DIY Feather Bookmark With Free Templates

DIy feather bookmarks with free printable feather templates

Feather bookmarks are a pretty creative way to never lose your place in a book.

Unfortunately I wasn’t around any birds to be able to pick up some stray feathers. But not to fear, because when bad comes to worse card stock and some printer ink can save the day.

I love how these turned out! You can literally put your own feather bookmark together in probably five minutes.

I made sure to include five different sets of feathers in different shapes and color combinations so you can always mix and match. Just download the free template below you’ll know what I’m talking about.

DIY feather bookmarks

I feel like the bow on these bookmarks really bring them together, and the colors are designed to flow with each other to create a pretty look.

For a bit I thought about creating feather bookmarks that said ‘bookmark’ but then I thought that would be a bit of overkill since a bookmarks doesn’t really have to be labeled what it is for it to do it’s job. Right?

So I stuck with solid bright colors and your occasional pattern that gave some of the bookmarks a more distinct look.

This is the perfect DIY idea for anyone (me included) who doesn’t really like messes and likes it when things are easy (that’s also me!). Really all you have to do is spend some time cutting out feather patterns, which can be so relaxing to do!


  • A color printer

  • Scissors

  • Twine or yarn


  • Print out your favorite feather template (I included the link below of a few different feather sets in different colors and patterns)
  • Cut out your feathers (take your time with this, the crisper your cut out the better your bookmark will turn out
  • Pile all three on top of each other starting with the biggest one at the bottom and working your way up
  • Take about a 25 inch. piece of twine or yarn and tie it around the top end of the feathers like you see it in the pictures
  • When you tie your bow, make sure you double knot it once before tying the bow, it’ll make for a sturdier hold for all the feathers in one bunch


DIy feather bookmarks with free printable feather templates

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