15 Insanely Clever Home Improvement Ideas For The Savvy DIYer

15 Insanely Clever Home Improvement Ideas For The Savvy DIYer

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The satisfaction of DYIng your way to a great living space never gets old.

Especially when you can save some extra money along the way and still come up with something usable and creative.

I remember when I DYIed my first apartment’s decor theme (I was going for a rustic, yet homie looking space that was bright and colorful) and how great it felt to be able to put it all together.

My favorite piece was the palette coffee table I was able to put together with a friend’s help.

We bonded over the experience and the finished product was pretty awesome and fit right in with my decor vision.

It’s always great when you find clever ways to improve your home.

So here are 15 clever home improvement hacks for the savvy DIYer!

Magnetic Drinking Cups

child grabbing easy-to-reach colorful plastic cups attached to refrigerator with magnets

Image Source: Pushup.com

Sometimes keeping the house tidy can be a problem. Having to deal with cups and plates lying around everywhere can be a bit of a hassle.

With this genius cup holder idea, your kids will be able to have a drinking cup within reach and they won’t have to use a million cups to drink water. It’s also great that you’ll spend less time and energy washing dishes and you’ll be able to keep your kitchen a bit tidier. Magnetic sippy cups are just genius.

Magnetic Strips In The Fridge

You'll always have room in your fridge for drinks when you use these super strong magnets ($32, amazon.com) to hang bottles from your fridge's ceiling. Plus, this organizer frees up space underneath the beverages for food, too.

Image Souce: Goodhousekeeping.com

It’s always a good rule of thumb everywhere you go: Don’t have space to build across? Build up. This idea is great if you have little to no space in your fridge and you want to be able to store more things without the mess.

A strong magnetic strip can help you keep your drinks up against the fridge ceiling ready to grab when you’re thirsty. Pretty clever if you ask me. Find that and more ideas here.

Screw Lids In Cabinets

4 mason jars screwed under a kitchen cabinet are storing pasta, pretzels, and popcorn kernels

Image Source: Hgtv.com

Screw some lids on the bottom side on your cabinets for some fancy looking storage area where you can keep your favorite snacks or spices. It also looks pretty cool to have some floating like jars sticking out in plain view. All you’d have to do is unscrew the bottom part when you needed something.

Easily Disinfect Toys

Image Source: Gettingby.wordpress.com

If you’re looking to disinfect little bitty pieces and toys, put them in a bag like the one above, and pop it in the wash. It’ll keep you from having to pick up all the little pieces, and makes it super easy to make sure each toy is disinfected properly. Find more here.

Rolling Bench Storage

How to Organize Your Entryway: Rolling Toy Benches | thegoodstuff

Image Source: This little street

This is a beautiful DIY storage idea that can make your storage bins double as seating benches too. You can get the full tutorial here and make some for your own home. It’s extra creative that they added the rolling wheels for easy rearrangement. If you make a couple you can even put them together to create a mini couch.

Hat Box Organizers

Image Source: Vintagehatbox.com

I’m always looking for ways to organize my bathroom toiletries. They always seem to just pile up in the corner, especially come shopping day. This genius idea uses hat boxes (or really any other sturdy good looking boxes you can find) and uses them to store bathroom things in a clever and organized way. It doesn’t get any more affordable and organized than this.

Organizer Station

How to Organize Your Entryway: Simple Shelf | thegoodstuff

Image Source: thehomesihavemade.com

With a few key pieces, you can easily put a home organization corner together. It’s super useful and easy on the eyes too.

Use Velcro For Remotes

Use Velcro Strips to hold Game & Remote Controls!

Image Source: Kitchenfunwithmy3sons.com

This is definitely a way to make sure no one ever loses the remote again. Just stick some good old velcro on the back of a nearby cabinet and the control and you’ll be good to go. I sure wish I had known this when my favorite show was on and it would take me a while to find the controls. Total bummer.

Make Your Own Portable Hamper

Image Source: Makingniceinthemidwest.com

This is the cutest little hamper idea that beats a boring old plastic bin and also saves you some space. Not to mention it also makes it easier for you to take it to the laundromat. You can find the tutorial on how exactly to put it together here.

Ladder Shoe Storage

Ladder as shoe storage

Image Source: Decoist.com

This one is great because it doesn’t even take that much work to put together. You can easily find a ladder like¬†piece in second-hand stores and vamp it up with some paint (and even distress it for a rustic feel). Find more here.

Basin Shelf

Vintage farmhouse bathroom remodel ideas on a budget (14)

Image Source: Homevialand.com

Make a shelf out of a wash basin. This is also a great farmhouse decor idea that would go great with that theme. But making your own shelves can be fun and you’ll get your home all organized in the process.

Jewelry Blocks

wood jewelry blocks_04

Image Source: Stylebyemilyhenderson.com

This is one of the most creative ideas I’ve found for storing your jewelry that isn’t just another jewelry box. You can find the complete tutorial here to learn how exactly to put it together. It’s a great way to keep all your pieces in place and can double as wall decor in your bathroom or in your own room.

DIY Tiered Organizer

Image Source: Thecraftingchicks.com

Make your own tiered organizer. These are beautiful classic pieces that are useful and look great in any corner of the house. There are all kinds of ways you can put your own together. To learn more about this one, you can go here.

Activity Mat & Toy Organizer

7 Playroom & Toy Storage Ideas Busy Moms Love | thegoodstuff

Image Source: Activity Mat

Nobody likes the aftermath of play time because of all the bits and pieces you’ll find lying around later. With a DIY playmat, you can make sure bits and pieces of toys never stay out for you to step on in the middle of the night again. Here’s to cleaner playdates. If you’d rather just buy one and call it a day, you can check it out here.

DIY Bathroom Cleaner

Image Source: Mashable.com

Turns out you don’t need to get fancy tools to get your bathroom to sparkle! Just stick a brush at the end of an electric screw driver and voila! Sparkling bathroom tiles for days…until the next cleaning that is.

It’s Easy To Improve Your Home

it’s just about putting in a little time and effort to make it as homy and cozy as possible. There are countless ideas out there that can make it easier to keep your home clean and organized without breaking the bank.

Did you like these home improvement ideas?

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