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I’m Vivian and this blog is a place for everything printables, life, getting organized, anything that inspires you to live a greater life on your own terms.

I’m always looking to create new helpful content and printables, so make sure you sign up to always stay informed! 😊

This blog grew out of a love for designing things, arts and crafts, writing, business and ultimately wanting to quit my uninspiring and draining 9-5 lifestyle. I hope this blog inspires you as much as it inspires me.

A little more about me

I currently live in sunny California and have been blogging for just about two years now. I enjoy interacting with anyone that comes across the blog and finds it useful. 

Primarily I focus on printables and getting organized. I could go on and on about that (especially to my email list, so make sure you sign up!)

I love watching films, designing printable planners and tools to help you stay as organized as possible, and writing (though I wish I did more of that). I also have a current obsession with indoor houseplants, bullet journaling and blogging. 😊

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