Teal Notes is for creative peeps like you. Because we all need a home.

My name is Vivian, hi!

I’m the engine behind the blog, a writer, and an all-around creative with big dreams and an even bigger imagination. 

On the blog, besides sharing DIY ideas, I create colorful tools and content to help you GROW into your best self, “DIY your purpose”, and inspire you to go after your own damn dreams. 

Hey, someone has to be your cheerleader right?

My words to live by in a nutshell? YOU have the power to ‘DIY’ your best life.

It’s been a recurring theme in my life in more ways than one. This blog is a culmination of that and so much more.

And I share it all with you here.


I’m working on publishing and talking about my baby, My Signature DIY Planner.

The DIY printable planner was born out of a need for a place (preferably a colorful and pretty one) where I could organize my personal growth practices and weekly tasks all while battling self-doubt and limiting beliefs, oh yeah, and growing a business with zero experience in a completely new state.

So being the crafty person that I am, I created one that I could keep coming back to again and again without tossing it in a corner. I fell in love with how much of an effective tool it’s become in my life, and now I share it with you.

Click here to join the waitlist for when I launch it (along with a private community exclusively for DIYers where I hold your hand through the process of putting it together!)

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Teal Notes isn’t a brand. It’s a story.

Digging a little deeper…

How did all this even START?

Well, I’m NOT gonna start by telling you how creative I was since I was a child. If you took some time to look around these parts you probably already guessed that. 

Long story short, I hit a point where I started making some real decisions in my life and stopped just doing the ‘dreaming’. I knew somewhere inside I was meant for something a little different. I moved cross country from VA to CA in a little ‘08 Huyndai with not enough money for gas (but hey, made it!).

I finally went for it and got started on building my own dream business where I got to use my natural creative skills to create things that inspired others just like me, a dream business where I called the shots and chose how I spent my time and energy.

And to bring it full circle, that’s basically where I realized I had been living by the motto “DIY your best life” in some capacity. 

If any part of this sounds like you, wherever you are in your journey, I’m seriously glad you stopped by.

Life is one big DIY project.

A few random things I LOVE (in no particular order)

  • Mangoes
  • Sushi
  • Ramen
  • Costco pizza
  • Writing
  • Bullet journals
  • Houseplants
  • Printable planners and trackers
  • Business + marketing
  • Color, color, color
  • All things design!
  • Avocados all day every day in whatever heavenly form they happen to come in

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