5 SEO Checkups You NEED To Do To Increase Your Traffic ASAP

Out of all the traffic channels out there, SEO is one of the most reliable ones.

Yes, you could always try Facebook ads, though you need to pay for those. SEO is free (aside from the time you need to spend doing it).

Pinterest is young and constantly making algorithm changes that make it unpredictable, and places like Reddit and Stumble Upon aren’t easy to break into traffic wise.

So, how exactly do you fine tune your blog even more to have the BEST chances at ranking for SEO?

Here are five things that completely made a difference for me once I decided I was going to dive into this thing called SEO (really not as scary as it seems, I promise).

Fix Page Speed

When it comes to fixing page speed, there are a couple things you can do, which we’ll go over.

The quick route? Pay someone to  do it for you. It’s around $97 on a good day and they install all the plugins you need for faster caching.

You can also install a CDN (get in touch with your site’s host for this) to make sure your site is stored in more locations around the world so it can load faster.

If you’re a do it yourselfer and want to optimize your page speed as much as you can on your own, Smart Blogger has a GENIUS staggeringly detailed post on how exactly to do this.

Is Your WordPress Blog Slower Than You Think (And How You Can Fix It)

WP Super Cache Made Easy: A Step-By-Step Guide To Speeding Up Your Site

Two plugins that can help you minimize image size and will help your site load faster to your audience:

WordPress Cloudflare Plugin: This cloudflare plugin does a couple of things, including accelerating page speeds and protecting against certain attacks. It can be a great plugin to download and activate for faster load times.

Wp Fastest Cache: Once you download and activate it, it’ll cache your blog posts and pages so the next time someone visits your blog it’ll load all your images and content faster.

It’s FREE but you can always upgrade later if you want and easily intergrates with your CDN if you’re into the advanced stuff.

Create and religiously FOLLOW an SEO checklist

I can’t stress this enough.

Too many times, in the whirlwind of a hurry we all want to function in, we think we can whip out a supremely awesome blog post in a matter of hours without any structure.

This is basically you shooting yourself in the foot. Success in SEO boils down to finding the right things to do, doing them CONSISTENTLY, and doing them well.

This means if you have a checklist that you can follow, it’ll do wonders for your blog writing process.

You’ll make sure not to skip filling in the ALT tags of your images or linking out to at least three other authority sites within your topic.

And these little things that you might end up forgetting without a thorough checklist add up over time.

But not if you have a repeatable checklist you can use again and again.

Get The SEO Checklist

I’ve got an SEO checklist that I use for all of my blog posts to make sure I’m maxing out my on-page SEO to it’s full potential.

Download it below to get it instantly and start working on your next kickass piece of content!



Tape it to the wall by your desk, keep it on a sticky note on your desktop, grab pen and paper and jot it down.

Whatever form you keep it in, the point is to keep one to make sure you’re dotting all your T’s and I’s when it comes to SEO.

Create a keyword map

If you’re a beginner SEO, chances are you’re doing this all willy nilly.

And willy nilly and SEO don’t mix too well at all. You need to create a keyword map.

What on earth is that?

That’s when you keep a logical roadmap of all the keywords you are aiming to rank for and HOW you’ll rank for it with a cluster of related keywords.

For example, let’s keep it simple and say you want to create a parenting blog.

Your general categories might be Kids Crafts, Kid Friendly Recipes, and Family Fun.

Once you figure out what categories you’ll want to include in your blog, then you want to start finding main keywords and supporting keywords that would go well and that you can rank for under each category.

THEN you figure out what posts you can create for each of those keywords that you can interlink and that you have a chance of ranking for.

It’s almost like a spider web of keywords. The stronger your spider web, the higher your overall chances of ranking, and the more likely you’ll catch more flies (or in your case, more readers and subscribers!)

Start link building as soon as you can

This is a BIG one. And one that I haven’t quite gone after as aggressively as I should. I must confess.

But SEO mainly consists of two things: On page SEO and off page SEO.

You can get ALL the on page SEO stuff right time and time again, but without any of the off page SEO where does that leave you?

That’s right, in the dirt.

When you compare yourself with your competitors, you’ll see you’re getting nowhere.

Google puts extra emphasis on outside links linking to your blog, because this signals to them that what you have to offer is important and valuable.

Google loves important and valuable.

There are plenty of sites out there where you can guest post and insert links that point back to your blog.

It goes without saying, that YES, guest posting and link building IS a lot of work. But in the long run it’s a lot of work that’s worth it.

Especially when you see that traffic and revenue finally start increasing instead of going the opposite direction. YAY!

Some sites you can guest post on to send HIGH quality (because you always want to post on sites that have a higher DA than you) traffic and links to your site are:

The Penny Hoarder

Thrive Global

Brit + Co

The Financial Diet


Edit old posts once more

It’s easy to give up on your old content and see no potential in it. At least to the untrained eye.

But don’t ignore your old content.

That’s the WRONG thing to do!

You want to make sure you add to it, make it better, add images, add more links, interlink it, re-share it on your social media accounts.

In essence you want to breathe some life back into them. The SEO breathe of life if you’re wanting to get fancy with terminology.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly old content can rank once you’ve revised it with your newfound SEO knowledge.

Especially if its closely related to other keywords you’re already ranking well for!

SEO is an art not exactly a science

There is no surefire way to rank number one for SEO other than consistent hard work, dedication, grit, and an attitude of constantly wanting to learn and apply it.

From personal experience, once you’ve tackled the SEO giant and you have a general idea of what you’re doing, it snowballs into itself and you all of a sudden you want to learn more and more as you see your content crawling up the ranking for that keyword.

Before you know it SEO might just become something you can’t stop talking about (I speak from experience for this one). 😉

Wanna learn more?!

I’ve got you COVERED (SOON)!

I’m in the process of creating a detailed e-book about the whole SEO process. So you can become an SEO pro and incorporate it into the blog writing you already do!

I actually don’t like calling it an e-book. It’s more like a course bundled into an e-book format.

It’s a step by step guide that breaks down SEO for you, as a complete beginner, so you don’t have to keep feeling around in the dark not knowing what the heck you’re doing.

It makes SEO go from your frenemy to the millionaire blog mentor you’ve always wanted, if you like putting it in those terms.

It comes with two 30 minute videos explaining an SEO research plan step-by-step, more than 150 pages of SEO explained in plain english, and a 24 page printable keyword planner (that’s GORGEOUS, if I do say so myself) so you always know what piece of content to create next.

(and exactly what keywords should go in it for HIGHER rankings!)

This strategy is what has helped me go from getting 100k measly visitors from Pinterest only to an average of 350k visitors per month mostly from Google searches!

My all time high was a 499k page view month back in January!

But enough rambling from me already, Bookmark this page to know when it goes live!

If you’ve signed up to get the FREE SEO checklist then you’ll be on of the first to get a notification through email. Meanwhile, use that checklist to get ahead with your SEO!


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  2. All great information I plan to start using immediately! Thank you for all the high-quality tips and tricks! As a newbie I really appreciate your straightforward explanations!

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