Why You Aren’t Getting Pinterest Traffic: 7 Tips That Increased My Page Views


You’ve worked your butt off setting up your Pinterest profile and pin tons, but you still aren’t getting Pinterest traffic like everyone promised you.

What gives?

Turns out, the Pinterest journey is different for everyone, and there are probably a couple of things you can improve.

While some bloggers might see some results right away, others struggle for months before they figure it out.

And that’s ok.

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Often, what many new bloggers don’t realize is that your Pinterest potential depends on a lot of things, for starters:

  • Your niche
  • Where you are in your blogging journey
  • The quality of your pins
  • If you set up your profile right

Let’s look at each one a little closer:

Your Niche

There are blogs for all sorts of things out there.

You name it, it probably exists.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll all do great trying to get Pinterest traffic.

A lifestyle blog about parenting has a big umbrella under which there are a lot of things they could write content about.

This means it’s a broader niche, which means there is a greater chance for engagement from people hanging out on Pinterest.

So, if a lifestyle parenting blog puts out a pin about The Five Best Ways To Save Money, and another about How To Decorate Your Baby Crib In Three Steps, naturally, there will be a greater amount of people that look at those pins and visit that site.

This might not be the case for someone who blogs about bionic baby diapers.

A super concentrated niche that only a small number of futuristic moms are looking for.

Having said this, the general rule with Pinterest traffic seems to be:

The broader your niche the broader your audience and the more page view potential your site will have.

This is the reason why broad lifestyle type niches will monetize with ads and affiliates— and not necessarily a signature online course offering.

And this is also why broad niches tend to monetize faster.

Because the tools are there (with low barriers to entry) to start a blog in a broad niche. for a broad audience. with general interests.

Kind of like a cake in a box, expect there’s no batter.

So, can you still expect to generate a good amount of traffic on Pinterest?

The short answer is yes, but you’ll have to be a bit more strategic about how you go about doing it.

You might want to think about diversifying your traffic streams, which is a good rule of thumb in general.

To give you a better idea, here is an infographic on the most popular Pinterest niches.

reasons why you aren't getting pinterest traffic

Where are you in your journey?

This is yet another question to keep in mind when you get frustrated about why you aren’t getting bucket loads of Pinterest traffic right away.

Someone who just started off on Pinterest a few months ago isn’t going to see the same amount of re-pins or page views as someone who has been on it for a year.

Just like wine, your Pinterest strategy gets better with age.

Your repins will accumulate over time. That’s why there is no use in comparing your re-pin rate.

Especially when you see some getting 54.6k re-pins while you sit there scratching your head with only two or three.

Time and patience are part of the Pinterest traffic game too, not just setting up boards and calling it a day. ☺

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The quality of your pins and your pin strategy

Let’s face it, your pins might suck. Badly.

The good news? You have the absolute power to fix them!

If your pins aren’t getting re-pins or clicks, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and commit an amount of time to studying your pins and remaking them.

Yes, believe me, it’s painstaking.

Take it from someone who redid her whole pin strategy three times before she started seeing results!

Two straight days staring at a computer screen, wracking your brain for creative titles, and looking for stock photos isn’t your Pinterest traffic fairy tale, but so far it has been well worth it.

<<Is this post being helpful to you? Make sure you check these out!>>

Setting up your profile the right way

reasons why you aren't getting pinterest traffic

You have to set your Pinterest foundation right otherwise anything you build on it is bound to either fail or not work at the best of its ability.

To learn (or double check) everything that goes into setting up a strong Pinterest profile read my Ultra Complete Guide to Pinterest for Beginners.

Also, naturally, the amount of pins you have will also play into the amount of page views. Just a little something else to think about.

The more content you create the more PV’s you’ll have over the long run, yet another reason why your traffic might not be where you’d like it to in the very beginning.

Lastly, before the tips: My take on branding

Many branding gurus out there will want to have you believe you need super branded pins to make sure you’re standing out and getting clicked.

This isn’t necessarily true across the board.

When I say super branded pins I’m referring to the pins that always have one look, with the same colors, and the same images, all the time.

I’m not saying pins like that don’t work.

They can bring massive loads of page views to your blog.

