How To Make Extra Money— 30 Creative Ways To Make An Extra $1,000 On The Side

How to Make Extra Money, Ways to make extra money on the side,

If you’ve landed here it’s probably because you’re actively looking for ays to make money from home with a side hustle.

Which is awesome because its easier than ever to make extra money on the side if your day job alone is just not cutting it.

But there might be one problem. It’s possible to get overwhelmed with all the options out there.

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The simple secret to making it all work is breaking it down into simpler and less overwhelming steps.

This way, making your first $1000 with your side hustle isn’t as daunting. Maybe at first you might want to focus on making your first $20, and then your first $50.

Before you know it, the numbers start adding up (not to mention it also helps to save money when you can).

It’s all about breaking it down into achievable baby steps.

If you’re the type that likes to play the long game and wants to learn to make money blogging, then—

✅Check out my guide to start a profitable lifestyle blog

Otherwise– Let’s look at all the ways you can start making that side income to pay a bill, pay down debt, or simply be able to go out more without having to worry too much about money!

Take online surveys on your free time

If you don’t mind answering a couple of multiple choice questions, you need to check out Swagbucks!

It’s one of the easiest ways to make money from home and earn free gift cards by doing things like shopping online, doing surveys, and watching videos.

 All you have to do is open an account and get $5 just for signing up.

✅Sign up for Swagbucks here to get started earning

If you really want to go crazy with surveys and take advantage of their $5 sign-up bonuses to earn as much as possible here are some other great options:

Shop with Ebates

Hello, free money!

Ebates gives you cash back when you shop through their affiliated stores.

And they are affiliated with a TON.

This means, that online store you shop at? Odds are, they’re an Ebates partner. And odds are, you can get cash back!

Next time you get an itch to shop, go ahead and open an Ebates account, find your store, and start shopping.

When you check out, you’ll be able to see how much cash back you’ve earned. They even offer discount coupons on your purchases.

Click here to get started with your Ebates ‘grind’ and get a $10 sign up bonus when you spend an initial $25!

Flip things with bonanza

Make Money From Home: 30 Real Side Hustle Ideas for Extra Cash

Bonanza is an up and coming flipping site just like E-Bay, except with not as many fees added to your transactions.

They aim to make the selling and relationship building process of sellers easier by equipping them with the right tools.

If you’re into flipping, would like to try it, or are tired of Ebay, then Bonanza flipping could be an option for you.

It’s easy to get started flipping with some motivation and some spare change.

Here’s a complete guide to flipping you can check out to help you get started.

Use Decluttr to easily sell your old things

If you have old books, phones, games or DVD’s you aren’t using you can easily get rid of them for money with Decluttr.

They offer FREE shipping on all orders (‘cus you can also buy stuff) and they even do next day payment.

If you’d like to get started selling with Decluttr and get rid of all your junk, check them out here.

Design easy logos on Fiverr

If you have an eye for design and have no trouble coming up with unique logos you should open an account with Fiverr.

They let you set your rates and what you’ll offer for each, and they make it easy for interested prospects to reach out to you (or you to them) to work on projects!

Fiverr isn’t just for design, you can offer all kinds of freelance services on there, too many to list here—like SEO or even copywriting.

Learn more about getting started with Fiverr here.

Open a Shopify store with Oberlo

Opening your own online store with Oberlo through Shopify is downright the easiest way to sell a product online that you don’t even have to touch!


If you like the idea of making money online selling drop shipped goods from third party suppliers take a look at this complete guide by Shopify on how to get started.

Oberlo, as you’ll soon find out, is the app that makes it all worth it, because it makes things that used to be painstaking about opening your online store kindergarten-level easy.

Get started with Shopify and get your first 14 days FREE here

use ThredUp to sell your old clothes

Make Money From Home: 30 Real Side Hustle Ideas for Extra Cash

Make money from home with ThredUp!

ThredUp is an awesome ‘send me your old clothes in return for pay’ program.

Instead of throwing the clothes you don’t use away, why not sell it to ThredUp?

You simply login, create an account, and ask them to ship you a bag to put your clothes in.

They take care of the shipping. You reap the pay for items you wouldn’t otherwise use.

Order your first ThredUp shipping bag here.

use Ibotta for easy cash backs

If you don’t really like taking surveys on your free time, using Ibotta is another great way to earn some easy cash.

Ibotta is an app you install on your phone (Android or IOS) and you can use to get cash back if you scan your receipt after you’ve gone for a grocery run, for example.

The cash backs can be anywhere from $0.25 to $5 depending on what you buy. The coolest part about it is that you can even get cash back on an item you used a coupon for!

Just make sure you have a Paypal account to be able to redeem your cash.

