Bullet Journal Your Way Through Pregnancy (9 Months, 1 Journal)

What Is A Pregnancy Bullet Journal?

As a fellow mom, I totally get how overwhelming pregnancy can be. I remember feeling like I had so much to do and so little time to do it all!

But then I discovered something that changed the game: bullet journaling for pregnancy planning.

Have you ever heard of a bullet journal? It’s a blank notebook you can customize to fit your needs. And let me tell you. It’s a big help for pregnancy planning!

With a bullet journal, you can keep track of all your appointments, milestones, and symptoms in one place. Plus, there’s plenty of space to plan and prepare for the arrival of your little one while also taking care of yourself.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about using a bullet journal for pregnancy planning.

How Do You Begin A Pregnancy Journal?

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When it comes to starting your bullet journal for pregnancy, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Choosing the right notebook and pens Consider getting a notebook with dotted or grid pages, as these are great for creating layouts and designs. As for pens, look for ones that won’t bleed through the pages and are easy to write.
  • Setting up your key and index – Your key visually represents the symbols you’ll use throughout your bullet journal. For example, a bullet point can represent a task. A circle can represent an appointment, and a triangle can represent a milestone. Your index is a table of contents that makes it easy to find specific pages in your notebook.
  • Designing your cover page – Finally, design your cover page. This is where you can get creative and personalize your bullet journal. Consider including a quote, drawing, or photo representing your pregnancy journey.

I found that setting up my bullet journal at the beginning of my pregnancy helped me stay organized and motivated throughout the entire experience.

Take time to set up your bullet journal, and get ready to go.

Pregnancy Tracker

Let’s dive into how to use your bullet journal to track all the important stuff during your pregnancy!

This section is all about keeping track of your appointments, milestones, symptoms, and your baby’s growth.

Monthly Spreads

Monthly spreads are a great place to start! You can create a calendar for each month of your pregnancy and include necessary appointments, milestones, and events.

And remember to add notes and reflections on how you’re feeling – this is your space to express yourself and document this exciting time.

Enjoy every moment. It goes by fast!

Symptom Tracker

One of the most challenging parts of pregnancy is dealing with symptoms. But keeping a symptom tracker in your bullet journal can help you identify patterns and discuss them with your doctor.

Whether it’s morning sickness, fatigue, or cravings, noting how you feel each day helps you take better care of yourself.

Weight Gain Tracker

Monitoring your weight gain is important during pregnancy, and a bullet journal can help you do this in a visual and personalized way.

A weight gain tracker can be a simple chart or a more creative visual representation of your progress.

Whatever method you choose can be a helpful reminder of how far you’ve come and how you’re taking care of yourself and your baby.

You’re growing a miracle!

Baby’s Growth Tracker

Of course, watching your baby grow is one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy!

A baby’s growth tracker is a fun way to document your baby’s development each week.

You can draw a picture of the fruit or vegetable corresponding to their size, add notes on your baby’s development, and even include ultrasound images.

Kick Tracker

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Feeling your baby’s kicks and movements is an incredible experience; you’ll want to remember these special moments. That’s where a kick tracker comes in!

You can create a special record of your baby’s activity by noting down the time and number of kicks you feel each day, as well as any notes about your baby’s movements or your own activity.

It’s amazing to see how your baby’s movements change and become stronger as they grow, and you’ll love looking back on your kick tracker and reminiscing about these special moments.

By tracking your pregnancy in your bullet journal, you’ll have a personalized record of your journey that you can cherish for years.

Plus, it will help you stay organized and informed throughout the process!

Planning and Preparing

As a mom that does bullet journaling religiously, I created planning and preparing tools to help you as your due date approached.

It made a massive difference in helping me stay organized and feel more in control.

These are just a few examples:

Baby Shower

 kids in a Baby Shower event wearing white

One of the exciting parts of pregnancy was my baby shower!

My friends and family threw me a beautiful party to celebrate the upcoming arrival of my little one. We played games, opened gifts, and enjoyed lots of yummy food.

It was an extraordinary day, and I felt so loved and supported. Every day brings you closer to meeting your baby!

Hospital Bag

As my due date approached, I started putting together a hospital bag checklist to ensure I had everything I needed for the big day.

I included things like comfortable clothes and toiletries, snacks and entertainment for my partner, and clothes and blankets for the baby.

I also packed the necessary documents, like our insurance information and birth plan.

Baby Gear

There are so many baby products out there that it can be overwhelming to figure out what we need!

To help us stay organized, my partner and I created a baby gear checklist that included everything from a crib and stroller to diapers and bottles.

We researched and talked to other parents to ensure we were only getting what we needed and not wasting money on things we wouldn’t use.

Take it one day at a time!

Birth Plan

As a first-time mom, I was nervous about labor and delivery. To help me feel more prepared, I created a birth plan template outlining my significant day preferences.

This included who I wanted in the room with me, pain management options, and any specific requests for the baby’s care after birth.

I shared this with my doctor and my partner so everyone was on the same page.

Overall, these planning and preparing tools were a huge help for me as a new mom. They helped me stay organized, feel prepared, and enjoy this time.

9 Monthly Milestone Ideas For Your Pregnancy BuJo

As you move through each month of pregnancy, there are many milestones to celebrate and document. Below are some monthly milestone ideas you can include in your pregnancy journal.

