23 Healthy Snack Ideas For Work Or When You’re Clueless On What To Make

healthy snack ideas to lose weight

Finding healthy snack ideas can be a great step in the right direction health-wise. 

Sometimes you don’t want to make a full-blown meal (or have the space for it!) and you just want to make something that will satisfy your sweet tooth without being too unhealthy.

And sometimes you simply want some clever and tasty snack ideas for work.

Which can save you a lot of money because then you’ll be tempted to eat out or visit the snack area that virtually every workplace has. I’ve always said, anything you make at home is bound to be ten times healthier than anything you buy out anywhere else.

When you make anything at home you’re making sure it isn’t processed, it doesn’t have more sugar than it needs (and you get to choose the type of sugar), and you can personalize it to fit your exact cravings.

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One of my personal favorites is slathering a banana in peanut butter and adding nuts (sometimes). But there is a WORLD of homemade snack ideas out there that you can get lost exploring. So here we go!

23 Healthy Snack Ideas For Work Or When You’re Clueless On What To Make

Apple cookies

Via Rachel Schultz

If you’re craving cookies, try these apple cookies. They can be just as good and you don’t have to bake anything. You can also pack them in a ziploc bag and take them to snack at work.

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Fruit and coconut jello cups

Via The Creative Bite

If you’re a jello lover then you can use any excuse to add fruit to it. A simple addition of fruit makes sure you’re getting some of your fruit servings in for the day and if you make homemade jello you can mix in fruit and almond milk (absolutely delicious). Pack it in a mason jar and you’ve got yourself a snack for work.

Peanut butter banana ice cream

Via Easy As Apple Pie

Ok, so this snack idea on the snacks list might not be the best one to take to work (unless its a short commute and they’ve got a refrigerator) but it can be a healthier alternative from the sugary pre-made ice cream from your local grocery store.

Easy acai bowl

Via Dinner At The Zoo

The acai bowl is known for just how delicious it can be and because Acai is known as a super food. If you love fruit then creating this yummy treat can be worth a try.

You can divide it into smaller mason jars that you can pop in the fridge and throw in your bag as your on your way to work.

Kale guacamole

Via Smart In The Kitchen

Give your traditional guac a bit of a twist with a kale guacamole recipe! It packs a punch of healthy vitamins and antioxidants from the avocado and can be a tastier take to your classice recipe. Head on over to Smart In The Kitchen to learn how its done (It only takes 5 minutes to prepare)!

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Zucchini pizza

Via Feasting Not Fasting

Zucchini pizza is great if you’re craving something salty! Ditch the gluten and the dough and make some zucchini pizza bites instead. They’re super tasty and you get your serving of veggies. Plus they make a great snack idea for work.

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Mango berry chia pudding

Image And Recipe: Teal Notes

Chia seed pudding is pretty much the perfect morning snack as it’s extremely healthy and can replace a lot of other sugary breakfast options. You can meal prep a few jars chia pudding for the week and you’ll be good to go. 

Caramel apple nachos

Via Lil Luna

This is one of my personal favorite snacks to make because of how easy and how unbelievably tasty it is. I like to add some salty pretzels to the mix to make sure there is a good mix of sweet and salty. The crunchy green apples and nuts bring it all together!

Homemade potato chips

Via Chocolate Chocolate And More

Homemade potato chips are more delicious than you might think, and also a lot less salty and processed. Instead of frying them you can toast them on a hot skillet and sprinkle them with light salt. Adding salt is enough to infuse them with taste, though you can also add some parmesan for an added kick of flavor.

Fruit and veggie sheet pancakes

Via Super Healthy Kids

Fruit and veggie sheet pancakes are another great snack idea that might not come to mind when you’re trying to think of snack ideas for work. Seriously, taking the time to create your own wholesome and healthy snacks at home pays off with your wallet and your health. It all adds up over time!

Fresh summer rolls

Via Sally’s Baking Addiction

These fresh summer rolls look so fresh they’ll have a nice crunch when you bite into them. They come with peanut sauce that you can dip them into and they don’t require much cooking at all. It’s a perfectly awesome way to get your veggies in and eat something refreshing.

Peanut butter oat cakes

Via Cookies And Cups

Peanut Butter oat squares are another tasty alternative to processed cookies and it doesn’t even take baking! All you have to do is mix your ingredients and let it sit before cutting it into squares. Get the full recipe over at Cookies And Cups.

Hummus and veggies in a jar

Via Nugget Market

This is one of the most underrated and simplest snack ideas to take to work with you. All you have to do is buy your favorite brand of hummus, and add your favorite veggies, like carrot sticks and celery, to make sure you have a quick snack to eat while at work.

Cucumber tuna bites

Via The Healthy Home Cook

Cucumber goes great with many things, one of them being tuna. Tuna is a great lean snack idea that you can prepare in many ways. I like to make mine with mayonnaise, and some onions, salt and pepper.

Spicy edamame

Via Elizabeth Rider

Edamame isn’t something you hear about a lot but it can make a tasty snack idea for work if you just add some spice to the beans. They’re great for popping when you get a craving and aren’t messy at all.

Ants on a log

Via Two Healthy Kitchens

Usually, when you hear ‘ants on a log’ you think of celery and raisins, right? But this snack adds a whole new twist to the idea and creates it with different fruit and toppings so you have a variety of tasty combinations. How cool is that?

Strawberry toast four ways

Via California Strawberries

One genius idea is to learn how to dress up or prepare one snack in different ways. This example is great because you see how you can prepare some strawberry toast four completely different ways that make for a tasty snack idea!

Snack boxes

Via Smile Sandwich

Snack boxes are SOOOO easy to make and take almost no time at all. You can fill them with all kinds of things from boiled eggs to cheese crackers to your favorite fruits. Sometimes you don’t need to get fancy to have snack ideas you can take to work or otherwise. Taking the time to prepare simple things like a few snack boxes you can grab and go throughout the week is a great and productive idea!

Cucumber mango salad

Via Herbivoracious

Cucumber mango salad with sesame seeds can be a great vegan snack that you can prepare and enjoy at just about any time. It can even go great as a lunch salad. The mango and cucumber combination is quite a tasty and refreshing one!

Watermelon salad

Via Just A Taste

Watermelon salad is the absolute BEST. It goes great with feta cheese and, in this case, some balsamic dressing for a more sour sweet taste. Watermelon is a super healthy fruit that’s good for you and doesn’t take much preparing at all. Once you buy a good sized watermelon it can last you for a while!

Pear salad

Via Domestic Superhero

Here’s a twist on your usual pears. Try a pear salad! Domestic superhero tells you all about the ingredients that go into creating these tasty pear bites. Once you try them out and like them, you’ve got yourself another nifty snack idea for work!

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Strawberry guava smoothie

Via Spoon Full Of Flavor

A guava smoothie can be an awesome healthy snack option to take to work. It’s especially great when you have a smoothie blender that you can just plugin and go.

Need more snack ideas for work?

These snack ideas are clever and can get you out of a snack rut if you’re at a loss for snack ideas for work (or otherwise). You can always modify them to your taste and see what works best for you!

Was there any snack idea that stood out to you that you’ll try? Leave a comment below!

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