Get a $10 dollar welcome bonus after you sign up, here.

Drive for Uber on your free time

Make Money From Home: 30 Real Side Hustle Ideas for Extra Cash

You can make a couple hundred extra dollars a month for a few hours of work a day driving people around town!

It’s hassle-free and your earning potential is directly determined by how much time you’re willing to put into it.

There are always people in need of rides to go places so there will always be a demand and you can determine your own schedule.

Sign up here to get your application started.

Sell your old books

Make Money From Home: 30 Real Side Hustle Ideas for Extra Cash

Make money from home with BookScouter!

Bookscouter helps you get the most bang for your buck by comparing which sites will pay you the most money for your books.

After that, you just fill out your info to get a prepaid shipping label.

Make Money From Home: 30 Real Side Hustle Ideas for Extra Cash

If you have some books lying around you aren’t reading this one is worth taking a look into.

Learn more about how BookScouter works here!

Tutor for $20 an hour

Make Money From Home: 30 Real Side Hustle Ideas for Extra Cash

If you have a knack for teaching this side hustle might just be the one for you!

Chegg tutors start earning at $20+ an hour and can have a flexible teaching schedule.

You get paid weekly and Chegg handles sending all the students that need help to you (instead of you having to go out and look for them).

Get started tutoring with Chegg for $20 an hour here.

sell unique printables on etsy

Make Money From Home: 30 Real Side Hustle Ideas for Extra Cash

If you’re artsy this might just be the side hustle for you.

With online design programs like Canva or PicMonkey, you can design pretty prints and post them up for sale on Etsy.

Pro Tip: You can then create Pinterest pins to drive traffic back to your online Etsy store.

Pro Pro Tip: Start a blog around your artistic passion and add a shop section to get more store exposure and build an audience for your Etsy brand!

Get started with Etsy here.

Start peer to peer lending

What’s great about peer to peer lending is that you are basically acting like your own mini bank as you lend a certain amount to borrowers.

When you sign up for peer-to-peer lending with LendingClub, they match you, the lender, with a borrower, and you can make some nice interest in the long run.

Check out LendingClub and see if you’d like to get started being your own mini bank!

Rent out your room/house

Make Money From Home: 30 Real Side Hustle Ideas for Extra Cash

Hotel rooms seem to be a thing of the past.

Especially when you can rent out your home safely to perfect strangers.­ Air Bnb lets you do just that!

This works great for people with spare rooms, or that are constantly never home.

Get started renting out your first room here.

Publish your own e-books

Make Money From Home: 30 Real Side Hustle Ideas for Extra Cash

With Kindle Publishing, you can sell your first e-book, or decide to sell your book as a physical paperback copy, on Amazon.

It can be as easy as writing it, opening an account with your book information, and have it ready to sell in a few minutes.

You can earn up to 70% (notice it says ‘up to’) on each sale and you have certain control over your publishing rights.

Check out the guidelines and see if self-publishing is something you’d like to take on!

Clean up Google’s search engine

Make Money From Home: 30 Real Side Hustle Ideas for Extra Cash

Did you know Google needs help maintaining their search engine?

You can earn around $12 an hour as a search engine evaluator through sites like Appen with a laptop, a couple hours a day, and some internet connection.

When you sign up with Appen, they have a list of search engine evaluator jobs you’ll get access to as they become available.

You can read more here, about what it takes to get started.

Create affiliate pins

Make Money From Home: 30 Real Side Hustle Ideas for Extra Cash

Pinterest recently started letting people add affiliate links to their pins again.

What does this mean for you?

Moolah, baby!

With some motivation, a pinning strategy, some pins, and applying to a couple of affiliates you could be well on your way to making some income on the side.

It’s also a great way to start a side hustle with little money down.

Read this extensive guide on how to get started with Pinterest for business.

Freelance write with ProBlogger

Get your freelance game on!

Make Money From Home: 30 Real Side Hustle Ideas for Extra Cash

Don’t worry, you don’t have to write like an encyclopedia to write articles that do well online (in fact, it’s the total opposite).

There are many freelance sites out there where work for freelancers is 

posted daily.

The one where I’ve personally found the biggest success is the ProBlogger job board.

You can read about how I landed my first freelance gig here.

Blog for business

Yes, you can blog for money. And yes, it’s also hard work. But the payoff can be to start a money making blog

It’s also a great way to be able to do something you love!

Love travel? Start a travel blog!

Love finding new ways to save money? Start a finance blog and grow an audience.

You can take blogging to endless heights on endless topics and have it become a success.

Use this handy guide to get your blog started in a matter of minutes and be on your way to making blog income.

