How To Get Cheap Organic Meat In Bulk That Ships For Free

buy cheap organic meat in bulk without having to find 'a butcher near me' perfect for a tight food budget

Finding cheap organic meat can seem like a hassle.

But if you don’t really pay attention to your food budget, meat can eat up a BIG chunk of it. Which isn’t good!

Before you know it you’re spending way more on food than you need to.

But there’s no need.

I recently started food shopping online, and love how convenient it is. Specifically with meats, the cost is more or less about the same (and often better than buying local) and its so much easier to choose them online instead of having to go out and look for meats at a good price.

There’s no getting around the fact that meat is pretty expensive whether its organic or not.

But with a little bit or research, you can start finding cheap, farm fresh organic meat that won’t break the bank and that’ll actually help you save money on your grocery budget.

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The cheapest places to buy meat online

Ok so a lot of us still aren’t used to the idea of shopping for meat online. Organic meat delivery right to our doorstep seems like something that would cost too much or be too artificial. But it really isn’t once you learn how it all works.

Deciding to buy my organic meat online has made a difference in my food budget. And it’s helped me stick to meal planning a lot easier (because it can be hard to keep the habit of cooking and meal prepping ahead, especially when you’re just getting started).

Where to buy organic meat online for cheap

Instead of going through the meat section at my local grocery store, I recently started ordering meat online with ButcherBox.

And its something I wish I would have started doing it earlier.

It’s SUPER convenient to be able to skip the meat isle at the grocery store and have the meat of your choice arrive at your doorstep each month. 

Not to mention it also helps with meal prepping, because I know what I’ll be getting ahead of time. But the best part is the cost. Which is a lot lower than you might think for meat that is grass fed, organic, farm raised meat that is packaged so it stays fresh.

What does Butcherbox offer?

Buy bulk meat cheap online with butcherbox

ButcherBox offers a ton of different types of meat.

There’s something for everyone and when you sign up, you can either get the curated box which brings a mix of different meats plus the special offer you sign up for (which you usually get for life, anything from free extra bacon, to free extra salmon, to free beef, depending on the month).


you can get a customized box with only the meats you’re looking for. You can pick what you like from over 20 different options of pork, beef, and chicken.

For example the mixed box (which is the one I usually get) comes with a mix of steaks, pork tenderloins, and boneless chicken breasts. All in all it ends up costing about $5.38 per meal. 

AND, I was delighted to find that with my first box, I got a FREE cook booklet that showed me the ins and outs of cooking your meats.

I especially like how specific it got about cooking the perfect steak, because I STILL have trouble making my steak exactly medium rare (as I like it!)

They offer all types of cuts and meats like:

  • Ground beef
  • Strip steak
  • Sirloin steak
  • Whole pork tenderloin
  • Boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • Sugar free bacon
  • Wild alaskan salmon
  • And lots more!

Home meat delivery service

buy organic bulk beef online for cheap

One of my favorite things about Butcherbox is that you DON’T have to pay extra for meat delivery! 

All you pay for is the meat you choose, and nothing more.

This for me just adds to the perks of buying bulk meat online. Because it saves me the time of having to look for it at the local grocery store, without adding to the cost of actually getting the meat. Some call it the best organic meat delivery service, and I would tend to agree.

It’s honestly really cool how there are all of these food delivery subscription boxes that are popping up. From smoothie boxes, to beauty boxes, to even subscription boxes for your pet. There’s something for everyone. 

But I never would have thought of a meat subscription box. That’s just PURE genius!

To sign up for Butcherbox:

  1. Enter your email here
  2. Choose your best organic meats plan (assorted or customized box)
  3. Choose any add ons they offer
  4. Enter your shipping details
  5. And you’re pretty much done!

My first box arrived within a few days and all the meat in it was ICE COLD and perfectly preserved.

All I had to do was put it in the freezer and leave some out thawing for dinner the next day.

Butcherbox meat prices compared to grocery stores

So Butcherbox, as a grass fed meat delivery service, is a pretty reliable one.

And their meat tastes AMAZINGLY fresh.

It doesn’t taste bland and packs actual meat flavor.

But how do their prices compare to grocery store prices?

If you want to be able to enjoy grass fed, non antibiotic, free range organic meat then you already know you’ll have to pay a bit extra for the perk. But HOW much extra depends on where you get it from and the quality of the meat.

A piece of meat at your local grocer can cost you at times double per serving of what you’d get with a ButcherBox subscription. If you want to land the deals, then you’d have to constantly be visiting the grocer often.

And, ain’t nobody have time for that. Seriously.

Free Beef FOR LIFE Offer! (For a limited time)

As of right now, Butcherbox’s offer just got a whole lot sweeter offering farm fresh meat free for the life of your subscription. You’ll get two pounds of fresh ground beef monthly for life if you SIGN UP with them now (+free shipping).

get organic ground beef with a butcherbox meat subscription, no need to look for a local butcher near me

Some of the recipes that I like to make with organic meats are Spicy Fish Tacos, One Pan Chicken And Veggies, White Chicken Chili, Pasta Carbonara (absolutely delicious with the quality of bacon I get in each box, since I got it when they were offering free bacon for life!)

Thrive Market

Thrive market is known for their big selection of certified organic items that range anywhere from baby foods to non-toxi cleaners. and yes, even organic Non-GMO meats. With Thrive Market you can buy cheap bulk meat online without having to drive miles to source it.

It comes to you, which is always nice.

They offer free shipping, and when you use their ‘build your own meat box’ feature, you can get fresh organic meat for as low as $5.95 per serving!

You can sign up with Thrive Market here to order your first meat box.

get cheap organic meat through thrive market

You can get anything from:

  • Organic boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • Organic chicken tenders
  • Ground pork
  • St. Louis ribs
  • Sugar free breakfast sausage
  • Sugar free bacon
  • Chuck roast
  • and a ton more

When you spend over a certain month, they’ll even waive shipping for you. 

Buy meat cheap online (and save)

There are lots of places to buy meat cheap online. And a home meat delivery service can help you save money if you choose the right one. Hands down, one can find plenty of the best online meat markets online.

Finding organic meat near you can sometimes be a hassle, might not be as close as you like, and most importantly the meat might not be as fresh and organic as you might need. Personally, an organic butcher near me was hard to find. Finding grass fed beef online that I could order and get free shipping on was the best in terms of my meal budget.

If there’s one way to buy meat cheap online, it’s definitely to educate yourself on whats out there. To buy bulk meat online, it all starts with taking a look at your budget and choosing a plan that’s right for you.


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