15 Straightforward Blog Posts Every New Blogger NEEDS In Their Growth Strategy

15 Straightforward Blog Posts Every New Blogger NEEDS In Their Growth Strategy

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Have you ever wondered what your next best piece of content was going to be?

There are a million ideas out there, and instead of helping, sometimes they just overwhelm you even more.

How the heck are you supposed to pick the right one??

Especially because you want to make sure your content has purpose, builds your blog up, and helps you make a profit doing what you love (every bloggers dream!)

Which is one of the reasons I compiled this list.

Sometimes it’s easy to want to overcomplicate our blog posts trying to find a magical idea instead of sticking to the basics that are proven to work again and again.

These posts are designed to give you a return on your investment, deliver to your audience, and help grow your blog—instead of just filling it with stagnant content that goes limp in a few day’s time.

As a blogger, I’m still working on putting some of these together (a video post? yikes!) but they’re posts that every blogger that wants to make money in their niche should consider adding to their content schedule.

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you already have a blog up and running, if not, you can read this easy to follow guide to start your first profitable blog. You’ll also get a FREE domain name when you sign up through the link.

Let’s get started and look at each one.

1. The Breakthrough Postnew blog post blog growth strategy

The breakthrough post is usually a post around something that made a big difference for you in your blog journey.

Was that finding that new set of makeup tools? Taking that blogging course? Or maybe even overcoming that bad habit that was holding you back?

This post, by Karissa from A Fresh Start on A Budget talks about the breakthrough she needed to start making money with her blog, which gives insight to her readers on what finally made things click for her. You can read it here.

The value in it: Your audience can use this post to get tons of insight on what they should or shouldn’t do, and what can possibly work for them too.

It can be a point of motivation and can also help them get to the next level.

It’s also a great way to shed positive light on an affiliate product that might have helped you with your breakthrough.

2. The Interview
new blog post blog growth strategy

Interview a thought leader in your niche!

Interviewing thought leaders in your niche is great for blog validation and giving your reader’s an inside look at someone else’s success.

Meera from MeeraKothand.com interviews Michelle as she gives insight on her awesome blog income journey in this post.

The value in it: An interview gives your audience actionable insight on the success of others prominent in their niche. And exposes them to new ideas.

3. The Round-Up Postnew blog post blog growth strategy

Round up posts will simply never go out of style.

And it’s an extra plus when it’s a roundup of something people want to know about or can take something away from.

The beauty of these posts is that you can get pretty creative with them— and best of all they work for any niche.

SmartBlogger’s post  on OMG moments blogging made happen is a great example of a list post.

It’s something people want to read about, gives candid insight, and inspires all at once!

the value in it: Round up posts save people a ton of time, piques their curiosity and can be a great resource of ideas and motivation.

4. The List Post
new blog post blog growth strategy

I like to think of lists posts as cousins to round up posts.

List posts gather all information in one helpful place— which can help your readers save time and the frustration of having to look things up themselves.

List posts can work for any niche for almost any topic.

If you want to talk about a value-filled list post you won’t just find anywhere, take a look at this one from ProfitBlitz.

The value in it: List posts are a resource that people can come to again and again, share, and use as a part of their toolkit.

5. The How To Post
new blog post blog growth strategy

You can’t fail with the classic ‘How To’ post.

If you were to create a blog with ONLY how to posts? Chances are you’d still succeed.

That’s why sites like Howstuffworks or WIkihow exist, people are looking for a quick way to fix, learn, or do something.

Check out How To Make A Testimonial Video  on JeffBullas.

The value in it: ‘How To’ posts give you credibility and establish your expertise.

They show your audience in detailed steps that you know how to do something and can be a reliable resource.

The secret is making how to posts as comprehensive and easy to understand/useful as possible!

> > Check these out for some more actionable strategies! < <

6. The Case Study Post
new blog post blog growth strategy

Everyone wants to know what kind of results you can get from doing X.

A case study is a great way to showcase your findings!

Case studies work extra well for data driven bloggers, but even a recipe blogger can get some juice out of offering a case study ( think: Buttercream vs. Meringue, Which One Holds Up The Best According To Our Findings)

Blogging Wizard’s guest blogging case study gives great insight for a blogger looking to grow their authority through guest blogging and the results they can expect.

The value in it: A case study can be a valuable piece of information that helps your audience grow with you and garners trust. It also works as social proof for your online business.

7. The Guest Post
new blog post blog growth strategy

Depending on how you plan to bring traffic to your blog and create awareness of your brand, guest posting is always a helpful milestone to check of your blogging resume.

It helps you build connections and collaborate with other people in your niche.

The value in it: Guest posting also boosts credibility, can provide links back to your blog or freebie and connect you with like-minded people.

8. The Year-In-Review Post
new blog post blog growth strategy

Getting the obvious out of the way, this post is most likely going to be your content ‘cherry on top.’

I remember when I was brand new to blogging, I’d eat up year-in-review posts like they were Halloween candy on the verge of extinction!

