36+ Playful Font Bundle

playful font bundleSometimes adding a playful font to your DIY project is exactly what it needs.

I’m still a sucker for finding the perfect fancy font but finding fonts that are playful and care-free can add a completely new dimension to your style!

Please take note that this playful font bundle is NOT FREE but you can get it at a super low price on The Hungry JPEG to the point where it might as well be free (just make sure to use the discount code below for an additional 25% off!)


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You can use this for anything you get on The Hungry JPEG site that isn’t just fonts. They have a HUGE variety of invitation templates, SVG graphics, textures, patterns, mockups, special holiday bundles, and more.

It’s perfect if you’re a DIYer like me, or have a special design project you need to work on. To check out each font, find their corresponding link below!

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