Gorgeous Free Fonts You Can Download Instantly For Your Next Project!

gorgeous free fontsIt’s always great to find beautiful fonts you can use for free!

And because I’m a sucker for a good list, I thought I’d make one of some of the best ones I’ve found online as I look for the next prettiest font to use.

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How To Get Your Fonts

For some reason I’ve been getting emails from people asking me for the fonts. If it isn’t clear, to download, just scroll down and click on the link name of your favorite fonts.

It’ll take you to the page where you can instantly download and install the font on your computer.

Please Keep In Mind: ALWAYS check if the fonts are free for commercial or personal use only. This list has a mix of all kinds of fonts. Make sure you check on their original page for their terms of use.

Have fun with them and let me know which one you liked best in the comments below!

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Gorgeous FREE fonts you can download instantly

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  1. bonjour
    Super pour l’info,maisj’ai lélécharger et le haut des lettres est coupées.sniff

  2. Hi Cara,

    The Creative Tacos pages tend to be a little trickier, but I went through to try and download the fonts and it works. Once you click on one of the Creative Tacos pages, scroll all the way down until you see a list of buttons. One of them will say download. If you click on it it’ll redirect you to a new page on their site. Once you wait a few seconds your Zip file starts downloading automatically. Hope this helps!

  3. Can’t figure out where the button is to download on the CreativeTacos pages. None of the “download” buttons give you the font file.

  4. I’ve been spoiled when it comes to fonts, I started toying around with Paint Shop Pro around15 years ago and got a disc titled, “Zaps Font Collection” there’s around 10,000 fonts on that disc. I’m not sure who Zap is or how Zap collected all of those fonts but someone gave me that disc and I never had to look for another don’t since. I’ve long since stopped with PSP but recently became immersed in Adult coloring and woodworking and I just pulled out Zaps collection to start making templates. Thank you for sharing your pages and your fonts. It’s appreciated ?.

  5. Literally went through every font and was able to download them for free without an issue. I’m not sure what buttons you’re pushing once you’re on each page. Look for the ‘download’ button.

  6. I keep trying to download some of the fonts and they won’t download. I have gone to the companies pages and they want me to pay from 10.00 – 100.00 per font.

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