You’ll have to wait a full year to be able to write one (unless you want to go ahead and write a quarterly review, but then that turns into a progress report).

The value in it: A year-in-review serves as a roadmap. As they say, hindsight is 20/20 and it stands right up there with ultimate posts.


Because it gives insight all in one place on what you did right/wrong, what you could have done better, what it took, the sacrifices you had to make— really all the good stuff everyone wants to know.

Femtrepreneur does this by reviewing their whole year in business month by month and breaking down what they concentrated on, what failed, and what made them grow.

The value in it: The insight this post can give is absolutely invaluable, especially because it comes from an experienced perspective over the long run. It can serve as a pillar post and helps validate your online business further.

9. The Ultimate Guide Postnew blog post blog growth strategy

I decided to include yours truly here as an example.

It took me forever to put together this Ultra Complete Guide To Pinterest Traffic for Beginners, but once I did, the investment paid off.

It’s one of the most helpful posts I’ve written to date (with many more to come, fingers crossed!) and it’s been one of my biggest traffic creators.

Complete guides are pillar content for your site and will have your audience coming back for them again and again for insight and guidance. You can’t go wrong putting together a thorough guide to X that’s relevant to your target audience.

The value in it: Need I say more?

10.The Progress Report postnew blog post blog growth strategy

Progress reports aren’t only for your kids!

They’re a fantastic way for a candid look into your operations, what’s happening and what isn’t, and the progress you’ve made so far

Progress reports humanize you and make you more relatable. So people know you’re more than a website on a screen.

Almost Practical published one here, where she talks about income, traffic, the affiliates she works with, and what she’s looking forward to.

The value in it: There is definitely an accountability factor that goes into creating progress reports.

Giving beginners an idea of what it takes to achieve something can be invaluable to their own journey.

And this is where you win them over and they become part of your audience. It’s all about solving a problem or answering that burning question.

11. The What I wish I would have known/candid postnew blog post blog growth strategy

What do I wish I would have known as a blogger starting out?

Oh man, that’s a whole ‘nother post by itself.

These candid posts can help steer your audience in the right direction and they can learn from your mistakes. It’s a great way to connect with other on the same journey as you!

Check this one out on the Huffington Post as an example.

The value in it: It has the potential for more connection with your audience. It’s a classic ‘no fluff’ post with chock-fulls of insight depending on how in-depth you make them.

12. The Tools + Resources Postnew blog post blog growth strategy

Tools, tools, tools.

We all need them and we all want to learn how to use them for better results, hence the tools post.

It’s a great way to let your audience in on how you run things in your business and is often a place where you can shed some light on your affiliates at the same time. A win-win setup.

XO Sarah did just that when she published this post on the top 10 tools she uses for her business.

The value in it: The tools post helps your audience make a better informed decision on what tools they should use/will find more helpful.

13. The Unique ‘Recipe’ Postnew blog post blog growth strategy

Got a different way you run things in your corner? Write a ‘Unique Recipe’ post!

The unique recipe post is usually not conventional wisdom or the usual everyday advice.

But if it’s a unique method that has worked for you again and again and it’s not very common, you can try to package that baby up into a well put together blog post.

It’ll give insight and ideas to others on alternative ways of doing something!

Take a look at Carly’s post on Mommy on Purpose for instance.

It talks about making an income without an email list (gasp), something you don’t hear about often.

If your post is compelling enough, it can be memorable and can even establish you as a thought leader.

The value in it: ‘Unique Recipe’ posts set you apart as you share your unique ideas. It delivers to people who are wanting to find unique ways or shortcuts on how to do something.

14. The Before and After Postnew blog post blog growth strategy

If you’ve ever seen those before and after fat loss commercials then you’ll already know where this one’s going.

People. Love. Transformation stories.

From good to better, from rags to riches, from better to best.

You’ll score bonus points if you share actionable insight on how you made your transformation happen.

This HubSpot post gives marketers exactly what they’re looking for (yasss!) on the process of transforming one business blog.

The value in it: Before and After pots are a great way to showcase results and validate your blog further. They’re also irresistible to read!

15. The video tutorial postnew blog post blog growth strategy

If you wanna step it up a notch (or two) and you don’t even like writing anyway, this one’s for you.

Create a video and add corresponding notes to it.


Perfect content that goes a step beyond writing and really shows instead of tells.

The value in it: It’s yet another way to connect with your readers and make some valuable content for your online brand that’s something other than written.

Final Notes

There is nothing like the satisfaction of being able to help someone— which is a reason why each of these posts serves as growth pillars for your blog.

They each answer a question or give actionable value. And best of all it’s ‘no fluff’ content.

Remember, each of these posts serves as a framework. The directions you can take each of them are endless.

It’s time to get your blog growth strategy on!

What’s the next best piece of content you’ll create next?

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  • Hi Viv,

    These are some great ideas for breaking through blogger’s block and building engagement.
    You can even take one topic and create multiple posts surrounding that subject, so there is never a shortage of things to write about.

    Thanks so much for including me in this awesome list, too!