Sell your photos online

Have a knack for taking awesome pics even with just your cell phone? ‘Cell’ your pictures online!

Make Money From Home: 30 Real Side Hustle Ideas for Extra Cash

Here’s a quick list of sites that accept your well-taken images:

Design T-shirts

With Teespring, you can try your hand at designing primarily t-shirts, though there are also other items like totes and pillows.

The way Teespring’s business model works, you don’t pay them anything until you’ve made a sale!

That is, they have a base price for a t-shirt (10 bucks) you decide the price of your t-shirt, and every time you make a sale they get their $1o.

With this set-up, you technically get to keep 100% of the profit once you’ve made a sale.

You can get started with TeeSpring here.

Teach English online

Make Money From Home: 30 Real Side Hustle Ideas for Extra Cash

Many parents overseas will pay for their child to practice a foreign language with a native speaker.

You can get sign up and get started being an online English teacher with some of these programs:

Create an Instragram account

Make Money From Home: 30 Real Side Hustle Ideas for Extra Cash

You know those Instagram pages with lots of random pretty pictures on it and thousands of follows?

Yeah, they make money off posting those pictures as shoutouts.

The gist is, start an account, make it look really pretty, gain thousands of followers and either start emailing people with your posting offers or they’ll start emailing you.

If you want to get started about starting an Instagram account and amassing a large following, check out this ultra complete guide to Instagram on Buffer.


Make Money From Home: 30 Real Side Hustle Ideas for Extra Cash

Today it’s easy to learn virtually anything with a lap top and some internet connection.

With sites like Udemy and Teachable, you can learn a trade and then turn around and become a consultant for it.

There is a video fruit case study on how this can be done successfully you can check out here.

Rent party supplies

Make money from home renting party supplies. This side hustle requires some initial investment but can pay off nicely in the end.

I had a neighbor who would save money to buy inflatables or tents for local parties and would rent them out through word of mouth.

She’d just drop off, pick up, and store things in her garage until the next rental.

For safety, she made sure she collected an insurance fee first, which she returned if nothing was damaged.

Here’s a detailed post on how to start a party rental business.

Recycle for pay

Make Money From Home: 30 Real Side Hustle Ideas for Extra Cash

Besides helping mother nature, recycling certain items can pay off in cash.

You can read this detailed guide on The Penny Hoarder to find out which items are the most popular to recycle (along with how to do it properly).



Become a TaskRabbit

Use Task Rabbit to run errands for other people!

Just sign up for Task Rabbit, pick out local jobs you’d be interested in fulfilling, and make some extra cash for a few hours of work.

You can learn more about it here.

Add apps to your phone

Make Money From Home: 30 Real Side Hustle Ideas for Extra Cash

Download apps from companies like Screenwise and Media Insiders to earn a couple hundred dollars a year!

These apps are created to collect info on how people use media and react to ads.

You can simply follow the directions to install the app and you’ll be good to go.

Use Clink to automatically invest

We all love set-it-and-forget-it programs.

Clink works just like that.

Make Money From Home: 30 Real Side Hustle Ideas for Extra CashIf you’ve been thinking about investing but have no idea where to start, Clink automatically withdraws an amount from your bank account (it can be set as low as $5) and invests it in ETFs (exchange traded funds) for you.

All you have to do is open a free account with them and set up your drafting preferences.

Get started with Clink here!

Become a mystery shopper

Make Money From Home: 30 Real Side Hustle Ideas for Extra Cash

Get paid to shop/eat at restaurants!

Some mystery shopping companies you can check out are:

Transcribe Audio

Make Money From Home: 30 Real Side Hustle Ideas for Extra Cash

Becoming an audio transcriptionist and typing out written records of audio is yet another way to make money from home.

This is especially great if you enjoy fast typing.

There is an initial vetting process to go through, but once you pass that you can start working on your first assignments.

Some transcribing programs you can get started with are:

Complete online tasks with Appen

Make Money From Home: 30 Real Side Hustle Ideas for Extra Cash

Appen is a job hub where you can sign up to complete miscellaneous tasks online. It’s yet another great way to make money from home with your laptop.

For example, some companies might want some voice recordings in a certain language. Other companies might want you to evaluate your social media ads y answering a few questions.

It’s great for someone who wants to work from home, often for part-time hours.

You can check out Appen here to get started.

There you have it! 31 Awesome and totally real ways to make extra income on the side.

Your Next Action Steps

Draw Out a Plan!

Don’t just sit there thinking about how to make money from home. Do something about it!

  1. Pick Out the top Four Side Hustles You’d like to try
  2. Pick out the one you think you’ll do best at
  3. Sign up and designate an hour a day for side hustling
  4. Be consistent and repeat as you go down your side hustle list!

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