The Best Cash Back Apps List: 11 Easy Ways To Get Cash Back For Shopping

the best cash back apps list

Why pay full price for something when you don’t have to with cash back apps?

Cashback apps are a great way for me to avoid having to go on a coupon hunt and still save money (and feel a tad bit less guilty) when I go shopping.

I mean I like doing things like using these useful (and cute) totes that save me money and I can use forever. But getting money back with cash back apps is the real cherry on top.

So, without further ado, here is a list of 10 cash back apps I’ve found useful that can save you money (while you grow your savings account).


You might have already heard of Ibotta but the gist is this: when you go shopping, you can keep your receipt, take a picture, and upload it to your Ibotta account.

It’ll look for any cash back you can get on items on your list and add it to your account.

You can also earn cash by linking a loyalty card or making in-app purchases.

And, you get real cash that you can have transferred into your Pay Pal account.

If you want to try out Ibotta, you get a $10 welcome bonus for joining.


Ebates is a pretty darn popular way to earn money.

If you aren’t already using it, with Ebates, you can easily get cash back for items you’ve bought online (they’re affiliated with thousands of stores).

All you have to do is open an account, start shopping at your affiliated store through Ebates and get a percentage of your purchase as cash back through your account (which you can then choose to have mailed or Paypaled to you).

The cashback you get depends on a percentage.

Make sure you check for extra coupons during checkout Ebates sometimes offers. If you turn shopping with Ebates into a habit, your cashback rebates can start adding up.

Get your first $5 with Ebates by simply opening an account.


With the Shopkick cash back app you earn ‘kicks’ for shopping either online or in store.

With each eligible purchase, you earn ‘kicks’ that can then add up to be turned into gift cards to your favorite stores.

Start earning ‘kicks’ for shopping here.

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So Dosh is one of the newer cashback apps that gives you cash back for purchases of all sorts. You get cash back after connecting the credit cards you use most to an account and there is no receipt scanning or promo codes involved.

They even give you savings in cash for booking travel through them (hotels, flights, etc).

Check out and download the Dosh App here.

Checkout 51

Checkout51 is the grocery ‘fiend’ on our cashback apps list. You simply download the app, and then you look through to see which offers you want to purchase (all this without needing to clip coupons).

When you upload a picture of your receipt you’ll receive your rebate money after passing the $20 mark.

Check out Checkout 51 (see what I did there?)

Berry Cart

If you’re a health nut that also likes to save money and get cash back whenever you can then Berry Cart might just be your personalized cup of tea.

Not to mention it’s especially helpful for people that want to go completely gluten-free, all natural but are on a budget (healthy food options can be so expensive).

This is how Berry Cart works: They constantly pick organic, high fructose corn syrup free (according to their site) products that you can look through and shop.

These come from places like Krogers, Target, Whole Foods, and Wal Mart (to name a couple).

Once you buy the items and get your receipt, just snap a picture and get cash back. Pretty simple stuff.

Download the Berry Cart app here and start eating healthier and getting cash back in the process.

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Drop rewards you for spending on a lot of things, whether that’s on groceries or taking an Uber.

The way it works is: You link your favorite credit cards, shop with them, and you automatically earn Drop points that you can them redeem.

Here’s how to download the savings app.

Receipt Hog

The gist of Receipt Hog is ‘snap receipts, earn money’. Basically, if you have the patience to sit down and take a minute or two to snap your receipts then Receipt Hog can be a great money saving app to download.

You can also take paid surveys through them and get entered into drawings.

Get the app here.


Honey is a browser extension you install on your favorite browser in just a few seconds.

Then, every time you go shopping, Honey finds the best discount coupons available online and adds it to your purchase.

That is, you can skip the coupon hunt and have them do all the discount hauling for you on any item.

It’s basically FREE money. ?

Check out Honey here.

Groupon (The Bonus)

Ok so Groupon isn’t exactly a cash back app but it’s so good I had to include it in this online-shopping-to-save-money list.

With Groupon you get crazy cheap deals like Fandango movie tickets for two for $13 bucks, or a one-hour massage and facial for $15.

There are daily deals posted (and they can email you personalized deals based on what you like if you sign up here) that you can take advantage of.

I like using Groupon when setting up group dates over the weekend with my friends, that way we aren’t stuck in the house but we aren’t out spending an arm and a leg to have fun either.

Check out Groupon here if you haven’t already.

It’s seriously one of the most affordable ways to shop and/or have fun on a budget.

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Get Paid to Shop for Your Everyday Things

The coolest part about all these cash back apps and the options they give you is how easy it is to earn money that adds up by the end of each month the more you shop online.

Make sure you try out the ones that stand out to you the most and take advantage of their cash back features.

Are there any other cash back apps worth mentioning that I missed? Leave a comment below.

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