Strawberry Sugar Scrub | Strawberry Face Mask DIY

strawberry sugar scrub | DIY strawberry face maskYou know it’s summer when the first thing you see walking into the grocery store are strawberries.

While you’re at it, why not make a quick DIY strawberry sugar scrub (that can also double as a strawberry face mask) to make sure your summer skin stays as smooth as possible.

If you visit the blog often you’ll know I’ve been on a bit of a sugar scrub bender lately. I used to only make sugar scrubs with a simple dollop of white granulated sugar and honey.

It did the trick alright but it wasn’t as fun as creating different types of sugar scrubs with different natural ingredients and essential oils. This strawberry sugar scrub (or strawberry face mask) is made with coconut oil and only takes a few minutes to put together.

Though, you will need to use a blender to puree the strawberries for best results. You can also mash them in a bowl too, if they are ripe enough (mine worked better getting pureed in a blender with a bit of coconut oil and water).

The thing about homemade sugar scrubs I love is that they’re SO easy to make and they’re useful. I know I keep saying this too but they also make great DIY gifts for your friends and family.

Before I keep rambling some more, here’s how you can make this strawberry sugar scrub/strawberry face mask.

Strawberry sugar scrub

strawberry sugar scrub | DIY strawberry face mask

Did I mention how AMAZING this particular sugar scrub smells?

And no, I didn’t put any extra fragrances in it that can be drying for your skin. The simple mix of coconut oil, freshly pureed strawberries, and sugar make for a sweet almost bubble gum like smell I could keep smelling for hours.

It literally smells and looks like candy. No extra color dyes needed  either.

DIY strawberry face mask

I feel like this strawberry scrub can also double as a face mask because the consistency is such that you can leave it on the skin for a few minutes and then scrub and rinse it off.

Strawberry sugar scrub ingredients

strawberry sugar scrub | DIY strawberry face mask ingredients and materials

Lately I’ve been in love with these small mason jars you can find at just about any dollar store because they’re so versatile and cute. A little mason jar, two strawberries, and some coconut oil and sugar and you’re well on your way to making a delicious strawberry sugar scrub.

strawberry sugar scrub | DIY strawberry face mask

Again, pureed strawberries work best for this type of sugar scrub. I cut my strawberries into pieces and added them into my smoothie blender with a teaspoon of coconut milk and a teaspoon of water to make sure it pureed well and smoothly.

strawberry sugar scrub | DIY strawberry face mask

Once you puree your strawberries you want to add the mix to the sugar bowl a little at a time until you get a consistency you’re happy with. But be careful not to make it too runny.

That always sets you up for a mess later when you’re trying to use you sugar scrub in the bathroom sink (believe me, I know!)

strawberry sugar scrub | DIY strawberry face mask

Strawberry sugar scrub printable labels

And like every other sugar scrub post I create this one couldn’t be complete without giving you the strawberry printable labels that go with this recipe.

I decided to use yarn to tie it around the neck of my mason jar and it didn’t come out looking too shabby!

Once you cut out and hole punch your strawberries, you can use one and thread it through the yarn and you can tape the other one to the top of the container lid for a pretty extra touch.


All you have to do is download and print them out, cut them, and add a hole punch to one of the strawberries so you can thread it through and use it to tie around your mason jar.

strawberry sugar scrub | DIY strawberry face mask

How long does my strawberry sugar scrub last?

If you keep your strawberry sugar scrub in the fridge, it should last you about a week or so. Remember to always use a clean utensil to scoop out what you’ll use to minimize the spread of germs.

strawberry sugar scrub | DIY strawberry face mask

Strawberry Sugar Scrub | Strawberry Face Mask

Use this strawberry sugar scrub face mask for super soft summer skin!
Prep Time 9 mins
1 Small mason jar container


  • 1 Mixing bowl
  • 1 Cup White granulated sugar
  • 2 Regular sized strawberries, pureed
  • 1 Tsp. Coconut oil
  • 1 Tsp. Water


  • Puree your strawberries, coconut oil, and water in a blender (or mash together in a bowl) until well blended
  • Add your puree to a your bowl of sugar and mix in a little at a time until you get the consistency you prefer
  • Spoon into air tight mason jar and add printable tags (optional)
  • Your sugar scrub can last in your fridge for about a week

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