Rather, what I’m saying is that you can choose the alternate route and still see results— as I have with the current pins I’m creating.

Yeah, they have a certain look, but there’s a little more freedom in the imagery and how I see them up depending on the topic.

Strict branding works great for super niche blogs that are only about a few things, but if you have a broader blog topic like lifestyle (this blog) or parenting, I believe you can get a little more creative with how you design your pins and still see results.

Takeaway: Don’t be afraid to experiment with the way your pin looks. Eye catching pins don’t all have to look strictly the same (unless a super tight branding guideline is how you roll).

Oh, and one more thing…

The most eye-catching and ‘re-pinnable’ pins in the world will do you no good if your content isn’t helpful.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you content is king.

Quality is king. Answering burning questions is king. Giving value is king.

Content by itself does nothing without real value. So it’s best to create solid content that your readers will enjoy and use (unless your blog is a personal diary, in which case you aren’t blogging for profit).

If you’re stumped on the EXACT posts you need to create on your blog growth journey, check out this list, pick one, and start cranking out some posts! ☺

Now, let’s get this pin party started.

The Pinterest tips to improve your traffic—

Create more than one pin for every post

This is a game changer if you haven’t started doing it yet.

Creating more than one pin that links back to the same piece of content do three things for you:

  1. Create more points of entry for that post
  2. Helps you test out what is and isn’t working
  3. Gives you more pinning meat to work with if you’re new

reasons why you aren't getting pinterest traffic

Actionable Advice: Play around with the pin titles and see what sticks. If a pin isn’t getting traction you can erase it, put it in a secret board, or just stop repining it and let it be.

Also, use the four U’s of copywriting check— Is it Urgent, Unique, Useful, and Ultra Specific— to determine if your pin title is eye-catching.

Many pinners are against erasing a pin because some pins take months before they gain traction and go viral.

So, is it better to erase your pin or not? You be the judge of that.

Oh also, pro tip: Pins aren’t only for page views! You can make a pin that leads back to an opt-in page to grab subscribers with your freebie or even to a sales page! It’s all about getting creative with it. 🙂

Your pins have to pass the cell phone check. 

They have to.

This took me forever to understand, despite seeing it everywhere.

I honestly thought this didn’t really matter and that my ‘branding’ was more important.

Paint this in the back of your Pinterest mind: Most of the people that come across your pins are scrolling on their cell phones.

Take a look at some numbers from my Google Analytics.

reasons why you aren't getting pinterest traffic

People are using their cell phones the most to come to my site.

Which means they’re getting there through Pinterest.

If you’re on your cell phone, your screen gets tinier, and so do your pins.

This means a readable 12 pt font on a laptop screen is not going to look the same on a phone screen.

It’ll probably look like a 5-6 pt font, which is really…hard…to read.

And to add to it all, people are impatient.

Just ask me— I can’t wait through three mins of microwaving leftovers. Far too long, ha!

So if your pins on a phone screen are hard to read they seriously be scrolled over, never to be given a second thought by that reader.

Just look at how different a bigger font pin looks beside a smaller one on my phone screen (an old Iphone 5)

reasons why you aren't getting pinterest traffic

If you’re scrolling through your Pinterest feed which pin would catch your attention the most?

I’d take a gamble (if I was into gambling) and say that it’s definitely not the one on the left.

This is another exciting thing.

After completely recreating my pins for the third time (yes, I know!) I got a bunch of re-pins for this one:

reasons why you aren't getting pinterest traffic

It’s gotten more than 1k re-pins and it’s only been circulating for less than two weeks!

reasons why you aren't getting pinterest traffic

That’s a ton more re-pins in LESS time than this pin.

Though pretty, in more than a month of circulating it never got more than 10-15 re-pins.

reasons why you aren't getting pinterest traffic

Actionable advice: When you create your pins, upload them to a secret board on Pinterest and look at them on your phone.

  • Is the title easily legible?
  • Does it catch my attention?
  • Do the colors pop out at me or blend in with the rest?

Yes, yes, and pop out? Okie doke.

Your pins have already gone through an important makeover!

Pinterest is a visual search engine.

You have to be the most narcissistic and noticeable pin in the feed to get attention.

