How To Make Your Closet Hold Twice The Clothes In Half The Time With These 11 Hacks

How To Make Your Closet Hold Twice The Clothes In Half The Time With These 11 Hacks

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Closets are sometimes the worst part of the house to walk into, either because you have nothing to wear, or the clutter is too much to bear.

And if you’re reading this the clutter is probably your problem.

Often, closet clutter grows because we might think the closet is too small or because its incapable of being organized. But there are plenty of creative ways to put together a nice close that you can be proud of.

Here are 11 creative ways to make your closet hold twice the clothes in little time.

Store Your Jeans Vertically

Mount simple wall brackets to wasted blank areas in your closet to add tons more hanging space for your clothes! Livet Hemma Ikea Bracket Hack - Closet Organization Ideas and Space Saving Hacks

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This is a great and super organized way to store your jeans. Sometimes, with closets you have to get creative with the way you use your space. Instead of stacking the jeans one on top of the other, why not use hooks like these to hand them vertically? You can learn more about how to do it here.

Use Dividers for Rolled Up Clothes

Linen Closet Organization - Great DIY post showing how to organize to maximize a small space for a family.

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If you combine dividers with rolled up folding instead of the traditional ways you fold things you might just end up with extra room to store more things. You can use dividers for face towels, underwear, and even t-shirts. A pretty genius and practical idea. 🙂

Make A Closet Bulletin Board

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Bulletin boards don’t just have to be used in the office. You can use them to organize your things in the closet. It might take some time to put together with this tutorial, but once you do it’ll make keeping your closet organized much less of a hassle and you’ll be more inclined to keep things hanging on it.

Use Can Tabs With Your Hangers


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The coke can metal bit to organize hangers onto each other and spread the bulk of your clothes in a vertical way instead of a horizontal way is another good way to create more space. Its especially great to keep suits and formal clothing that you don’t use that often.

Use Baskets On Backs Of Doors

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Image Source: Involvery.comy

Baskets on the backs of your closet door is a great way to add more compartments to fill up with your wardrobe. I loved seeing the example above from involvery because it shows you how much more space you can create with just a few baskets.

A New Way To Keep Your Scarfs

DIY Scarf Hanger

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This one was a rare find. One cool way to keep your scarfs in is to create a ring hanger to keep them all tidy in one place. Its a genius idea and it doesn’t take long to put together. You can look more into it at Fun Family Crafts.

Compartmentalize Your Drawers

Drawer Seperator

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Here is a cool way to keep your underwear drawer tidy without having to do any of the folding. Simply buy or create your own mosaic divider and stuff your underwear/shirts/scarfs in each compartment. Pretty darn practical.

Hooks, Baskets, And Bars Organizer

Door Org.

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Here is yet another way to use the back of your door to create more organized space in your closet. Bars, baskets, and hooks can help you put the look together for your own closet door.

Use Discreet Shoe Storage

Банкетка может стать удобным и емким хранилищем для обуви.

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Double dip and use furniture as a way to also store things in it, like the shoes in this particular image. The best part is that no one even knows its in there, and it goes completely unnoticed unless you point it out!

Learn A New Way To Fold T-Shirts

DIY Closet Organization Ideas for Messy Closets and Small Spaces. Organizing Hacks and Homemade Shelving And Storage Tips for Garage, Pantry, Bedroom., Clothes and Kitchen | T-Shirt Drawer Organization |

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Here’s a nifty way to fold your t-shirts so they take up less space in your drawers/shelves. This can also be a handy travel hack to be able to pack as much as possible.

Keep Your Scarfs In Cylinders13 bedroom closet hacks3

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If you’re an avid scarf collector here are some additional ways to keep them all in check. Use pvc piping to keep them rolled up, put them in baskets, or even use a pegboard to also keep your other accessories. Make sure you check out more projects like these here.

Get Your Closet Organization On!

There are many great ways out there to use to make walking into your closet more of a pleasant experience. Hopefully these hacks gave you a couple more ideas and inspired you.

If there are any other hacks worth noting you can always leave a comment below.


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