7 Affiliate Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Income You Might Not Have Heard About

As a blogger, you might have some affiliate earning goals.

The only thing is—

You’ll click through post after post on Pinterest and the only thing they’ll tell you is how the basics work, but they don’t go into much detail on the affiliate marketing strategies to REALLY make affiliate marketing work for you.

By now, you might already know how it all works (if not, read this), which means you’re past the phase of ‘what the heck is it and how do I use it?’

And are now moving on to ‘what strategies can I use to enhance my affiliate strategy?’

Hopefully, this post sheds some light on additional affiliate strategies you can use that don’t only involve randomly throwing links on your site and praying.

Before We Dive In

As a beginner, you can easily spend way too much time trying to find a list of affiliates you can start off with right away.

And unlike the myths that seem to roam rampant out there, you don’t need a bajillion page visits, or some special guru vibes to get accepted to an affiliate program.

You just need to have a site up and running, some value-filled and helpful blog posts, and some patience.

Patience? Yeah, you’ll need it for when you apply to all your affiliate programs and fill out the applications.

Applications? Yep. No painstaking negotiations or testing of any sort are needed.

Just find an affiliate program.

Sign up and fill the application.

Wait for their response.

For example, an easy affiliate network to join is Awin.

There are tons of brands that are part of Awin that you can use to monetize your blog ( Like Etsy or Swagbucks), and it’s super easy to get accepted. You can fill out their application here to get your account started!

Remember, if you’re still confused with how affiliates work, check out my super in-depth guide (grab some coffee ‘cus there’s plenty to learn on it) to get started!

One More Thing...

Keep in mind that affiliates are NOT the only way to monetize your blog— they are an easy way for beginner bloggers to get their feet wet with the whole ‘making money with your blog’ thing.

Making any affiliate income usually takes a while, and it’s definitely not a way to produce overnight income (you’ll have better luck going to get a part time job if you need instant money).

Still, you should absolutely set up your blog for monetization from the start, that way, when it starts picking up momentum, your links are ready to go!


Strategies You Can Use For Higher Earnings

affiliate marketing strategies

Benefits over Features

Ok so, you’ve understood that whole affiliate shebang, but then—

how exactly do you talk about your affiliate product so you make people want to purchase them?

By talking about the benefits instead of the features.

Here’s a picture.

I’m an affiliate for Tailwind.

An awesome, easy to manage, pinning software for bloggers who are serious about their growth and income (not really for anyone who isn’t all in on making this blogging thing work for them ☺).

If I happen to write a post on Tailwind, and I’m trying to explain to people that it’s THE pinning software they should get, I might write something like this:

“Tailwind is great. You should get it because it’s cheap and because it’s a great Pinterest tool. You can get analytics and a ton of other helpful things for your Pinterest account. Get Tailwind here.

Pshhhh….BIG DEAL.

‘There are other options out there that can do the same thing for me’ (your reader thinks).

How well were they persuaded when I listed the features of Tailwind instead of the benefits? Not very well at all.


If I list the benefits and say something more along the lines of:

“Tailwind saves me the ability to be both a profitable blogger and be a good mommy at the same time.

When I started my blogging journey, I freaked out at the thought of having to spend hours pinning just to get my content seen, but then I got on Tailwind through the recommendation of a friend, and it was such a game changer!

If you’d like to give it a ‘no strings attached’ try, check out their free 30-day trial here.

The benefit highlighted in the second and much better example was time.

Saving time and not having to sacrifice (being a mommy) for the sake of getting results is a great benefit that the features provide…

Practice highlighting the benefits instead of the (useful yet boring) features of your affiliate product. 

It might not come naturally at first, but the more you practice the better you’ll get.

Use Deep Linking

Deep linking is another affiliate technique that is completely legit and can help you improve your affiliate strategy.

With deep linking, Instead of having your affiliate link go to a general page for that affiliate, you can generate a link that will direct a click to a specific product instead.

This does three helpful things for you and your audience:

  1. It eliminates overwhelm with too many choices that can likely lead to no purchase at all
  2. It’s a tighter funnel to a product that can benefit from impulse/spark of the moment buyers
  3. Only being presented makes it so much easier to make a decision ( a binary yes or no, instead of a set of choices)

Now, how do you generate deep links?

Some affiliate programs have deep link generator tools that you can use to make these links.

Awin is one affiliate marketer that we’ll use for this example.
Awin is much like Shareasale in that it’s an umbrella of a bunch of other affiliates under it that you can easily apply to.

It’s an umbrella of global brands, so it works great for different types of bloggers like parenting, lifestyle, fashion, or even travel bloggers!

Take Note: To be accepted, Awin takes $5.00 out of your bank account for verification purposes and refunds them on your first payout.

Once you sign up for Awin, you’ll get this dashboard when you click on ‘Links & Tools.’

affiliate marketing strategiesTo build your deep link, you’ll want to go to Links & Tools > Link Builder…

affiliate marketing strategies

This is where you’ll get to create a link for your product.

affiliate marketing strategies

This way, you a get a link that’s unique to you so that Awin can track your commissions every time you make a sale.