Still with me? Wohoo!

Now, on to the next tip.

> >Looking for more actionable strategies? Make sure you check these out!< <

Be strategic about pinning times

If you have Tailwind, great, you can check out analytics that will tell you when it’s best to pin.

If you don’t you can still use Google Analytics to see when people are most active on your profile on any given day.

Actionable Advice: You can write down each day of the week and check when there are peak times, write them down and compare them over a span of a month.

Whatever time is highest is when you need to be concentrating your pinning.

Use a scheduler like Tailwind to pin around the clock.

I know for many bloggers the expense of having an automated pinner is just not an option at this point in their blogs, but once you get some traction, Tailwind can be a great asset to your pinning strategy.

You can also get  30 days free here to be able to find your best group boards and pinning times without having to pay!

reasons why you aren't getting pinterest traffic

Pinning around the clock is super helpful.

Meaning if you’re snoring at 3 am on your side of the world, Tailwind is pinning on your behalf and getting eyeballs on your content.

Don’t Stop The Group Board Hunt

If you want to reach more people it can be as simple as taking the time to look for, email and join solid group boards in your given niche.

It’s simple math. The less high-quality group boards in your niche you contribute to the less exposure your pins will have.

In the very beginning, I made the mistake of only spending a few days getting on group boards and never looking back! As with any business, everything in your blog needs regular maintenance.

It was such a hassle that I was just glad it was all over after I got on a couple (big mistake!).

It’s not until recently that I looked into getting on more group boards to expand my reach (face palm*).

reasons why you aren't getting pinterest traffic

Actionable advice: Download my home page opt-in to get a huge list of group boards you can join in different niches and skip having to look for them all!

If you’re already on a bunch of group boards and want to find your best ones, check out my post on how to find them with Tailwind (even without a paid account!)

Use Pinterest.com/source/YOURSITE.com 

 Another way to check which pins are hitting it off is to add that URL to your navigation bar and see what people are pinning from your site the most.

Actionable Advice: Try to manually pin some pins from the source URL to group boards.


Create More Account Boards

reasons why you aren't getting pinterest traffic

This is something that I mention in my complete guide to Pinterest.

While creating boards that are super specific to your niche is great, it’s always a good idea to create boards that are loosely related to go along with them.

Traffic Wonker did a study on the average number of boards high profile pinners that ended up at the top of the Pinterest search tend to create.

The magic number? 56.

Actionable advice: If you have 15-20 boards that all revolve around your niche on Pet Rocks you can add 3-5 more on ‘crafts for kids’ or ‘party planning’ or ‘DIY toys.’

Those are boards that are loosely related to ‘pet rocks.’

This way, you can increase your chances of getting found by people that are interested in both ‘pet rocks’ and ‘crafts for kids’ (which is likely).

It’s all about finding overlapping interests that people in similar niches have and targeting them!

Get Your Pinning Strategy On!

Pinterest doesn’t work the same for all niches. 

This is definitely a part of the puzzle I hadn’t really realized for the longest time.

Though I’ve only been seriously blogging straight for less than three months (my blogging has been very sporadic since December) I’m already starting to see a slow climb to better page views after using these little tweaks after struggling and being on and off about it for months (watch out for a traffic report in August!)

It’s a good idea to think of Pinterest like your very own ecosystem of plants (couldn’t think of a better analogy).

You want to make sure you’re taking care of every aspect of your profile, from SEO to pin design, to pin quality.

So keep watering your Pinterest account!

It takes work, sometimes grueling late nights, patience and some brain power— but in the end, the results can be well worth it.

Over to you- Get your Pinterest game on and start building up your traffic! What has been your biggest Pinterest struggle to date?



  1. Thanks for the tips! How many pins should someone post per day from Tailwind if they publish a lot of content? I post on average 1 post every day and about 20 posts per month. What would you suggest?

  2. Thank you Simone!

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  4. I’m so excited to hear it resonated with you. Thanks Natasha! Hope it helps.

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  6. This is some of the best Pinterest advice that I have read since I have began blogging a year ago. And let me tell you, I’ve read the same stuff over and over and over. Thank you!

  7. You deserve a kudos!

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