DIY Desk Organizer: A FREE Printable Organizer And A Perfect Desk Decor Idea!

I love anything on my desk that’ll help me get more organized.

And since I’m a sucker for a good printable, I thought I’d design a printable desk pad that you can use to write out a quick plan for the rest of your week!

This week I’ve been working on creating new original DIY craft ideas for the blog, and I’m excited for all the colorful posts I have planned.

And guess what?

I finally wrote a post on my debt payoff story, in hopes that it’ll inspire you and motivate you to do the same.

Whether debt is $20 bucks or $20k, its still a great goal to pay it all off as fast as you can.

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‘Cus I don’t know about you but I hate the thought of something hanging over my head. Make sure you give the post a quick read, especially if you’re on your own payoff journey!

Now, this desk pad printable is a great way to create a habit of writing down your thoughts and getting them in order, if a full blown planner isn’t your thing.

But if it is, I’ve got the PERFECT one for you if you haven’t already signed up to get yours! It’s a free planner with more than 2) pages to make sure you’ve got your whole day, week, and month organized and ready to go.

Here’s How To Put Your DIY Desk Pad Organizer Together

Putting together the desk pad printable is pretty simple. You’ll only need a few materials:

  • A hole puncher
  • A printer with color ink
  • And either some paper fasteners or your favorite yarn

First you’ll want to find some sturdy cardboard to make it the backdrop of your desk pad. You can use something as simple as a cereal box cut out that is the same size as your printable pad pages (8.5 X 11)

Then you’ll want to print out the amount of pages you want to create. I’d say anything from five to ten is a good start. And you’ll want to stack them together nice and neat.

After that, create a two little marks at the top of the page where you’ll add your hole punches and get all your pages punched.

Finally, you can add your gold paper fasteners or simply tie each hole punch with some of your favorite yarn or ribbon.

An even quicker idea is to only use a few sleeves of paper at a time and staple them together. There’s lots of ways to make it work for you. You can even paperclip it together for a more makeshift design.

And voila! You’ve got yourself a cute DIY desk pad you can be pretty darn proud of!

TAKE NOTE: You don’t HAVE to use the free printable as a desk pad. You can stick it in your own DIY planner or resize it and make it into an A5 page for your disc bound planner. Totally up to you! Just remember, this free printable is only meant for personal use, and it is not to be redistributed or sold in any way without my permission.

If you’d like to feature it in your own blog, feel free to use a picture and add a link back to this post for full credit. Thank You! ?


I’ll be adding some step by step pictures here SOON. As soon as I figure out the new camera I got (the T5 Rebel). 

So check back soon for that!

Did you like this nifty little DIY project? Make sure you leave me a quick comment below! Enjoy your desk pad!

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  1. Hi Chiara,

    I’ve actually been thinking about creating a black and white collection for the shop, for people that prefer simpler printables or that only have a black and white printer. Hopefully I can get started on this within the next few weeks. Keep your eye out for it, and thank you for the suggestion! 🙂

  2. Hey Vivan! Thanks for all these tips and printables! Could you also make black and white printables? My printer doesn’t print color, so I can only print black and white. If you could make some of the pretty planner pages in the shop or the free ones available in black and white, that would be way easier. If you can’t do it, no problems! Thanks!

  3. What gorgeous prints ! Perfect for staying organized and be inspired!!

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