Dot Journal Ideas For May (Spring Into Creativity!)

Dot Journal Ideas For May

As May blossoms with its vibrant hues and fresh scents, isn’t it time to bring that burst of life into your journaling? If you’ve ever wandered through notebook aisles, overwhelmed by the monotony of plain, lined, or grid pages, let me reintroduce you to your springtime companion: the dot grid journal. It’s where creativity meets …

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How To Make $100 A Day: 65 Creative Ways To Make Extra Money In 2019

How to make $100 a day, how to make extra money fast, creative ways to make money from home and payoff debt, the best ideas to make money online

There are a TON of ways to make extra money fast. With a few side hustle ideas and resources (lots of which you can find online for free!) you can start earning a few extra bucks a month. And yes, you can earn $100 a day, with some hard work, determination, and planning. Now, making …

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20 FREE Gorgeous Stock Photos And Fonts for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

Do you ever see those awesome fonts and the oh-so pretty photos that you can’t seem to find anywhere else? Yeah, been there. I’m especially ALWAYS needing awesome designs for my pins. I mean, let’s face it. As a blogger, you have to get savvy on putting together your blog and making it look nice. …

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How I Landed My First Freelance Writing Job in Four Days As a Total Newbie

Four days in, hawk-like stalking and 17 email pitches later, I was able to land my first freelance writing job. I couldn’t believe myself. No, really. I was a total newbie, no prior experience or ‘established’ credentials…how on earth was I gonna make this freelance writing thing work for me?? …I didn’t even have any …

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