The BEST Indoor Houseplants: How To Care For Each + 11 Display Ideas

The BEST Indoor Houseplants: How To Care For Each + 11 Display Ideas

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You really can’t go wrong with indoor houseplants.

If you want an instant pick-me-up for any room in your house, you might just need to add a little indoor greenery.

Indoor houseplants are an easy home decor choice and they even help purify your indoor air. How cool is that?

I own a couple pothos, some bamboo, and two fiddle leaf fig plants that I’m absolutely in love with that clean the air in my bedroom.

Now, you came here because you want to find out which plants are the best to have in your home and you want some display inspiration.

Before we get to all that, here are some helpful tips to make sure you keep your plants alive and thriving.

One Important Thing to Remember

So just like humans, indoor plants aren’t necessarily a ‘one size fits all’ situation.

For example, you can have general plant care guidelines, but some might be able to take in more sun than others or need less water than others.

You basically have to spend some time getting to know your plant the first few days to see how it reacts to different settings and amounts of water and sunlight (which is the scary part for a lot of first-time plant owners).

Remember, they are living, breathing things. They’ll need love and care and some attention here and there. Nothing the average plant owner can’t handle. 😊

Basic Tips For Keeping Your Plants Alive

How To Get Over Your Watering Fear

The best way to get over the anxiety of under or over watering is to just keep a measuring cup around for when it’s time to water each of them. Once you find out about how much water each plant needs, all you have to do is measure a general amount to help you feel like you aren’t overwatering.

Keep A Simple Plant Calendar

If you’re forgetful like me, then you can totally keep a plant watering calendar. Lots of my blogging friends keep bullet journals. They’re a great way to keep track of how often you water your plants.

Use The Right Fertilizer/Amounts

Using fertilizer is optional, but it can help your plant grow stronger and healthier. The biggest problem with fertilizer is that its used too much or in wrong amounts. That’s why its good to ask around and do some research first.

I’ve found that the best indoor plant fertilizer that works great for me is this one for a decent price.

A Snapshot Of My Room

Before we got into the list of best indoor plants you can pick from, I wanted to share a snapshot of my fiddle leaf figs.

The room completely changed after adding a few plants to it (and counting). They almost always get a ‘wow’ from my friends when they come over.

The biggest plants I own right now are my two fiddle leaf figs. They are growing and beautifully green (and I’m so proud)!

If you’re really into fiddle leaf figs and want to get some, here is the best deal I found for one you can check out!

The BEST Indoor Houseplants: How To Care For Each + 11 Display Ideas

Peace Lily

Peace lily loves shade and is perfect to grow indoors

Image Source:

The Peace Lily is one of the few indoor plants that produce a white flower. They can grow anywhere from 16 inches to more than 5 feet tall. They are an awesome indoor addition to flower lovers.

Amount of sunlight needed: Best to keep out of direct sunlight in a well-lit room. They prefer temperatures around 60°.

General amount of water needed: It’s best to keep the soil moist at all times without overwatering it.

Great for: They are great for shaded porches and kitchens because they produce beautiful white flowers throughout the year.

Is it an air purifier? Yes.

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Boston Fern

Boston fern

Image Source:

I absolutely love the sleepy look of the Boston Fern. It’s great for a more boho look in an eclectic room, but its pretty versatile and can work in a variety of places.

Amount of sunlight needed: Bright indirect light is best

General amount of water needed: The key to keeping Boston Ferns alive is to make sure they are in as much humidity as possible. That’s why it’s a great idea to mist your fern with a spray bottle often. Remember to keep the soil moist at all times, water thoroughly and check daily for moisture levels.

Great for: Offices, patios, and anywhere that can accommodate a hanging plant (though it can also just be potted on the floor)

Is it an air purifier? Yes. Known to remove formaldehyde, benzene, and other household toxins.

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Golden Pothos

Ni vet det nu va? Jag Ä.L.S.K.A.R blommor och växter av alla dess slag och vill ha dem precis överallt omkring mig. Favoritsättet är nog ändå hängandes i amplar runt om i lägenheten. De flesta av dess

Image Source: Bloglovin’

If you have a killer brown thumb and can’t seem to keep anything alive, the Golden Pothos is for you. These plants are seriously hard to kill and can last you years. This is a great beginner plant for wannabe plant owners that don’t take too much to take care of.

Amount of sunlight needed: Pothos are definitely not sunlight hogs. Even very indirect sunlight will do for these sturdy little plants. They can survive through shade with some sunlight every now and then. It can survive in colder temps as well.

General watering needs: water freely and lightly as pothos plants do not need high amounts of water to thrive. I like to water mine about twice a week.

Great for: Really almost anywhere, including bathrooms, in kitchens, even in a corner of your bedroom.