From tracking your baby’s development to recording your thoughts and feelings, these ideas will help you create a keepsake that you can cherish for years.

1st Month

  • Positive pregnancy test
  • Doctor’s appointment to confirm pregnancy
  • Start taking prenatal vitamins

2nd Month

  • First ultrasound appointment
  • Baby’s estimated due date
  • Morning sickness starts (if applicable)

3rd Month

  • Baby’s heart starts beating
  • Baby’s first movements (may feel like flutters)
  • Nausea and fatigue may peak

4th Month

  • Baby’s sex may be determined via ultrasound
  • First noticeable baby bump
  • Baby’s ears and nose begin to form

5th Month

  • Baby’s hair and nails start to grow
  • Baby’s movements become stronger and more frequent
  • Belly button may start to pop out

6th Month

  • Baby’s skin becomes less translucent
  • Baby’s taste buds develop
  • Baby’s eyes begin to open

7th Month

  • Baby’s lungs start to mature
  • Baby’s weight gain accelerates
  • Braxton Hicks contractions may start

8th Month

  • Baby drops lower into the pelvis
  • Baby’s brain develops rapidly
  • Difficulty sleeping due to discomfort

9th Month

  • Full-term pregnancy (37-42 weeks)
  • Labor and delivery expected at any time
  • Final doctor’s appointment before delivery

These are just a few ideas, but feel free to customize them to fit your own pregnancy journey!

You can also add notes, doodles, or photos to make your bullet journal more personalized and meaningful. You’re doing amazing!

Postpartum Planning

Of course, this bullet journal cares not only about pregnancy but also about after you give birth.

Postpartum recovery is a whole different ballgame from pregnancy. To stay on top of things, I created a few postpartum planning tools to help me keep track of everything.

Postpartum Recovery Tracker

First on my list was a postpartum recovery tracker. This included things like my pain levels, the amount of bleeding I was experiencing, and any medications I was taking.

It was really helpful to have all of this information in one place, especially when I went to my postpartum checkup, and my doctor asked me how I was doing.

Breastfeeding Tracker

If you plan to breastfeed, a breastfeeding tracker can be a lifesaver. I used an app on my phone to log each feeding session, including the time, duration, and which breast I used.

This helped me stay on top of my baby’s feeding schedule and make sure they were getting enough milk. It also helped me notice any patterns or issues, like if my baby wasn’t latching properly or if I had any engorgement.

You’re stronger than you know!

Newborn Care Log

Newborns require a lot of care, and it can be really hard to keep track of everything! That’s why I created a newborn care log, where I could track things like diaper changes, bath times, and how much my baby was sleeping.

It was especially helpful during those first few weeks when everything was a blur.

You’re glowing!

Mental Health Tracker

Finally, I created a mental health tracker to monitor my emotional well-being after giving birth.

It included things like my mood, any symptoms of postpartum depression or anxiety, and self-care activities I did each day.

It helped me recognize patterns and make sure I was taking care of myself during a really challenging time. Rest when you need to, it’s important.

Overall, these postpartum planning tools were a huge help for me, and I’d definitely recommend them to any new mom!

Start Bullet Journaling Your Way Through Pregnancy ASAP!

free weekly planner printable page

If you’re currently pregnant or planning to be, I encourage you to start your own bullet journal for pregnancy planning. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and you can always adjust it as you go along.

The important thing is to have a tool that will help you stay organized and sane during this exciting time. Trust yourself and your instincts!

I recommend checking out the weekly planner template in my Bullet Journal Templates printable. This page can be for meal planning, grocery lists, and tracking your water intake.

Personally, I found that keeping track of my nutrition was crucial during my pregnancy, and this page would have been a lifesaver!


What Are The Best Pregnancy Journals?

There are many great pregnancy journals available to help expectant mothers document their experiences.

Some of the best include The Belly Book, Expecting You, The Nine Pregnancy Countdown Journal, Bump to Birthday, and The Pregnancy Journal.

These journals offer prompts and space for mothers to record their thoughts and feelings throughout their pregnancy. They can serve as a wonderful keepsake and help mothers reflect on this special time in their lives.

What Should I Journal About During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, journaling can be a helpful way to document your experiences. Consider writing about your physical changes, emotions, doctor’s appointments, baby’s development, and support system.

There is no right or wrong way to journal during pregnancy, so write about what feels meaningful and important to you.

Journaling can help you remember this special time and reflect on your journey to motherhood.

Why Do You Need A Pregnancy Journal?

A pregnancy journal can serve as a meaningful keepsake, documenting your journey to motherhood. It can help you reflect on your emotions, remember special moments, and communicate with your baby.

Recording important information can also be helpful for both you and your healthcare provider. In addition, journaling can aid in healing after a difficult pregnancy or childbirth.

Overall, a pregnancy journal is a powerful tool to help you connect with yourself and your baby.

Do I Need A Pregnancy Planner?

A pregnancy planner can be a helpful tool for expectant mothers to stay organized and informed.

It can help keep track of important information, offer education and support, and serve as a record of your pregnancy journey. However, whether or not to use a pregnancy planner is a personal decision.

Some may find it very helpful, while others may prefer to organize their pregnancy journey differently.

Ultimately, it can provide convenience and reduce stress by having all pregnancy-related information and resources in one place.

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