Free Planner Printables: How To Organize Your Whole Life With A DIY Planner!


Free planner printables are just the best!

Especially when they aren’t only pretty but useful too! I LOVE creating cute organizational printables with a vibrant color scheme that catches your eye but keeps you organized and goal focused too.

This planner is absolutely FILLED with TONS of pages to help you tackle your days and weeks better. There’s a page for almost everything.

FREE Planner Printables For Your DIY Planner



There are more than 20 pages to make sure you get and stay organized with some vibrant colors.

And honestly, who doesn’t need some of that? All the clutter and stress in life can pile up, making sure you tame it all with a DIY planner.

Some Awesome Pages Included In The Planner Are:

Meal Planner

When it comes to useful life organizational printables, including a meal planner is great if you want to start getting into meal prepping. They help you plan your meals ahead by making sure you write everything down. It’s definitely a money saver for sure, especially if you watch your budget closely!

Monthly Printable Pages

The Monthly Printable Pages can help give you an overview of what your year will look like. There are blank monthly pages included for each month that you can number yourself so once you download the free printable planner, you can use your favorite pages over and over again to create your very own cute home management printable!

Weekly Planner Page

The weekly planner helps you make sure your week is planned out to a T. That way there are no surprise appointments or meetings that you’ve forgotten (it happened to me all the time). Keeping a weekly planner page up to date can be a great way to be less stressed as you go about your day.

Hourly Schedule

Sometimes an hourly planner page can come in handy, especially at work or if you have a big family to juggle. I love this page because it can help the super detailed planners make sure we get the most out of our days. It’s good to note that these planners don’t only work for home management but they’re also great free organizational printables for work. Work needs lots of organizing too!

Passwords Planner Page

I used to ALWAYS forget passwords, and they aren’t always auto-filled on my laptop, so keeping a good passwords log page where you’ll never lose a password again is a pretty good habit to keep if you ask me.

Additional tips for the perfect DIY planner:

Get A GOOD sturdy binder that you actually like.

You can either get a white (or my favorite, teal) binder with a clear pocket to add the cover page to, OR you can buy some prettier binders from Amazon (these Samsil Binders are some of my favorites). If you go a little out of your way to personalize your home planner with a nice binder, it can make a world of a difference.

Or you can get a scrap booking album if you want to step it up a notch.

Buy Your favorite sticky notes

Sticky notes come in all shaped and sizes. Making sure you have a nice full pack of sticky notes in lots of colors is sure to brighten up your weekly planning. I like to use sticky notes especially with meal planning.

Mix and match printable planner pages

You don’t have to stick to only one type of planner pages, you can mix and match and make it absolutely your own. You can visit the shop for affordable planner pages.

Create/get dividers

You can either create your own dividers or buy some. I like doing the latter, saves me time. Here is a nice colored pack of dividers you can get for about three bucks!

Find more planner pages!

If you LOVED this planner and want to check out more planner pages, printables, sticker pages, and more:




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