant need for online translators, especially as the world becomes more globalized.

You can find translation work in places like UpWork, or Gengo, a flexible online translation service.

Here is a list of other places to look into for possible translation work:

Become A VA

With sites like Wordwide 101 you can become a part-time virtual assistant and work from home. This can mean anything from data entry to designing to website/client management, and even helping out with blogging work.




Graphic Designer

If you’re great with design, whether that’s book covers, e-books, or logos, there are plenty of online sites that you can use to get design work, like Upwork, 99 Designs, And Fiverr.

Amazon Virtual Locations

Amazon is huge and it constantly offers work from home opportunities for people based on area. When you get on their job database, you can search certain jobs based on keywords and the area you live in.

Check out Amazon Virtual Locations for job opportunities.

Working Solutions

Working solutions is a crowdsource site both to employ and to offer customer service jobs. They have an application process that you go through to get accepted. They offer jobs such as customer service travel agent.

Check out Working Solutions here for more info.


If you like accounting or are a CPA, online bookkeeping can be a great option for you.

This Penny Hoarder post goes in depth on how you can start earning $60 an hr as a virtual bookkeeper.

 Flipping on eBay

Many people are making serious money by flipping items through eBay. As with most work-from-home jobs, there is definitely a learning curve to it all.

To learn how to get started with flipping on eBay, here is an in depth guide.

Disney Careers

Who wouldn’t love to work for Disney? Well now you can. Check out Disney careers to see what work-from-home options they have open.

Here’s where you can find a complete list of Disney jobs.

Crowdsource Misc Tasks

Join Crowdsource and complete easy misc. tasks to earn some extra income. Learn more about them here.

Test Websites

Many businesses need their websites properly tested by users like you, and will pay you to do so.

If you have the patience and the knack for picking out small details, try out website testing. Depending on which program you use, they can start pay at $10 per test.

Here’s a list of web testing sites you can sign up for:

Sell your e-books

With Kindle Publishing, you can sell your first e-book, or decide to sell your book as a physical paperback copy, on Amazon.

It can be as easy as writing it, opening an account with your book information, and have it ready to sell in a few minutes.

You can earn up to 70% (notice it says ‘up to’) on each sale and you hace certain control over your publishing rights.

Check out the guidelines and see if self-publishing is something you’d like to take on and ehem, start as soon as this weekend!


With Appen, you can complete misc. tasks such as search engine evaluation, translation, or even voice recordings of certain information.

To open your own account with Appen, just visit their website, fill out their application, and once you are sent an acceptance email you’ll be able to submit your resume and info to open online job opportunities.

Some jobs take a few weeks and some take less time to complete. With each Appen job, you get a specific set of directions for each job, so you are never at a loss for what to do.

For Appen, the average pay varies from $13-$16 per assignment guidelines.

Get started with Appen here.


If there is an online skill you are particularly good at, like copywriting for example, there are people that will pay for hours of your expertise. It’s all about marketing your knowledge to the people that need it the most.

Freelance Photography

Today more than ever it’s easy to get started becoming a photographer. It especially helps if you have a branded Instagram account showcasing your work!

Start A Shopify Store

Drop shipping can be a lucrative work from home job once you get over the learning curve.

Sell on Bonanza

Bonanza is an up and coming flipping site that lets sellers list their cool things for sale.

They aim to make the selling and relationship building process of sellers easier by equipping them with the right tools.

If you’re into flipping, would like to try it, or are tired of Ebay, then Bonanza flipping could be an option for you.

Get started flipping your things with Bonanza here.

Create Websites

If you have coding knowledge or don’t mind learning a completely new computer language (plenty of resources online) then freelance website design is the perfect side gig for you to make some great extra income.

You can offer your services on crowdsource sites like Fiverr.


With Arise, you can work from home and choose your hours by setting up your own customer service call center from home.

Once you are signed up and approved for the platform, you’ll get access to Fortune 500 companies that will want to use your customer service skills. Pay ranges anywhere from $10-$20 an hour.

To get started with Arise you can fill out an application here, and then you’ll go through a background check as well.

To be able to work with Arise, you’ll need a reliable internet connection, computer, and a headset. You can read more about equipment compatibility here.

Take Note: Arise does require an initial investment to get started working from home, like purchasing equipment, and background check fees.


Fiverr is a great platform to be able to offer services of all sorts, whether you’re a graphic designer, a web developer, or Pinterest VA, it’s a great place to find freelance service work.

Through Fiverr, when you sign up, you set your profile pricing and set your services.

Then people needing those services and coming across your profile can contact you for work.

Fiverr is great because of the flexibility it offers and the customers come to you, instead of you having to pitch yourself all the time.

Check out Fiverr to get started working on your own time here.

Pet Sitting

Taking care of pets in the comfort of your own home can be a total win-win if you love animals (and creating your own schedule).

Here’s a post on how to get started successfully.

Design T-Shirts

With Teespring, you can try your hand at designing primarily t-shirts, though there are also other items like totes and pillows.

The way Teespring’s business model works, you don’t pay them anything until you’ve made a sale!

That is, they have a base price for a t-shirt (10 bucks) you decide the price of your t-shirt, and every time you make a sale they get their $1o.

With this set-up, you technically get to keep 100% of the profit once you’ve made a sale.

Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma always has openings for customer care agents, whether that’s through the phone, email or chat.

If you’re wondering if you’re right for one of their job openings, here’s what they say:

“If you are enthusiastic about helping customers create their dream homes, providing everything from advice on color palettes and price points to suggestions on product use and care, check out the jobs listed here.”

Check out their complete job listing here.


Autho is constantly looking for talent they can recruit worldwide that specializes in building software, finance, engineering, and marketing (read: remote work friendly).

They have a complete list of job openings here.

Handmade at Amazon

I recently came across this Amazon program I had no idea existed. If you’re good at handcrafting beautiful items, try selling them through Handmade at Amazon.

They designate a whole area to handmade artisan items, and there are a few requirements to meet to be able to get started.

Check out handmade at Amazon here, and to fill out your acceptance application.

Ibotta Customer Care

There is never a shortage for customer care jobs for big companies like Ibotta. Their job board section is a goldmine of different job openings you can always check out.

To look at their latest available job openings, check them out here.

Data Entry

Often many companies will need people to manually enter data for them. To work at home filing data and get paid for it, check out sites like Clickworker.

Mechanical Turks

Make money doing menial tasks online with Mechanical Turk. It’s an Amazon program where you work on ‘HITS’ human intelligence tasks of all kinds. You can check them out to get started here.

Create Greeting Cards

Yes! This is a real thing. Different online companies will pay you to write poems and/or design the cards. Read this post for a more complete list.

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Other Ways To Earn Online:

That was a pretty long list. It goes on to show that there are many opportunities for making money from home.

Here is a quick list of other ways to make some extra cash online:

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