Mermaid Sugar Scrub DIY Recipe With Free Printable Labels

Mermaid sugar scrubIf you need a quick pick me up a mermaid sugar scrub might do the trick!

I had SO much fun creating this sugar scrub. Partly because I wasn’t sure of the outcome but mostly because the COLORS are just so pretty.

Not to mention this mermaid sugar scrub smells amazing too. I decided to make this sugar scrub with honey this time around. Just because when I make sugar scrubs with coconut oil, the smell is pretty pungent and it takes over every other smell in the mix.

But when you use organic honey (this is one of my favorites to use when I have it) the smell is sweeter and more candy like, which is what we want when we make our sugar scrubs (especially if you like making them as gifts!)

How to make your mermaid sugar scrub

[ingredients title=”What you’ll need:”] [/ingredients]

Mermaid sugar scrub

[directions title=”Directions”]
  1. You’ll want to separate 1/2 cup of white sugar in one bowl and 1/2 cup of white sugar in another (the picture shows three bowls of sugar but I only ended up needing to separate bowls)
  2. Add one Tbsp. of honey to both
  3. Add three drops of Almond Oil to both (optional)
  4. Add two drops of green, one of blue, and one of yellow to one bowl to get that turquoise greenish color
  5. Add two drops of only blue to another bowl to get a pretty lighter blue color
  6. Then mix each separate bowl with a spoon thoroughly (this might take a while)
  7. Add your ribbon/yarn to your clean mason jar (optional) and then start adding spoonfuls of each of the sugar mixtures at a time, alternating each color (to get that layered mermaid-y effect)
  8. And voila! You’ve got yourself a mermaid sugar scrub you can keep in the fridge for a week or two or give out to a friend as a homemade gift!

Deciding the consistency of your scrub

The recipe I’ve given you here is a simple base recipe that can always be tweaked to your liking. When you make sugar scrubs, it isn’t like baking, where you need exact measurements for your pastries to come out exactly right.

You can have fun with your homemade scrubs, you just need to experiment with them a little.

If you feel like this recipe isn’t quite right for you and you’d like your scrub to be a bit more of a wet paste, simply add more honey (or almond oil if you decided to use it in the recipe).

once you get the consistency you’re looking for, then you can add it to your container.

other ingredients you can add to your mermaid scrub:

Cosmetic grade blue body shimmer

Mint essential oils or mint leaves

Blended cucumber mixed in with your green sugar mix

Avocado seed oil

Powdered seaweed

Picking out a mason jar

I’ll admit I’m a bit picky with the type of mason jars I use, just because they say a lot presentation wise when you’re gifting a sugar scrub or even just making one for yourself.

I love to craft and design pretty things (like printables!) and I always like to make sure I have a selection of mason jars at my disposal to pick the most appropriate one for the sugar scrub I’m making.

Some of my favorites are the 4 oz. Jelly jars that are perfect for smaller scrubs, the 4 oz. Kamota mason jars which is what I used here, and the 8 oz. baby food jars are also a great option.

I like to stay on the smaller side and make small sugar scrub batches at a time. For one because there are always new ideas and mixes to try, and second because I don’t like keeping them too long in the fridge.

How to color sugar scrubs naturally

Mermaid sugar scrub

When you want to get a certain color for your sugar scrubs, one of the best ways I’ve found to do it is with Natural Skin Safe Food Coloring that is vegan, gluten free, and safe for making homemade beauty related products (like bath bombs for example!).

If you’re using fruits in your sugar scrubs, like I often do, you rarely ever need to add extra coloring to it because the fruits have their own natural dyes.

This is especially true if you’re making berry sugar scrubs!

Free printable mermaid scrub labels

I thought I’d design a set of printable labels you can use to label your own mason jars when you make your sugar scrub. They are 2X2 inches and printable on letter sized sticker paper (or regular paper if you want to stick them on that way).


How long does this sugar mermaid scrub last?

Mermaid sugar scrub DIY

Like with most every other sugar scrub, I like to keep my sugar scrubs for two weeks at most. I don’t like to leave them sitting for too long if I feel like I won’t use them. Though in the fridge I’m sure lots of them can last a while, especially if they aren’t fruit based scrubs.

You’ll have to experiment with your own sugar scrubs and see what works best for you. It’s always a good idea to use clean utensils to scoop out what you’ll use from your container to make sure less germs come in contact with your scrubs and have a chance to spread.

you can use this mermaid scrub as a body scrub, a face scrub, or even just a lip scrub. The point is, when you make these sugar scrubs at home, they’re often a much better natural alternative to what you might get at the store.

Because you’re choosing what goes into your sugar scrubs, which is always nice and will almost always have less potentially harmful chemicals.

Mermaid sugar scrub DIY

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