The cool thing about Awin is, even if you haven’t applied to get accepted to the hundreds of affiliate programs they house, they give you a ‘not joined’ option along with a list of affiliates you can start endorsing right away.

You’ll then get an application to join when it’s time for your first payout after you make a sale.

For the sake of this example, I choose ‘Not Joined’ in the ‘Advertiser’ section.

And then I looked through and found a jewelry shop— ‘The Jewel Hut.’

affiliate marketing strategies


Then, I went to their website—TheJewelHut.com— found a product I wanted to get an affiliate link for, grabbed the URL of that page…


affiliate marketing strategies


And pasted it into the ‘Destination URL’ option back on my Awin link builder.

I then filled in ‘Click Ref’ with a name I could remember to keep track of the link…


affiliate marketing strategies


And Tada!! Awin automatically created a deep link for me (highlighted in yellow)!

Now, when you click on this watch, it’ll take you to this exact product.


affiliate marketing strategies


And if I was a fashion blogger, I’d be crossing my fingers hoping you would buy. ☺


Deep linking is so much more powerful than if I gave you a link with a bunch of choices, like this:

affiliate marketing strategies


Where would you click on if you got a page that looked like that?

Chances are, nowhere.

How you build your deep links can differ for different programs and you might have to do a little digging around in your account once you get accepted.

But how you go about it is generally the same.

> >Looking for more actionable strategies? Make sure you check these out!< <

Invest in SEO

Usually, when we are talking affiliate marketing and making an income from it, there isn’t much talk about SEO.

What is SEO? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is optimizing your posts by using keywors to get it to show up as high as possible in Google search results.

Why do you want your posts to show up as high as possible?

Well, the first three Google results for any given search capture more than 60% of the clicks, with the very first result getting 90% of those clicks, (ProtoFuse)

That’s crazy!

People barely get passed the first page of search results on Google.

Which is why you want to rank as high as possible.

To get as much of that traffic as possible.

While Pinterest and social media can be great traffic providers, they’re subject to algorithm changes. This means your traffic is subject to fluctuating if you only rely on social.

And the general rule is, the higher your traffic, the higher your affiliate earning potential.

This is not to say you can’t make an affiliate killing only relying on Pinterest traffic, but it’s a good idea to keep fluctuations in mind.

Take Note: If you want to find out which Pinterest group boards are the most engaged to pin to for greater traffic, check out how to do it with this guide!

As wise old grandmas like to say, ‘It’s best not to put all your eggs in one basket.’

So, what can you do if you’re too lazy to learn deep SEO strategies and/or don’t have the money to invest in pro SEO services?

Downloading the Yoast Plugin is a solid starting point.

Once installed, it helps you refine your post so it’s SEO friendly and helps it rank better in Google searches.

affiliate marketing strategies

Ensuring your posts do well SEO wise will help with your affiliate earnings in the long run.

Check for Dead Links

The next worst thing to not using affiliate links to monetize your blog is having broken affiliate links and assuming they’re working for you!


Use a free broken link checker to check for any affiliate links on your site to make sure they aren’t broken or lead to an error message.

affiliate marketing strategies


Less Can Be a Lot More

Bombarding your reader with a million affiliate links is not the most ideal way to go about it.

This is something you’ll want to think about in your content strategy.

Maybe you’ll write one post highlighting only one affiliate product and why it works for you, or maybe you’ll do a roundup of your top three recommended products, etc.

The wrong way to go about affiliate links is to write a post with a ton of random links all over without explaining what they are or how they’re valuable.

Sometimes too many choices paralyze us in making a decision at all.


Talk About The Good/Bad


Only because you’re an affiliate to a product doesn’t automatically make that product perfect— so it’s definitely a good idea to mention the fall backs your product might have as well.

This sheds light on honesty as an affiliate, builds trust with your readers, and helps give a more realistic picture of the product.

Adding Contextual Stories 

Story telling makes selling a lot of things online possible.

This is especially true if you’ve ever heard ‘ people aren’t buying a product they’re buying an experience/feeling.’

Storytelling is the fundamental basis for successful content marketing (which is yet another thing bloggers do) and so it’s always a good idea to not skimp on telling lesson-filled stories around your product when it’ll be beneficial.

People love to hear about before and after stories, success stories, and stories of improvement or overcoming.

Think about that when you’re writing your content to connect with your audience on a deeper level than a door to door salesman ever could.

Final Thoughts
Hands down, affiliate marketing is a kickass way to make money doing what you love on your own terms.

The key is making it work for your blog as you grow your traffic (preferably through Pinterest if you’re new to blogging).

Don’t be afraid to try out different affiliate strategies and see which work best for you.

But the secret is in starting! Don’t wait and don’t doubt yourself.

You’ll learn as you go.

Over to you- Is there anything about affiliate marketing that still confuses you? Drop me a comment below!

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