Is it an air purifier? Yes.

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Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle leaf fig

Image Source: The Glitter Guide

On this list, these are the ones I’m obsessed with (did you see my pictures above?) They are gorgeous plants with HUGE leaves that can make a stunning difference to a room.

Amount of sunlight needed: Bright indirect sunlight works best for these big plants. Too much direct sunlight can create brown spots on the leaves and discoloration. Fiddle leaf gif plants can tolerate temperatures down to 40°.

General watering needs: It’s good to water fiddle leaf figs thoroughly and keep relatively moist. If you stick your finger in the soil and the top inch is dry, then add water and moisten it.

Great for: A bedroom, a living room especially a living room since they grow to be so tall! (sometimes more than 7 ft)

Is it an air purifier? Yes. It provides high levels of oxygen and they’re also known to get rid of allergens.

Note: To be able to afford a fiddle leaf fig, I’ve found its best to buy them in their baby stage and grow them tall yourself (instead of buying them grown which is when the price gets ridiculous) Check out the one below to become a proud fiddle leaf fig owner! 🙂

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Birds Of Paradise

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Image Source: Pouted

When I first discovered the birds of paradise plant I was starstruck. They are some of the most beautifully elegant indoor plants you’ll find that can instantly add personality to a room. The birds of paradise plant get its name from the gorgeous flower it eventually blooms if you’re patient enough to wait for it. This one is most definitely on the purchase list!

Amount of sun needed: The birds of paradise plant thrives on as much sun as possible, though its able to adapt and survive in lightly shaded areas. The plant needs bright light and prefers general temperatures around 60°.

General watering needs: Water twice a week with about 1.5 inches of water. Make sure the container allows for excess water to be drained. It’s important to not drown this plant in water but keep it watered at a good pace.

Great for: Definitely great for indoor lounging areas with lots of windows and sunlight—like indoor porches or living room with floor to ceiling windows.

Is it an air purifier? Not exactly an air purifying superplant but it does improve overall quality.

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Chinese Evergreen 

Chinese Evergreens 'Silver Bay' product photo

Image Source: Bakker

The patterns on the leaves of Chinese Evergreens are beautiful and go great with any home decor themes. The plant is pretty tolerant of different conditions so just like the golden pothos, you have to try hard to kill it.

Amount of sun needed: Do well in medium to low light and can do just fine in indirect sunlight. They prefer temperatures hovering around 60° but can adjust well to temperatures a bit higher or lower than that.

Watering needs: The Chinese Evergreen does best with modest watering. They don’t like being overwhelmed with too much water.If you water it too much then you can cause the roots to rot, and we definitely don’t want that.

Great for: The Chinese Evergreen is pretty versatile and can fare well in a variety of places because of its qualities and looks. Many people like it as a bathroom plant.

Do Chinese Evergreens purify the air? Yes.

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Image Source: Tata Harper Skincare

If you want a plant with personality definitely get a Philodendron beaut. There are many types of Philodendrons out there. The name is just an umbrella for the different types of plants that fall into that category. There is also the gorgeous red leaf philodendron and the heart leaf philodendron (one of my favorites).

Amount of sun needed: These plants are lovers of bright indirect sunlight.

Watering needs: Philodendrons don’t like to be kept overwatered. A moderate amount of water for these plants is best because just like the Chinese Evergreen, their roots can rot if you overwater them.

Great for: These plants look awesome in a corner of a room by a window, or as an accent to a well lit living area.

Do Philodendrons purify the air? Philodendrons are definite air purifiers!

Aloe Vera

grow-aloe-vera-in-bedroom-for-restful-sleep (plants in the house aloe vera)

The Aloe Vera Plant isn’t only beautiful there are lots of health uses for the leaves (like face masks, hair masks, you can even make it into a drink). Aloe plants are pretty straightforward and are great accents to a room.

Amount of sun needed: Aloe plants are succulents so they do best in dry conditions. They do need plenty of sunlight though, as they don’t thrive in the shade.

Amount of water needed: Be careful not to add too much water because they hate being drowned. If you pot them, make sure the pot has drainage holes where excess water can escape. Water about every two weeks or between each time it the top half of the soil dries out.

Great for: Window sill areas in a bedroom or a kitchen.

Do Aloe Vera plants purify the air? Aloe plants are known for improving indoor air quality and helping to keep your home free of benzene (commonly found in paints and other household substances).

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Kentia Palm

Image Source: Costa Farms 

If you’re going for a tropical look for your living space then look no fur than the Kentia Palm. It’s almost like having an indoor palm tree without having to plant it in the ground (pretty darn cool if you ask me).

Amount of sun needed: Kentia palms are able to tolerate lower light levels. Medium indirect light is best.

