How To Use Chime To Build Your Savings And Skip The Draining Bank Fees

How To Use Chime To Build Your Savings And Skip The Draining Bank Fees

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At some point in your life, you start wondering how you’re going to start saving, and how the heck you’re going to keep having fun at the same time.

Opening an online account with Chime might be your best bet.

This is especially true if you’re tired of bank fees that suck the life out of your pocket.

They seriously just make me want to stash all my cash under my mattress and call it a day. I mean sure, there is still ‘hope’ for decent banking with credit unions. They often seem to be better options than bigger banks.

Or so I thought until I moved to CA…and found out the credit union I was so used to doesn’t have any branches out here and my ATM use is limited! Ugh.

I seriously needed an account that wasn’t dependent on location. This is when I came across Chime.

I kept coming across it (blame the ad retargeting bots…or however that works, for that) so I thought I’d look more into it.

Chime is my first time trying out an online bank as an additional, quick access account, and so far, despite my slight skepticism, my experience with them has been awesome.

It’s the easiest thing to use, and you don’t have to start with a minimum amount.

Some of the awesome things you can do with Chime are:

  • Get paid two days earlier once you set up direct deposit
  • Withdraw and transfer money without dumb fees
  • Enroll in their automatic savings plan to grow your funds

I’d say the highlights of using Chime is killing off the ATM fees and making it easy to get an automated savings plan.

Not to mention peace of mind, since they are FDIC insured just like all the other big banks.

For instance, to help me save money, Chime rounds up any purchases I make using their debit card to the next dollar and puts it away for me automatically.

It’s the perfect set it and forget it set up.

To get started with Chime, you can click here and open your own account and get an initial $25 when you set up direct deposit (while funds last).

And they’ll send you a kickass debit card in the mail within a week.

Yet another cool feature is their simple online app. I’ve always dislike convoluted budgeting apps that are confusing and clunky.

But Chime makes it pretty simple to set up and use.

I like that the app notifies you about where your money goes in real time and helps make handling your money easier— whether you want to make a transfer, pay a bill, or manage your savings account.

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This is a pretty short post, but I thought I’d highlight my good experience with Chime as an addition to the Money Hacks section of this blog.

It’s hands down a great online banking option for people that love automation and are constantly on the go.

Click the link below to get started with your own Chime Account

If you know of any other great online banking options feel free to post them below!