23 Wall Decor Ideas for Your Living Room: Easy Blank Wall Ideas

I absolutely love everything that has to do with wall decor ideas for your living room.

Well really, anything that has to do with home decor in general.

It doesn’t matter if its pieces you buy ready made or you take the time to put them together, there is something satisfying about creating a space that expresses your personal tastes.

I created this list to spark inspiration and hopefully get you off your butt and decorating your space to make it your own. Every time I start a new decor project I like to use some of these gorgeous fonts to make each project my own (a lot of them are FREE).

One of my favorites is the hanging baskets arrangement. It can work for almost any theme and it’s pretty easy to put together, store, or takedown.

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I love a good DIY project and some of these ideas are downright breathtaking and magazine worthy. SO, without further ado, let’s look at all the ways you can fancy up your place.

Here are 23 Easy Wall Decor Ideas For A Gorgeous Home.

String Art Mason Jar

Craft a Mason Jar String Art with Wood, Yarn and Faux Flowers

Image Source: ejka.ru

There are tons of mason jar tutorials out there but this one takes the cake for creativity. The string art twist on a hanging mason jar accent is so pretty and makes for a satisfying DIY project that you can make at home or with your friends (not to mention it also makes a beautiful DIY gift to give). Get the tutorial on how to put it together here.

Fairy Lights Lamps

Image Source: Fairy Lights Mason Jar

These were too gorgeous to pass up and not make the list. They not only work for your living room, bedroom, or bathroom, but they can even go outside on your porch. There are plenty of tutorials out there on how to put these lamps together, or you can get them here.

Fun Golden Dots

Image Source: Gold Polka Dots

Sometimes the simplest things are what make the most sense for some walls, and in this case golden polka dots are just right. They are perfect for a quirky living room, or a baby room that you might be putting together. It’s great that they are versatile and reusable.

You can definitely make your own golden polkadots, or you can buy them here for just a few bucks.

Macrame Hanger

Image Source: Macrame Hanging

Macrame hangers seem to never go out of style. I feel like they for sure fit a more rustic style of decor though you can always experiment and try mixing and matching pieces. When it comes to easy wall decor ideas, making a macrame hanger might come easy to some. For those of us that aren’t that weaving savvy, you can always just pick it up here.

Floating Planters

image Source: Hanging Planters

Floating planters are great to liven up a boring part of your house. They’re easy to hang up or take down, and they aren’t very common (which is what I love). It’s definitely an array of pieces to wow your friends with. Best of all, they are pretty affordable. Get them here.

Umbrella Wreath

Celebrate spring with this stunning fresh floral arrangement on your front door. One little trick will keep your flowers fresh for a week or two! This is such a creative take on a wreath that has a little bit of whimsy.

Image Source: This Grandma Is Fun

I had never come across this easy home decor idea until I saw this picture. Who would have thought putting an umbrella and flowers together would be sooo pretty.

If you take a set of three umbrella and hang them together equal space apart, it would look absolutely beautiful. To get to know how exactly to put this project together, make sure you visit the tutorial.

Hexagon Pieces


Image Source: Not On The High Streets

This is a great easy wall decor idea for the world travelers and wanderlust prone peeps. It’s a genius way to show your love for traveling the world while making a statement and making your room look gorgeous. You can look at more pics here.

While I couldn’t find a tutorial for this idea, in sure with a few materials, you could put it toghether nicely.

Macrame Hanger

DIY Woven wall hanging

Image Source: Molly Makes

Here is yet another beautiful macrame hanger (that is easy to make). It’s an easy home decor idea that makes for some tasteful decorating.

Molly Makes has some directions on putting it together (I think it’s made up of yarn). Best of all you can be versatile with the color. You don’t necessarily have to pick blue yarn.

Pom Pom Array

DIY & Pops of Color Modernize a Virginian Colonial, Design*Sponge

Image Source: Design Sponge

This one is great for a bedroom, playroom, or craft room. It’s an easy home decor idea I wouldn’t have come up with myself if I tried and it automatically brightens up any room. You can look at more idea where that came from here.

To learn to make pom poms, take a look at this tutorial.

Hanging Flowers

DIY paper flower wall (via www.flaxandtwine.com)

Image Source: Flax and Twine

All the colors in this easy home deco idea are just right and go well together. It’s definitely a girly take on livening up a room.

All you need are some flower images, some string, and some imagination. Find out more about the project here.

Cork Board

Image Source: projectrowhouse.blogstop.com

Here’s a new take on the usual corkboard decoration. Try putting together actual cork stoppers and making an easy home decor collage idea. Get the project details and directions here.