Amount of water needed: These palms like moist soil, so no overwatering or underwatering which can lead to root rot. Watering about twice a week is a good place to start. It’s always good to check the soil for moisture to see if it needs more.

Great for: living rooms, patios, entrances and foyers.

Do Kentia Palms purify the air? Yes.

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Image Source: Free People

If you love a tiny array of smaller plants then succulents are right up your alley. You can definitely have fun with how you choose to plant them because they are pretty hardy plants to handle.

Sunlight needs: At least half a day of sunlight. A full day is always best.

Watering needs: Water thoroughly but sparingly. Allow soil to dry between waterings.

Great for: An outdoor mini garden, or a succulent array indoors on a window sill.

Are succulents air purifiers? Yes.

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Rubber Tree

Rubber Tree

Image Source: Real Simple

The rubber tree is a pretty straightforward plant that can make a handsome addition to a home. It’s always a good idea to spritz the Rubber Tree’s leaves whenever you get the chance to keep it nice and healthy. These plants can grow bigger than 15 feet.

Sunlight needs: Bright indirect light is best for leaves. They need a good balance of both shade and light.

Watering needs: Best to keep it moist during the summer and lower watering amounts during the winter (the dormant months). Rubber tree plants don’t like to be overwatered.

Great for: Dining room, home office, or living room.

Are Rubber Tree plants air purifiers? Yes.

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11 Genius Potting Ideas

Now that you’ve bought some plants for your home, how exactly do you want to pot them and put them on display? Here are 11 genius pottind ideas you might not have thought about before.

Use A Ladder Shelf

Raised indoor garden beds for herbs

Image Source: Home Style Journal

A ladder-like shelf for your plants is ideal if you have some space to fill up and some smaller plants to put on display (like succulents or the golden pothos plants). It’s definitely a creative idea, especially if you’re going for more of a rustic or farmhouse look.

Use An Old Wood Crate

vintage wooden crate

Image Source: dangolby/Instagram

If you have some old wood creates lying around, why don’t you repurpose them and make them an awesome accessory as your plant display? It’s a pretty unique planter idea if you ask me. 🙂

Put A Hole In A Logstump planter_edited-3

Image Source: Not Just A Housewife

I love this idea from Not Just A Housewife! It’s a great way to use an old log and create a unique planter that isn’t your usual plastic pot.

Jar Aquaphonics Aquarium 


Image Source: Health Starts In The Kitchen

An aquaphonics aquarium is another creative way to keep some houseplants indoors. I love that it is self-cleaning and you can add a little beta fish to the aquaphonics tank of your choice. You can visit Health Starts In The Kitchen for the complete set of directions!

Hanging Mini Wood Boxes


Image Source: Gardenista

Oh, I fell in love with these as soon as I found them. They are great hanging planters that add some wood accents to any area and are great for english ivy, golden pothos, or even hanging ferns! Just beautiful. Check out Gardenista for more.

Lightbulb Planters

Foto "pinnata" dalla nostra lettrice Francesca Mereu Lightbulb planters

Image Source: Woo Home

Now here is a different way of displaying your plants, use some old lightbulbs.

Painted Mason Jars

Painted Mason Jar Succulent Planter

Image Source: The Golden Sycamore

These are perfect succulent planters that are easy to put together and add color and personality to a room. Mason jars make great planters, thought I’ve never seen them done like this one.

Oversized Jar Planters


Image Source: Woo Home

Use some oversized jars to create a sort of terrarium with succulents or even snake plants. They make an awesome glass display and add a unique spin to a simple pot.

Repurposed Old Drawer

Image Source: Homely Smart

If you want to get really DIY savvy, here is a way to plant your indoor plants— just repaint an old drawer you don’t use and add some sturdy legs. Up to you if you want it hanging out inside your home or in a shaded area outside.

Hanging Spheres

Image Source: Shop Terrain

These hanging spheres are just dreamy. I mean just look at how the plants hang off them. It almost reminds me of a fairy garden with an ethereal feel. Super pretty!

Hanging Jars

DIY Tutorial: Diy Mason Jars / DIY Hanging Mason Jar Planter with Air Plants…

Image Source: Bead and Cord

Here is another awesome and unique way to use mason jars as planters. Add some jute string and hang them at an angle off the wall. Perfect for some wall decor accents.

Get Creative With The Best Indoor Plants

I really hope this BEST indoor plants guide helped you decide which indoor plants you want in your home.

I know at first it can be an overwhelming choice because there are so many different variations of plants out there. My personal favorites are the Birds of Paradise and the Fiddle Leaf Fig plants for sure. I’d say the golden pothos is a close third because its so easy to care for.

Are there any indoor plants I missed worth mentioning? Make sure you leave a comment below.

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