Free Meal Planner Printable Template

free printable meal plannerFree meal planner templates come in handy when you’re trying to plan out your meals for the week.

That’s why I found it a perfectly good excuse to create this one when I should be writing instead (I love making them too much!).

There are lots of ways to meal plan.

But if you try to do it all in your head you’re almost guaranteed to miss something. That’s why its always great to be able to write it down somewhere in a way that makes sense.

That way, when you’re at the grocery store, you don’t forget things or have to go for another trip to get them.

There are lots of posts on the blog to help with meal planning!

Here are some I’ve written in the past you can check out to help you meal plan as best as possible.

Is it me? Or do I feel like the words ‘meal plan’ and ‘meal prep’ mean just about the same things?

I guess when it comes to meal prep I think more about using mason jars for salads and preparing healthier foods that are easier to put together.

But then when I hear meal plan it means preparing either make ahead meals for the week or just making sure you have all the ingredients you need to make your dinners each night.

I also almost always think of dinners when it comes to meal prepping but I guess it could apply to really anything, even lunch or breakfast.

Just a thought.

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I’ve also been more and more diligent about creating smoothies in the morning to make sure I intake as many fruits and veggies as I possibly can. 

I feel like I’m not getting the proper nutrition that I need everyday and it makes me want to make sure I’m eating as many healthy foods as possible, whether that’s drinking them or otherwise, and cutting out salty things as much as I can (salty anything is my favorite!)

And meal planning helps with that of course, but there’s also the question of making it and keeping it a habit. I’d love to be able to meal plan ‘or meal prep’ without missing a week so that way I could make it a habit that I don’t even have to struggle to keep (kinda like brushing your teeth).

And in case you’re wondering of a good way to keep track of and form new habits, I’ve got some habit trackers for that!



The free meal prep printable has a space to write your meals for every day of the week that includes your basic breakfast, lunch, dinners, and snacks.

And it also has a shopping list area where you can write down the ingredients you’ll need for the week. And what I love is that its divided by every two days so it can be easier to brainstorm the ingredients you need for each day!

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