Stringed Flowers

DIY Flower Wall Headboard

Image Source: Sweet Teal

This is perfect for bedroom or even dorm room decor and it doesn’t cost a ton to put together. You can pick any array of colors to make it match your wall decor or bed sheets like teal blue, pink, or yellow (or a mix of all three). It’s a fresh way to incorporate flowers into your decor.

Get the complete details here.

Rustic Baskets


Image Source: blog.chanluu.com

This is one of my favorite ideas that I mentioned earlier. For the longest time I had an array of baskets just like these in the corner of the dining room in my apartment. It went perfectly with the teal corner table that had a vine plant on it. Totally breathtaking, and you can find the baskets at any second-hand store that’s near you. And then you can pin them up with tacks or sewing pins (if they’re light enough).

You can look at more awesome pictures here.

Hexagon Shelves

DIY Wall Decor Ideas

Image Source: diyhomedecor.tips

Hexagon shelves are rad. They bring a new twist to the traditionally boring straight shelves. They also give dimension to a room that might be needing it. There are lots of hexagon shelves for sale or you can whip some up with a few pieces of wood. There’s plenty more where that came from here.

Rustic Chevron Painting

19 Diy Wall Decoration Ideas

Image Source: livediyideas

Chevron is nice. Chevron painted on wood is nicer. This particular project goes great for a more rustic feel and a more down to earth arrangement of decor pieces. And its a pretty easy idea too. All you need are some nails, paint, and some wood.

Get more ideas like these here.

Abstract Collage

Image Source: Katebullen.blogspot.com

Collages aren’t just for school projects. You can definitely fancy up your room with a collage frame like this one. It looks store bought but really it was put together by a savvy DIYer. You can do the same with the tutorial here.

Patterned Shelves

Various Colors Scallop Wall Shelf

Image Source: Decorpad

These patterned shelves are beautiful and a great fit for home decor. Their colors complement each other nicely too! I love the white pink and gold accents they each have. They’re definitely meant for a softer color scheme.

WIth some creativity you can DIY them or you can buy them as well.

Pot Hanger

Indoor Plant Trellis Wall DIY

image Source: Vintage Revivals

Indoor plants seem to be a staple for any easy home decor ideas. And that’s because they’re so pretty and they bring in a natural touch of nature. Not to mention they also help to purify your air.

This project is a bit more involved and includes having to measure some wood. Take a look at the complete project with pictures here.

World Map Arrows

19 Diy Wall Decoration Ideas

Image Source: LiveDIYideas

Wall arrangements of different complementary pieces can always work if you know how to piece them together. These world map arrows go perfectly with all the surrounding pieces. It’s a great way to decorate an office or even a reading area. Take a look at more pictures here.

Wood Flower Jars

Diy Rustic Mason Jar Sconce

image Source: Shelterness

These jars are so pretty to look at it almost hurts. You can personalize them with your favorite flowers to fit your decor color scheme (or even fill them with fairy lights for an extra pretty bonus). They look absolutely chic and timeless and just downright gorgeous.

Learn more here.

Wood Sign

Image Source: aimee-weaver.blogspot.com

Rustic decor, at least for me, will never go out of style. It’s just too timeless and can work for any room in the house.

I love that it has a positive message too ‘Life Is Beautiful.’ You can either use that same one of come up with a completely new one that is close to your heart. Totally up to you.

Learn more about putting this project together successfully here.

DIY Painting


image Source: The Fox And She

You do not have to be a paper to pull this one off. All you need is a nice sized canvas, some paint, and some free time. If I wouldn’t have known any better, I would have guessed this painting came from a famous artist, but really its DIYed at home! Find this and more easy home decor ideas at The Fox And She.

It would look awesome if you fitted a few walls with a couple of paintings with similar colors. Kind of like a collage. Give it a try.

Paper Decor

peg board


Image Source: amyweaverdesigns.com

Pegboards are genius because they double as wall decoration (because of the things you can hang on it) and they also work as an organization area in plain view.

The secret is making all the things that you hang on it fit together (like in the picture, everything is based on a similar color scheme). You can find plenty more pictures where that came from here.

It’s Easy Wall Decor Idea Time

I hope you loved this wide array of easy home decor ideas as much as I did. It was great putting it together and being able to find some of the best ideas out there (which was hard because there are just so many).

I love finding affordable ways to improve the home, and easy DIY home decor ideas are definitely a way to do so. I recently put together 25 ways to decorate your house rustic farmhouse style (it’s one of my best easy home decor ideas post) check it out here.

It also has a ton of other beautiful ideas (the list seems to never end).

Was there an idea that stuck out to you the most? Make sure you mention it below.

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