30 Minutes Cilantro Lime Shrimp With Cauliflower Rice (A Keto-Friendly Bliss)

Hello there, fabulous foodies!

Today, I’m here to share a delicious keto meal prep recipe that will make your taste buds dance with joy. 

(No trust me, this dish is seriously delicious) 

Say hello to my absolute favorite: Cilantro Lime Shrimp with Cauliflower Rice.

Imagine this: plump and juicy shrimp, soaked in a tangy lime marinade, infused with the vibrant flavors of cilantro and a medley of savory spices. 

Now, picture all of that goodness served on a bed of perfectly seasoned cauliflower rice.

(Mmm, it’s a keto dream come true!)

Not only does this dish satisfy your cravings, but it also helps you stay on track with your low-carb goals. 

It’s like a flavor explosion in your mouth, sprinkled with a dash of health benefits. 

Oh, and did I mention it’s super easy to make? Even if you’re new to meal-prepping, don’t worry!

I’m sure you’ll enjoy every step of creating this mouthwatering masterpiece.

So, let’s dive in and discover the secret behind making cilantro lime shrimp with cauliflower rice, your new go-to meal for a flavorful keto experience.


Why do you need to Choose Cilantro Lime Shrimp with Cauliflower Rice?

When it comes to keto-friendly meals, let me tell you, my fellow flavor enthusiasts, the cilantro lime shrimp with cauliflower rice recipe is a total rockstar. 

This dish not only satisfies your cravings but also keeps you in sync with your low-carb lifestyle. 

Let’s dive into the mouthwatering reasons why this recipe deserves a spot in your healthy meal prep for a week:

  • Flavor Explosion: Prepare your taste buds for a fireworks show of flavors! 

    Picture this: the zesty lime, aromatic cilantro, and succulent shrimp harmoniously dancing on your palate. 

    Each bite delivers a burst of citrusy freshness combined with the natural sweetness of the shrimp. 

    (It’s a flavor party in your mouth, and everyone’s invited!)

  • Keto-Friendly Goodness: With cilantro lime shrimp with cauliflower rice, you can enjoy a satisfying meal while staying true to your keto goals. 

    By swapping out regular rice for cauliflower rice, you’re slashing those pesky carbs without sacrificing an ounce of flavor or satisfaction.
  • Nutritional Powerhouse: The shrimp, aside from being a lean protein powerhouse, which makes it a great option for high-protein meal prep.

    Packs a punch of omega-3 fatty acids that are fantastic for your heart and brain. 

    As for our beloved cauliflower, it’s a vitamin-packed champion that supports digestion and overall well-being. 

    (Who knew eating healthy could taste this good?)

Cilantro lime shrimp with cauliflower rice is the epitome of a keto-friendly masterpiece. 

It will satisfy your taste buds’ wildest dreams while keeping your low-carb lifestyle intact. 

The explosion of flavors, delightful textures, and nutritional goodness will leave you wanting more. 

Cilantro Lime Shrimp With Cauliflower Rice

Recipe by TealnotesCourse: RecipeDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


Cooking time






  • 1 ½ pounds fresh shrimp, peeled and deveined

  • 1 medium-sized head of cauliflower

  • Juice of 2 limes

  • ¼ cup chopped fresh cilantro

  • 3 cloves of garlic, minced

  • 2 tablespoons olive oil

  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • Start by preparing the cauliflower rice.

    Cut the cauliflower into florets and pulse them in a food processor until they reach a rice-like consistency. Set aside.
  • In a bowl, combine the lime juice, chopped cilantro, minced garlic, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Mix well to create the marinade.
  • Add the peeled and deveined shrimp to the marinade, ensuring they are evenly coated. Let them marinate for about 10 minutes to absorb the flavors.
  • While the shrimp is marinating, heat a large skillet over medium heat.

    Once hot, add the marinated shrimp and cook for approximately 2-3 minutes per side until they turn pink and opaque.

    Be careful not to overcook them, as shrimp can become rubbery if cooked for too long.

    Remove the cooked shrimp from the skillet and set them aside.
  • In the same skillet, add a bit more olive oil if needed, and add the cauliflower rice.

    Sauté for about 5-6 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the cauliflower rice is tender but not mushy.

    Season with salt and pepper to taste.
  • Once the cauliflower rice is cooked, add the cooked shrimp back into the skillet.

    Gently toss everything together to combine and allow the flavors to meld for another minute or so.
  • Remove from heat and put the cilantro lime shrimp with cauliflower rice on a plate.
  • Serve and enjoy.

Now, my keto-loving friends, it’s time to indulge in the vibrant flavors of this dish while staying true to your dietary goals. 

With cilantro lime shrimp with cauliflower rice, you can have a keto-friendly meal in your arsenal! 

It’s the perfect recipe for keto-diet meal prepping, ensuring you have a delectable and nourishing keto meal at your fingertips whenever hunger strikes.

Masterful Tips and Variations for your cilantro lime shrimp with cauliflower rice

Making cilantro lime shrimp with cauliflower rice opens up a world of possibilities for customization and personalization. 

Here are some tips, variations, and meal prep ideas to help you tailor this keto-friendly dish to your taste preferences and dietary needs:

Alternative Cooking Methods to Elevate the Dish

Fresh shrimp on top of the griller

Who says you have to stick to the traditional sautéing method? 

Let’s shake things up and explore different ways to cook your cilantro lime shrimp with cauliflower rice. 

Here are a few ideas to jazz up your keto kitchen adventures:

  • Grill it up: Fire up the grill and give your shrimp a smoky char for an extra layer of flavor.

  • Oven-baked goodness: If you’re craving a slightly different texture, pop the shrimp in the oven and let them bake to perfection.

