9 Truths To Get Over Your Fear of Blogging and Starting Your Online Business You Should Know

how to get over your blogging fear

If you’re reading this you’re either:

  1. Wasting time and looking for validation online
  2. Too scared to start your online business idea

…or both.

It’s absolutely normal to feel like this in the beginning.

The problem is it makes it difficult for you to actually start your first blog/business because fear can be so paralyzing. And in the end time passes you by anyway.

I thought it would be beneficial for someone in that situation to write a post on 10 thoughts to help you get over your blogging fear and starting your online business (or whatever other idea you’ve thought would be cool to finally start).

Hopefully this post helps give you that push you need and the validation you’re looking for.

As an added PSA, these 10 tips came from deep down inside my (I’d like to think entrepreneurial) soul to help you just ‘do it’ already!

So, here they are. Candid and all.

Your ‘mistakes’ are only semi-public

One of the big reasons why many people are too afraid to take the blogging plunge is because they think everyone will watch them fail. You are online after all, and it’s where everyone hangs out.

But that’s also the reason why your mistakes aren’t memorable, because you are creating something online, like a blog, and there is so much out there to pay attention to.

Do you really think people are going to fixate on your small mistakes and blow them up? There are celebrities you have been famous for years whose mistakes people have completely forgotten about.

You aren’t the first to make mistakes online, and you won’t be the last. It’s a bad excuse for not starting your first blog/business like yesterday.

Mistakes are inevitable and will happen one way or another. Maybe your first attempt at a blog post isn’t your best one or your email list is zero after weeks of trying or your site crashes. It’s ok.

No one else really cares, just you. So just fix it and move on. ?

Also, as a quick side note, making online mistakes is closely tied to fear of internet trolls.

Though they do exist, they are far and few in between and 99% of the time people are nice and supportive when they see you are trying to build something great!

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It’s the only way you’ll make solid progress

You’ll never find out much about anything in life for yourself if you don’t try it.

Sometimes we do learn from the mistakes of others.

But sometimes it takes us making our own mistakes and our own way by just doing to find out what we are made of and how we can improve.

Accept that you will fail and succeed, not one or the other

This is one that particularly sticks out to me. For some reason, when starting an online business, people seem to think in linear terms. Like its binary, either you succeed or you fail.

The truth is, when you are starting your online blog business, it’s a mixture of both. There are small and big wins, and there are small and big failures.

This point is illustrated the best by a quote from James Altucher that I heard a while ago that stuck with me:

Life is a series of failures punctuated by brief successes.

It’s a different way of looking at life when you are going through it and trying to achieve. It helps you get over the fear of failing when you know its bound to happen anyway!

So don’t be scared to fail, learn from it, and get back up as much as you have to. And also, don’t think that you’re the only one going through starting your blog/business that way, only because you disproportionately hear about the ‘overnight’ successes that are rarities.

In the words of a blog Sensei, ‘short-term doesn’t matter’

This was said to me by a blogging business mentor when I was struggling to find the identity of my blog. It was a boost of encouragement to hear that I could make some changes to my blog and that I didn’t have to stick with what I already had.

So, short-term loses and downfalls don’t matter. They pale in comparison to what you end up with in the long run if you just.stick.with.it.


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You aren’t the only one with doubts

It’s easy to start thinking you’re the only one who is struggling or the only one with self-doubt.

You couldn’t be more wrong. If you were the only person doubting themselves everyone out there and their grandma would have their own successful blogs/businesses up and running.

But self-doubt and fear hold back more of us than anyone cares to admit. Once you realize everyone else has struggles, learning curves, and obstacles to overcome just like you, you stop feeling singled out, and you start feeling empowered.

It’s key to realize that you will have doubts at times, but that shouldn’t stop you from making progress.

You’ll evolve more times than Super Mario

You’ll most likely not get it right the first time. It rarely happens. Blogging is a process of seeing what works and what doesn’t and going from there.

You might have to scrap bits and pieces that you don’t like, or scrap bitter bits, but before you know it, you’ll evolve into something better than what you first thought.

The secret is keeping at it and not giving in. Also taking breaks if you have to, to come back to it later instead of discarding all your hard work altogether.

Blogging friends help you get over the fear of launching

Finding like-minded people to keep in touch with and ‘hang out’ with online is a great way to keep you motivated to work towards your business goal.

As much as you might like going solo, there is always a point you hit where you get burnt out and you need encouragement outside of yourself.

This is where a community where you can bounce ideas off each other can be beneficial.

There are plenty of places out there like Facebook groups, Reddit Threads, or more private Slack channels for small masterminds. You should definitely not overlook this option as a solid part of your online business journey.

Bits and pieces of work well done add up

It’s one thing to get work done it’s another to get work well done, over time, over and over again. It just starts adding up.

Before you know it, brick by brick, you’ll end up with a city. But it takes you doing a bunch of small things well to end up at that point over time.

So, aim to do small things well on a consistent basis. You just can’t beat accumulated work well done.

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The by-product of doing is losing the fear

This is so true, and not a quote I just found somewhere. The more you do, naturally, the less scared you’ll start feeling. I say this completely from experience.

What’s great is that losing your fear by trying things isn’t something you have to actively think about, you just have to show up and do the work!

It’s Time to Get from Point A To Point B

Spending all your time online clicking on yet another post on how start a successful blog or reading about building your email list ins’t going to create your business for you.

Hopefully this list helped to better shape your mindset and give you the extra push in the right direction and taught you how to get over your blogging fear once and for all.

It’s time to get from point A to Point B! If you haven’t yet started your blog and want to take the plunge, here’s exactly how to get started.


  1. Haha that is sooo right! Hearing that someone too went through what I’m going through and still did it makes me feel a lot better. No matter how crazy it gets, I’m hitting that publish button! Thanks for the kind words Vivian!

  2. Haruna, I’m glad this post resonated with you! I’ve been in your exact same spot and I regret all the time I spend overthinking everything.

    We are all naturally risk averse, because we are constantly searching for the fastest way to success. But sometimes the fastest way is just getting over yourself and starting.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I wish you nothing but the BEST on your exciting blog journey!

  3. Haruna, I’m so glad this post resonated with you and helped to give you an extra push to just START! I’ve been in that exact same place and I regret all the time I spent overthinking things. Risk aversion is something we are constantly worried about because we want the fastest route to success…but sometimes that fastest route is simply getting in and getting your hands dirty. I wish you the BEST of luck on your exciting blog journey! 🙂

  4. Hi Vivian, great content here! This should get more shares, the post is seriously dead on.

    I’ve got like 257 bookmarked articles aside from the ten I’m reading RN (I know, I’m a crazy procrastinating buffoon) that I convinced myself I MUST “go through” before I ever start my blog. But all that running away from fears and doubts, thinking, “I have to be ready first” or “what if I fail” can get exhausting.

    And you’re right. Everyone started from square one and accepting that failure goes hand in hand with success is really empowering. That’s just part of the journey, and part of life.

    So now I’m thinking oh screw it all, just do it 😉 Wish me luck!

    Thank you for the post!

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