4 Smart Ways to Make Saving $1,000 In Six Months Less Painful

4 Smart Ways to Make Saving $1,000 In Six Months Less Painful

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If you lose your job tomorrow, do you have a stash under your couch to fall back on?

If you lack a budget and a savings plan, then probably not.

And that, my friend, can be a big problem.

Like my grandma used to say, you shouldn’t just walk around with one hand in front of the other and have nothing to fall back on.

Sometimes, to build momentum, it takes building up a hefty stash and then going from there.

I’d say $1,000 is just a good old rounded out (but not too big) number to start with as a goal. Would you agree?

Let’s see how you can make 4 smart ways to make saving $1,000 in six months less painful.

Reallocate Your Free Time

I’ve realized that saving money isn’t going to be like mindlessly playing a cool game you just came across (sucks, I know). It takes a bit more than that as you’ll need to dedicate time to make the extra money besides your day job.

It’s a simple life rule: You get to trade something of value in exchange for something else of value. In our case, we are talking about trading time for money.

Now, what exactly will you do with that time?

Get Money Back When You Buy Groceries

Little steps that can take only a few minutes of your time can add up to a pile at the end of three short months!

Especially with groceries, that you buy once or twice a week. Rebate apps like Ebates and Ibotta get thrown around a lot because they do just that. They give you cash back on a bunch of products you already buy anyway.

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Sell Your Old Things


This is where you can sell two main things: your old clothes + your old electronics.

Old clothes and electronics are things we all have sitting around (unless you live in the deep depths of the Amazon)!

Why not get a few bucks out of them instead of being impatient and sticking them right in the trash?

With ThredUp to sell your old clothes, they’ll even send you a prepaid shipping bag in the mail to stuff all your old garb, and they’ll send you a check for the sellable items. How cool is that?

For electronics (phones, DVDs, even books) you can use an easy app like Decluttr.

Automatically Set Apart $25 A Week ($3 A Day) + All of Your Side Hustle Money

The cherry on top of the four-month savings plan is to automate part 5% of your check into your savings while making sure you are saving all of your side hustle money.

Out of sight out of mind is a fitting phrase here.

So, say, if you make $500 a week, for four months ($8,000) and save 5% of that monthly, you end up with $400 dollars, which leaves you with $600 to make with your other easy side hustles.

If you split the $600 over the span of four months, that means you only need to make an extra $150 with your side hustle a month to meet your goal!

If you break numbers down into smaller steps, that’s when you really start to see how doable it all can be.

Save All Your Change and Trade it At The End of The Month

This is an easy habit to create and maintain and you can even get creative with your change jar.

I remember filling up a glass jar with loose change that made my wallet too heavy not too long ago, and I decided to take it to Coinstar at the end of the month.

I thought I’d at least get 15 bucks out of it…I ended up getting around $120!

Don’t underestimate the power of loose change, it IS money after all. Just in smaller bits and pieces!

Get Smart with Your Saving Techniques

Saving money doesn’t mean you have to suddenly strangle your movie money, or you can’t take your girlfriend out to eat on occasion. It can simply mean you’ll get sneaky with it and make it a breeze over a period of time.

This really beats getting overwhelmed thinking you’ll need to save $1,000 within the next two weeks, wouldn’t you say?

Once you get to your first $1,000 then it becomes easier to see your stash grow, whether it’s for an emergency fund or otherwise.

You can even repeat the whole process and end up with $2,000 in six months.

Remember, six months fly by, and in the end looking back, you’ll be glad you made that little bit of extra effort to have that cushion to fall back on.

Get sneaky with your savings technique and start building that emergency fund and kicking butt!

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