DIY Rose Sugar Scrub With Essential Oils

Rose sugar scrub recipe with essential oilsHere I come with another sugar scrub recipe!

This time it’s a rose sugar scrub with only four ingredients (including rose oil). Sugar scrubs are great if you’re skin feels a bit rough around the edges and need a little exfoliating love.

Scroll down to get the full recipe and make it yourself at home!

DIY rose scrub with essential oils

This sugar scrub is basically as natural as it gets.

You’re using plain old sugar, real rose petals, and rose oil along with honey. I mean, you really don’t get any less chemical free than that from something you can make in five minutes.

You can also store it and use it later, whenever you please.

I tend to keep my sugar scrubs in the fridge, and used to keep them for only about a week. But I’ve noticed lots of them can last you around a month.

rose sugar scrub ingredients and directions

I love these mason jars

how to make rose sugar scrub

For some reason I have an affinity to small mason jars. I just think they’re the cutest thing and they’re so useful!

I personally have a couple I keep in my craft stash to use for all kinds of things.

I think if I had the space I’d become a crazy mason jar lady and collect all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Had a little sugar scrub photo shoot fun

As always I couldn’t make up my mind on what sugar scrub images to include and which ones to leave out.

So included a few extra ones that have no business being here taking up space but that I’m sharing anyway.

Enjoy! And if you made the scrub, let me know how it went below!

Rose sugar scrub recipe

I picked these roses at a nearby park (but don’t tell anyone lest I get in trouble) and noticed their color was absolutely beautiful.

Especially the white ones with ombre edges. For the recipe, I used the bright burgundy petals and blitzed them in my smoothie maker blender.

Do this for a few seconds with a bit of water and you’ve got yourself the perfect rose mush/bits that you can pour directly into your sugar scrubs.

Rose sugar scrub recipe

Rose Sugar Scrub

The perfect DIY sugar scrub if you have roses lying around!
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Prep Time 5 minutes
1 small mason jar


  • 10 Rose petals
  • 1 Tsp. Water
  • 8-10 Drops of rose oil
  • 1 Cup White sugar
  • 2 Tbsp. Honey


  • Take the water and rose petals and blitz them for a few seconds in a small blender
  • Pour it into a bowl with your sugar, favorite rose oil, and honey
  • Then mix well and spoon into a clean mason jar
  • Enjoy!

Rose sugar scrub recipe

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    Hi there!! I loved your recipes. How do you make the scrub last longer? For example 6 months? Thanks and well done!!

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