DIY Sugar Scrub: The Best Sugar Scrub Recipes On Teal Notes

Best sugar scrub recipes for soft skin that are homemadeI’ve been having SO much fun creating these sugar scrub recipes for everyone!

I love being able to experiment with different flavors and mixes and coming up with a sugar scrub that has a good consistency and leaves your skin feeling baby soft.

I remember as a tween my mother taught me a simple sugar, honey, and lemon mix I could use on my skin to get rid of dead skin cells (especially when I started breaking out really bad).

I thought I’d discovered the true secret to super soft skin and was amazed at just how much softer that simple exfoliating mix left my skin!

Don’t overdo your sugar scrubs

This is an important caveat I think for a lot of people. You definitely don’t want to overdo scrubbing your skin with sugar scrub too often. Because then it becomes abrasive and can hurt your skin more than help it.

I’d say to start with a good once a month sugar scrub routine and go from there depending on how you’re skin is responding.

You can either get in the habit of sugar scrubbing your whole body (face and lips included) or you can just stick with a facial sugar scrub.

It’s completely up to you!

Check out all of my sugar scrub recipe tutorials!

I feel like this is going to be a running list of every single sugar scrub I create. I’ll have to come back and add to the list.

It can be another great way to organize my sugar scrub recipes so more people find them!

Here they are so far:

Brown sugar honey lip and body scrub

Strawberry sugar scrub

Lemon sugar scrub 

Coffee sugar scrub

Lavender sugar scrub

Orange creamsicle sugar scrub

Unicorn sugar scrub

Rose sugar scrub

Blackberry sugar scrub

Rainbow sugar scrub

Mermaid sugar scrub

Very berry sugar scrub

Birthday cake sugar scrub

Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub

Watermelon Sugar Scrub

Honey Sugar Scrub

Peppermint Sugar Scrub

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Best sugar scrub recipes for soft skin that are homemade

How long does your homemade sugar scrub last?

I feel like this is the magic question I get often and my answer always is: Keep it in a cool dry place (your fridge) for about a week.

After that it’s probably best to discard it and create a new batch. Though I HAVE heard they can keep in the fridge for longer.

Which can be true too. I think the best thing you can do is keep your sugar scrub and periodically check on it to see how it’s doing.

If you’re keeping it clean and only using clean utensils to scoop out what you need to prevent the spread of germs, I imagine your sugar scrub would keep well in the fridge for a decent time.

I had tons of fun creating the flat lays and photographing the sugar scrubs together. I’ve been saying this a lot but I’m getting a lot better at taking pictures with my DSLR camera (as opposed to just using my phone).

I’m really happy with how these tutorials are coming out and I’m giddy to create more!

Sugar scrub recipes are simple

Sugar scrubs are absolutely not hard to make at all. In fact, you don’t even really need a recipe to make any type of sugar scrub imaginable (though I do provide recipes with measurements for all of my scrubs).

You can experiment at home with different types of ingredients and combinations and even essential oils.

My favorite essential oils to use are lemongrass and lavender.

Best sugar scrub recipes for soft skin that are homemade

Sugar scrubs without coconut oil or sugar scrubs without honey

To create a sugar scrub that works for you, you don’t need to use coconut oil if you don’t want to.

It’s the same with honey.

I’ve found you can easily substitute one for the other depending on the results you want and the type of sugar scrub you want to create.

This will also affect how your sugar scrub smells. For the record, any type of sugar scrub you make is bound to smell AMAZING!

There’s something about the sweet sugar aroma that simply makes it smell great! And like you want to eat it (don’t)!

BUT you should take note that if you make your sugar scrubs with with coconut oil, it’ll have a really pungent coconut oil smell that you might not be able to cover up with essential oils and other natural additives.

With honey however, you end up with a sweeter honey like smell that tends to go better with your natural sugar scrub ingredients (like with strawberry it smells AMAZING!)

Best sugar scrub recipes for soft skin that are homemade

Don’t forget to pin your favorite recipe to your sugar scrubs board on Pinterest!

sugar scrub recipes homemade DIY

Best sugar scrub recipes for soft skin that are homemade

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