    (It’s like a crispy shrimp hug for your mouth!)

Delicious Ingredient Substitutions for your cilantro lime shrimp with cauliflower rice

Feel free to unleash your culinary creativity and switch up the ingredients to suit your taste buds’ desires. 

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Rice alternatives: While cauliflower rice is fantastic, why not let your imagination run wild?

    Try zucchini noodles or spiralized butternut squash for a fun twist.

    These low-carb options are perfect for meal preparation, especially for ladies who are planning to shed some pounds.

    And indulge in a delicious and healthy meal.

  • Citrus swap: Not feeling the lime?

    Give lemon juice a chance to bring a tangy twist to your taste buds.

Elevate the Flavor with Extra Vegetables and Spices

Chili, bell peppers, and chili power on a ramkekin on top of a wooden surface

Let’s take this dish to the next level by adding a colorful blend of vegetables and spices. 

Here are some suggestions to spice things up this quick and easy recipe that you can enjoy any time of the day:

  • Veggie extravaganza: Looking to multiply the healthiness?

    Throw in some diced bell peppers, sliced onions, or juicy cherry tomatoes for an explosion of colors and freshness.

  • Pop up the Spice: Play around with spices like cumin, paprika, or chili powder to infuse your dish with a dash of warmth and complexity.

    (It’s like giving your taste buds a passport to flavor town!)

Expert Tips for Storing and Reheating to Maximize Leftovers

shrimp with zuchinni noodles and lemon on a glass container

Got some leftovers from your fantastic feast? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

Follow these simple steps to keep the deliciousness going:

  • Store your cilantro lime shrimp with cauliflower rice in airtight containers for meal-prepping in the refrigerator.

    Make sure they’re sealed up tight to keep the flavors locked in.

  • When you’re ready for a lip-smacking encore, simply heat your leftovers in the microwave or warm them up in a skillet over medium heat.

    Give it a gentle stir and voila!

    (Your delicious creation is back in the spotlight)

Remember, cooking is an art, and you’re the artist. These tips and variations are here to inspire and empower you to create a masterpiece that’s uniquely yours.

So unleash your culinary imagination, and have fun experimenting.

While savoring the joy of making your cilantro lime shrimp with cauliflower rice and make it an extraordinary keto experience!

Cilantro lime shrimp with cauliflower rice is the ultimate keto-friendly delight that brings together the best of taste, health, and creativity. 

It’s a dish that celebrates flavor, with the vibrant dance of cilantro and lime on your tongue.

Complemented by the delightful textures of succulent shrimp and tender cauliflower rice.

But this weight-loss-friendly snack goes beyond being a culinary delight—it’s a blank canvas awaiting your personal touch.

Feel free to explore alternative cooking methods, swap ingredients, and add your favorite vegetables and spices.

Let your imagination run wild and make this dish uniquely yours.

Meal prepping this recipe is a game-changer, allowing you to savor the convenience and satisfaction of a nourishing keto meal throughout the week. 

(It’s a perfect solution for busy individuals who refuse to compromise on taste or nutrition)

As you savor each bite, remember that this journey is about more than just flavors—it’s about your well-being. 

Meal-prepping for the keto lifestyle offers a multitude of benefits, from extreme weight loss to increased energy and mental clarity. 

By choosing dishes like cilantro lime shrimp with cauliflower rice, you’re making a conscious decision to nourish your body and prioritize your health.

So, embrace the deliciousness and embark on a journey of flavor and wellness with cilantro lime shrimp with cauliflower rice. 

Let each mouthwatering moment be a reminder of the joy and satisfaction that comes from nurturing your body and delighting your taste buds.

Your culinary adventure awaits—bon appétit!

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How many carbs are in cilantro lime shrimp?

Cilantro lime shrimp is a low-carb option, making it suitable for those following a keto or low-carb diet. 

The exact carb content can vary based on the specific recipe and serving size, but typically, shrimp itself is very low in carbs. 

The primary source of carbs in this dish would come from the marinade or any additional ingredients used in the recipe.

Does chipotle cauliflower rice have cilantro?

Chipotle cauliflower rice can indeed have cilantro as one of its ingredients. 

The inclusion of cilantro in chipotle cauliflower rice adds a fresh and vibrant flavor to the dish. 

However, it’s important to note that the presence of cilantro can vary depending on the specific recipe or the preferences of the person preparing it. 

If you enjoy the taste of cilantro, it can be a delightful addition to chipotle cauliflower rice.

Is cilantro rice carbs?

Cilantro rice typically contains carbs, primarily from the rice itself. 

Traditional rice, which is commonly used to make cilantro rice, is high in carbohydrates. 

However, there are alternative options available for those following a low-carb or keto diet. 

One such option is cauliflower rice, which can be used as a substitute for traditional rice to create a low-carb version of cilantro rice.

Does cauliflower rice have sugar?

Cauliflower rice itself does not naturally contain sugar. 

Cauliflower is a low-carb vegetable that is often used as a substitute for rice in various recipes. 

However, it’s important to check the label or the ingredients of store-bought cauliflower rice products. 

Some may have added ingredients or seasonings that could potentially contain sugar. 

When making cauliflower rice at home, you have control over the ingredients and can ensure it remains sugar-free.

Can I eat cauliflower rice on keto?

Yes, cauliflower rice is a popular and keto-friendly option for those following a ketogenic diet. 

As a low-carb alternative to traditional rice, cauliflower rice can be incorporated into keto meal plans. 

It is low in carbs and can be used as a base for various dishes, providing a satisfying texture and versatility. 

Whether enjoyed on its own or used in recipes, cauliflower rice can be a valuable addition to a keto-friendly meal.

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