5 Things I Quit Spending On To Get Control of My Finances Again

Ok.things to stop spending on to save money

Sometimes we just get downright lazy.

And when it comes to spending money that is the worst thing you could do to yourself.

You’ll start racking up credit card bills, buying the most expensive toothpaste (guilty as charged), and (gulp) not even checking your bank account anymore out of fear of what you might find.

Ya gotta hit a point where it stops.

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I don’t like the thought of ‘throwing’ away money on things that I could avoid spending it on, and if you have a big family then that is probably even truer still!

After cutting up some credit cards, and having some quality you and me time with my budget, I looked long and hard at all the things I could cut out I started making some serious changes— which can take some will power.

These are some of the 5 spending changes I’ve made to save some serious dollars and redirect them into my savings.

1.Shopped only once every two weeks NOT hungry

things to stop spending on to save money

NOT hungry is probably the more important part of this statement.

I feel like we all take it as a joke but— if you go shopping hungry, you’re almost guaranteed to be spending more money.

Shopping only once every two weeks helps me curb my stress cravings and forces me to get creative in the kitchen (it’s amazing what you come up with when you know going out to grab something from the store is NOT an option!)

Making a purposeful grocery list on my magnetic list pad that only allows me the essentials (plus a little guilty pleasure, one for each week) has worked great!

This way I’m spending less money on gas, less time going out to look for a bunch of snack and fatty food cravings, and I’m healthier overall.

Savings per week: $20-$45

Take Note: Looking for more ways to save money? I’ve compiled a list of cheap dinner ideas that are perfect for a tight meal budget. Finding quick and easy dinner ideas is yet another great way to be proactive about saving.

2. Started buying more online with Ebates

things to stop spending on to save money

Ebates is downright awesome because you get a percentage of what you spend back!

The more you spend, the higher your percentage, and this works for many stores you already shop at. Any time I can do some shopping online, I do it through Ebates and save the cash backs. It’s simply a great deal. You can check out Ebates here and get started getting your own cash backs here!

Savings per week: $6-$10

3. Bought off-brand toilet paper in bulk

things to stop spending on to save money

Toilet paper is a need not a want ( I hope that’s true for most of us ?). This means you’ll always be in need of it, so why not buy it in bulk?

I try to get mine from Sam’s Club type stores and steal a membership card from a friend whenever I’m on the toiletry run part of my grocery list.

Savings per week: $8-$10ish buck

4. Quit using expensive phone service

things to stop spending on to save money

I love Verizon and all, they give pretty good service, but I just can’t afford their out of the roof costly plans!

So, what did I do? Call me a cheapskate but I buy unlocked phones and buy a SIM card for them.

These prepaid plans can run you as low as $45 per month ( as opposed to $60+!) and work pretty well unless you travel out to the middle of nowhere often (which isn’t me).

Savings per week: $20-$40+

5. Quit buying name brand shaving kits

things to stop spending on to save money

Out the door went the fancy shaving creams (despite suffering from ridiculous razor burns) and out the door went name brand 6 blade razors too!

I still buy six blade razors, like these, they’re much cheaper and work just the same. And for shaving cream a rich lather body soap along with some hair conditioner helps get the job done (including the razor burn areas). Try it out for yourself and save a couple of bucks that’ll end up adding up in a year.

Savings per week: $8-$10

6. Stuck to one guilty pleasure snack of the week

things to stop spending on to save money

I just couldn’t give up my snacks! I mean, who really can??

They’re great for when you’re blogging and answering emails. ?

So I decided to get a little more serious with myself and have stuck to buying one savory snack per week.

Savings per week: $12

7. Stopped it with the fancy toothpaste

things to stop spending on to save money

Fancy toothpaste is great and all, but they weren’t so friendly to my pocket.

I stopped buying toothpaste with a bunch of extra things added to them and kept to the basics. No more ‘oh this one has freshness crystals, buys* In the end they all work the same anyway.

Savings per week: $3-$5

8. Stopped buying impulse lipstick

things to stop spending on to save money

So many pretty colors! But not enough money to get them all! I just stopped buying every lipstick I saw that caught my eye.

The worst part about it all is that I don’t even use them all. Sometimes not even any for the longest time (I’m more of a chapstick kind of gal). Yet I still like to buy them, go figure.

What did I do instead? I started experimenting with the colors I had at home and mixing some.

Yeah! It’s a cool experiment to come up with your own shades. All you have to do is grab a few chunks of each color, heat them up, mix them, and keep them in a small container. Voila, brand new personalized lipstick on the cheap.

You can also do this to make one of those cool chapsticks with tint that give you that subtle lip color with the shine. It works great! And beats having to spend $5+ dollars on one little colored chapstick.

Savings per week: $8-$10

9. Thrift shopped for wardrobe staples

things to stop spending on to save money

I’m not gonna say I went all in on thrift shopping, but sometimes you can find some pretty cool things you wouldn’t be able to get your hands on otherwise, like vintage jackets and classic pencil skirts.

Thrift shopping for wardrobe staples can shave lots of dollars off your clothes budget!

Savings per week: $10-$20

Get Spending Smart

It’s amazing how things really add up when you start to do the numbers.

It can seem like a pain in the butt to gain control of your finances but little tweaks like these can mean big changes in the long run.

In as little as a year you can watch your savings or emergency fund grow quicker because you choose to go without things that you didn’t even really need in the first place!

It’s all about getting savvy and getting smart with what you have.

Any spending habits you decided to cut out of your own life that have saved you money? Let me know in the comments!

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