7 Work From Home Jobs Paying $15 An Hour You Need To Know About

Work From Home Jobs Paying $15 An HourWorking from home and earning a decent amount isn’t exactly a fairy tale.

It’s possible and within reach, if you really want it. And it’s especially helpful for moms who want to stay at home with their kiddos.

Of course, there are downsides to some work at home jobs, like most don’t offer benefits and some might not always have work available.

That’s why I always say it’s a genius idea to have more than one income stream.

So you don’t just depend on one all the time (a recipe for disaster). Like starting a profitable blog on your free time for example, or writing and selling your own e-books on Amazon are always great options.

Either way, these jobs are within reach and can be done on your free time.

Let’s check out the list of jobs paying $15+ an hour that can help you work from home and how to get started with each!

1. Teach Kids English With VIPKID

Work From Home Jobs Paying $15 An HourThis one is probably my favorite out of this list.

If you’d like to work from home as a virtual teacher, this is the perfect gig for you!

VIPKID is stationed in Beijing and teaches English to children in China ages 4-12.

The good thing is there will always be a demand for teachers, certified or not, virtual or not, because we are all constantly trying to learn something.

If you qualify for VIPKID, you’d be teaching for 30 minutes at a time and pay varies from $7-9+ incentives per half hour taught.

Here’s how VIPKIDS works:

Work From Home Jobs Paying $15 An Hour

  1. Sign up and submit your resume
  2. Go through their recorded interview process
  3. Watch intro to teaching material
  4. Practice teaching with a mock class
  5. Finish your profile and sign documents/contracts
  6. And finally, enter your time slot availability!

To teach, you’ll need a headset and a reliable computer with a working camera and internet connection.

Take Note: To become a VIPKID teacher a minimum of a bachelor’s degree (in any field) is required. This is to make sure their teaching is kept at a certain standard.

Work From Home Jobs Paying $15 An Hour

To sign up for VIPKID you can go here and start the process of becoming an at-home teacher.

They even have a blog for their teachers to share insight and ideas. Pretty cool, huh?

2. Start An At Home Call Center With Arise

With Arise, you can work from home and choose your hours by setting up your own customer service call center from home.

Once you are signed up and approved for the platform, you’ll get access to Fortune 500 companies that will want to use your customer service skills. Pay ranges anywhere from $10-$20 an hour.

Work From Home Jobs Paying $15 An Hour

To get started with Arise you can fill out an application here, and then you’ll go through a background check as well.

To be able to work with Arise, you’ll need a reliable internet connection, computer, and a headset. You can read more about equipment compatibility here.

Take Note: Arise does require an initial investment to get started working from home, like purchasing equipment, and background check fees.

3. Tutor Online With Chegg

Work From Home Jobs Paying $15 An HourYou can become a tutor for students through Chegg and start earning $20 per hour.

Chegg not only sells books, it also provides online tutoring services to students needing extra help. And this is where tutors come in.

With Chegg you get paid weekly, you can work from anywhere with an internet connection, and they make sure they send the students to you (instead of you having to go out and find them).

Work From Home Jobs Paying $15 An Hour

If you’re interested in tutoring with Chegg, you simply fill out their application, and they’ll give you an answer within a week before you’re approved to start tutoring.

There is also a small exam in the subject you will tutor in that you’ll need to pass. Get started with Chegg tutoring here.

4. Complete Misc. Tasks With Appen

With Appen, you can complete misc. tasks such as search engine evaluation, translation, or even voice recordings of certain information.

To open your own account with Appen, just visit their website, fill out their application, and once you are sent an acceptance email you’ll be able to submit your resume and info to open online job opportunities.

Work From Home Jobs Paying $15 An Hour

Some jobs take a few weeks and some take less time to complete. With each Appen job, you get a specific set of directions for each job, so you are never at a loss for what to do.

For Appen, the average pay varies from $13-$16 per assignment guidelines.

Get started with Appen here.

5. Offer Services Through Fiverr

Work From Home Jobs Paying $15 An HourFiverr is a great platform to be able to offer services of all sorts, whether you’re a graphic designer, a web developer, or Pinterest VA, it’s a great place to find freelance service work.

Through Fiverr, when you sign up, you set your profile pricing and set your services.

Then people needing those services and coming across your profile can contact you for work.

Fiverr is great because of the flexibility it offers and the customers come to you, instead of you having to pitch yourself all the time.

Work From Home Jobs Paying $15 An Hour

Check out Fiverr to get started working on your own time here.

6. American Express Customer Care Professional

Credit card companies are always looking for customer care professionals.

You can very well start working for American Express after an application process and background check.

To check out the application you can go here.

Work From Home Jobs Paying $15 An Hour

As with every call center job, you want to make sure you have reliable equipment such as a headset, computer, and reliable internet connection.

You’ll also have to go through a three-week training process to ensure proper performance.On top of pay, they also offer performance-based incentives.

You can even be eligible for health benefits and they can help pay for your internet through a provider of their choice. Learn more about them here to get started.

7. Become A VA With Virtual Office Temps

Virtual Office Temps allows you to land virtual assistant jobs from home by getting certified with them.

They list open virtual assistant jobs you can send a resume to once you open an account.

Work From Home Jobs Paying $15 An Hour

They’ll also require you to set up your own virtual assistant website so you are a full blown VA business and clients can take you more seriously.

Their pay varies depending on jobs. Most listings are at least $15 per hour or more.

Check out how you can become a VA here.

Get Started Working From Home

You’ll never know if it’s something you’ll enjoy doing if you don’t try!

Start your online income journey and start working from home by checking out some of these jobs.

As you work them and land more jobs, you’ll likely be able to see what else you’re good at that you can use to be your own stay-at-home boss.

Hopefully, this list helps you get a head start.

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