15 Creative Home Decor Ideas For A Cozy Space

15 Creative Home Decor Ideas For A Cozy Space

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Alright, you want to make your home cozy (or more cozy) but you don’t know how.

The bad news is it can be expensive to come up with great ways to keep your home cozy and organized.

The good news is you can make your home cozy and inviting without spending tons of money.

It just takes a bit of creativity and some easy and cheap materials you can find at your local store (or even already in your home!)

There are what seems to be a gajillion ideas out there, so I’ve compiled the best ones I could find to help you out on making your home better.

Check them out!

Make These Rustic Pom Pom Flowers

Make Your Home Cozy
Via Poppytalk.com

These rustic pom pom flowers caught my eye as soon as I saw them!

They are just gorgeous and can go with almost any type of decoration and help warm your house up a little bit.

They’re easy to make with just a few things, you can find out how exactly to put them together (and learn to make pom poms in the process) in this detailed tutorial.

They are sure to liven up any room you put them in. 

Hand A Shutter Mail Organizer

Make Your Home Cozy

This home hack is perfect for your home office to get less cluttered and more organized with a clever twist.

This shutter organizer is easy to make and you can even add a cork board right beside it for notes and reminders.

For an extra addition, you can even add key hooks to the bottom to never lose your keys again. I have a similar version of this in my own room, and it’s helpful for making sure I don’t lose important pieces of mail.

It also makes your home feel down to earth!

To get more ideas where this came from, check it out here.

Add Knotted Pillows

Make Your Home Cozy
Via Notey.com

These quirky knotted pillows are awesome for lounging around. And the best part is you don’t have to spend tons to get them for your own living room.

Now that I think about it, you can get really creative and even make them oversized and make them lounging pillows.

To make them out of your favorite colored fabric, you can check out the tutorial here.

Organize Your Kitchen Utensils

Make Your Home Cozy
Via Wingsviewathome.tumblr.com

Your kitchen needs some love too!

There’s nothing more anxiety inducing than a cluttered kitchen, especially when it comes time to make dinner.

This simple hack involves finding a cute basket and arranging your favorite kitchen utensils in it.

The little herb plant addition just brings it all together. You can check more out for inspiration here.

Make Your Home Smell Awesome

Make Your Home Cozy
Via Morganmoore.typepad.com

A gorgeously decorated home is nothing if the garbage smell has taken over the house. AmIRight?!

Make it extra cozy by boiling a few key ingredients together! Just lemon, some rosemary, and a spoonful of vanilla extract should do it. For a more holiday smell you can always boil cinnamon and apple slices together (ginger also smells great and fills the whole house!)

Check out the complete recipe and procedure here.

DIY A Memory Hanger

Make Your Home Cozy

This is the perfect quick DIY project that will vamp up any living space.

Just find a wire hanging from your local thrift shop and start adding your favorite memories to it. You can always check out the guide on how to best put it together!

Use An Old Tea Pot As A Planter

Make Your Home Cozy
Via Designsponge.com

This is a great spin that can put an old teapot or kettle lying around to use.

You can add herbs, tulips, or even a pom pom flower arrangement for an extra quirky look.

Pretty clever.

Take a look here for more ideas.

Make A Blanket Ladder

Make Your Home Cozy
Via Domestically-speaking.com

A blanket ladder is a great way to store your blankets in plain sight.

Not to mention it also adds color to your living room/bedroom.

Check out the tutorial on how to put one together via domestically-speaking.com.

Create A Rustic Hanging Basket

Make Your Home Cozy
Via Apairandsparediy.com

This is a great rustic substitute for the pretty but expensive options out there for tiered hanging baskets.

It’s easy to put together and it looks extra beautiful with the hanging vine on top.

A Pare and Spare DIY shows you how to do it in this tutorial.

Frame Leftover Fabric

Make Your Home Cozy
Via Apairandsparediy.com

This is just pure genius.

Especially if you’re at a loss for what to frame or want to mix it up with things other than just pictures!

Also another great tutorial I found on A Pair and Spare DIY.

Use Jars For Your Bathroom Stuff

Make Your Home Cozy
Via Urbanoutfitters.com

These jars were too pretty to not make the list!

If you’re on Pinterest a lot, I’m sure you’re familiar with the mason jar craze and how you can pretty much repurpose them beautifully into a million things!

Put Together Rope Rugs

Make Your Home Cozy
Via Coolcreativity.com

Rope rugs help keep your space clean and can be a gorgeous complement to the rest of your home!

They are pratical, easy to make, and don’t take too much space (not to mention they aren’t too expensive to put together either).

Here’s how to make a pair (or ten)!

Repurpose Your Glass Bottles As Scented Candles

Make Your Home Cozy
Via Doublebrush.com

I fell in love with this repurposed Starbucks bottle candle idea.

Can you imagine how great it can make your house smell? Here’s where I found them.

Start A Jar Herb Garden

Make Your Home Cozy
Via blog.consumercrafts.com

Herb gardens are the best!

They aren’t only pretty and make your kitchen smell great, they’re usable too!

Check more out here.

Use A Tiered Bathroom Organizer

Make Your Home Cozy
Via Potterybarn.com

Tiered organizers are genius for any part of the house.

This is extra useful if you’re running out of space. You can always make your own from cheap Dollar Store supplies or you can buy it and call it a day.

DIY Throw Blanket

Make Your Home Cozy
Via thebudgetdecorator.com

An oversized throw blanket is THE perfect addition to a couch that might need some love and brings your whole living room together. If you’re feeling extra crafty you can always make your own chunky blanket.

Find out how you can get started making one here!

Small Additions Can Make A Big Difference

I really hope you enjoyed this roundup (not a post about blogging for once!) and hope you got some ideas and inspiration from it.

Make sure you get creative and see what you can come up with. Small additions to any room can make a big difference. 🙂

Make sure you PIN IT and share the cozy hacks genius with your Pinterest friends!

Make Your Home Cozy

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