DIY Face Mask: How To Make Your Own Face Masks For Soft Glowing Skin

DIY Face Masks, How to make a diy face mask

DIY Face masks are a great way to maintain beautiful skin on a budget.

DIY facials can be a relaxing and rewarding self-care practice that you can get in the habit of doing once a week.

There are more beauty products you can create from the ingredients in your kitchen than you might think. And this post shows you just how easy it is to make nourishing face masks that are nourishing and oh-so-great for your skin.

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There are some ingredients in face masks that are used over and over, and for good reason. These ingredients have proven again and again to be awesome for your skin. Here are just a few. Check and see if you have them in your cupboard:

Start with a gentle DIY face scrub

diy face masks

A gentle face scrub makes sure you get rid of all the dead skin cells on the surface. While face masks are helpful, they won’t necessarily be great for getting rid of dead skin on your face. That’s why its a good idea to start with a gentle DIY face scrub.

This can be as simple as combining one small spoon of sugar with one small spoon of your favorite natural honey. Once you mix them together and rub it all over your face in gentle circular motions, you’ll feel it exfoliating your skin and leaving you with baby soft skin after rinsing.

Once you are done with your face scrub, you can then move on to applying your favorite face mask.

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Don’t forget your toner

diy face scrub and toner

Toning the skin is important for a more even complexion. I became obsessed with toners and have created my own DIY face toner with a with hazel base. It does wonders for the overall evenness of my skin and helps blurr acne marks.


Moisturizing after you’re finished with your face mask session is an absolute must. While your toner can leave your skin soft, you want to make sure you’re adding moisture back to your skin after exfoliating and leaving on a mask. Always remember before bed and after a face mask…moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Here’s a look at all the different DIY face masks you can make from the comfort of your home—

DIY Acne Mask

Find recipe on: Dear Crissy

An acne face mask can be helpful in maintaining your pores as clean as possible without the abrasion caused by lots of other face masks out there with harsh chemicals. This diy face mask for acne contains bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar. Both great ingredients for the health of your skin.

Pineapple Papaya Enzyme Peel

Pineapple Papaya Enzyme Peel

Find recipe on: Freut Cake

Fruity face masks are not only fun to make (and can probably taste good too) they can also be helpful for softening your skin. Papaya can also help with hyper pigmentation and sun spots. This pineapple papaya peel might just be for you if you’re looking for something more than a mask. Try the DIY peel off mask and see how you like the results.

Coconut Oil And Honey Face Mask

Find recipe on: Coconuts and Kettlebells

Coconut oil is like a million bucks for your skin. It works wonders when used right. If you mix with with a dabble of honey and apply it to your face, you’ll very well end up with much softer and nourished skin. Honey can always be great for giving your skin a pretty glow.

DIY Turmeric Clay Face Mask

Find recipe on: Soap Queen

Turmeric has long been known as a great nutrient for your body when ingested. And lots of it already comes in your favorite foods (like Indian food). This turmeric clay mask is a very interesting one that is definitely worth trying and its a great diy face mask for oily skin.

Nutrient Rich Clay Face Mask

Find recipe on: Soap Deli News

Clay face masks are known for being great at removing deep seated dirt in your skin, and for softening your complexion overall. This nutrient rich clay mask is a great concoction to get your face mask ritual going.

Radiant Rose Facial Mask

Find recipe on: Nitty Gritty Life

Try the radiant rose facial mask by ‘Nitty Gritty Life.’ It’s great for drawing impurities and toxins out of the skin. And can be a favorite if you like rose hip oil.

Homemade Avocado Face Mask

homemade avocado diy face mask

Find recipe on: Freebie Finding Mom

Avocados are great! And when they’re on your face (or eaten) well, they become even greater! Avocados are used in many beauty recipes because of it’s many health benefits.

They contain more potassium than bananas and are loaded with fiber. Avocado oil is rich in fatty acids which makes it an effective moisturizer. It also containes Vitamin E, which is often recommended by skin care experts for skin regeneration and healthy cell creation. It’s a great DIY face mask for dry skin.

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Deep Clean Pore Face Mask

Find recipe on: The Indian Spot

Try a yogurt and oatmeal face mask. Since this face mask contains oatmeal, it can also double as a face scrub, so you can skip the scrubbing before applying your face mask and just use the oatmeal in the mask to exfoliate.

Coffee Mask

Find recipe on: Alluring Soul

If you’re a coffee lover why not try a coffee moisturizing face mask? The coffee grounds can also serve as an exfoliant to your fave and can have many positive effects on the skin due to its antioxidants.

Egg White And Honey Mask

Find recipe on: Dirty Looks

We all know honey is great for your skin. But egg whites? Turns out, egg whites are great for cleansing. And it can make a great hair cleansing mask too.

Chocolate Face Mask

Find recipe on: Gourmande In The Kitchen

Who says chocolate can’t be healthy for you? While a chocolate face mask is not your most common face mask, it can be a fun face mask to try at home. The nourishing ingredients in the mask make it extra moisturizing and fragrant. A win win.

Green Tea Face Mask

Find recipe on: A Drop Of This

The benefits of a green tea face mask: It reduces redness and adds moisture to the skin while soothing any irritation you may have. The cinnamon powder can also act as an exfoliating agent that you can use by applying the mask in circular motions.

Detox DIY Face Mask

detox diy face mask

Find recipe on: Feed Your Glow

Try a detox mask to detoxify your skin with oatmeal, vinegar, and olive oil. Vinegar is a great pH balancer for your skin and can even help with evening your skin tone as well.

DIY Honey Cinnamon Face Mask

Find recipe on: Simply Quinoa

It’s a given honey is a great skin ingredient, but how about cinnamon? Turns out cinnamon can be great for the skin, especially acne prone skin. Usually when you make a cinnamon face mask, you have to leave it on for about 20-30 minutes.

DIY Papaya Face Mask

Find recipe on: The Makeup Dummy

If you’re really struggling with dark spots on your skin and blemishes that leave marks, try out a pure papaya face mask. Papaya contains enzymes that have been found helpful for the reduction of skin spots, which is a great natural skin lightener.

Strawberry Citrus Face Mask

Find recipe on: Rosanna Davison Nutrition

The strawberry face mask can be great for refining your pores, and can help remove excess oil from the skin. You can head on over to Rosanna Davison Nutrition to get the full directions.

DIY face masks don’t have to cost a ton

Having healthy and glowing skin shouldn’t and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. DIY face masks once a week can mean the difference between healthier and moisturized skin and undernourished skin that needs some help asap.

So give yourself some ‘me’ time and get ready to treat your skin better without spending big bucks.

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