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DIY Tiered Succulent Planter

Make this cute tiered succulent planter to decorate any part of your home!


  • 7-10 Small succulents
  • 1 Tiered dessert stand from the 99 cent store (dollar store)
  • 1 Electric drill with a drill bit (OR regular sized nail and hammer)
  • 1 White spray paint can
  • 4 35 inch. pieces of twine
  • 1 Screwdriver
  • Scissors
  • Ruler (optional)
  • Extra soil (optional if succulent soil not enough)
  • 1 Medium sized wide metal planter
  • 1 Small metal planter (easily found at dollar stores)


  • First you'll want to use your ruler to find the middle of the bottoms of your metal planters and using your drill to create a hole through the center of both. If you don't have a drill you can also simply use a nail and hammer to create the center hole, that works too.
  • Then you'll want to spray paint your planters white, and wait about 20-30 minutes (or as per the directions on your specific spray can) for them to dry (wait a full day for them to dry if you really want to be sure the paint is settled).
  • Once your planters are dry, use the parts of the tiered dessert stand and screw them into the center of your FIRST wider planter as if you were putting your tiered stand together (see pictures above) and using all the parts of the center stand to make sure it's nice and stable (especially the metal and foam washers it comes with).
  • Once you've put it together, you can start adding in your succulents and arrange them to your liking. I fit about 5 small succulents on the first tier. You can add a bit of water to settle the succulents in.
  • Once the first tier is arranged how you want it, go ahead and screw in the smaller second planter into the center post (that should have already been screwed in before adding your succculents) and secure tightly with the top metal center piece of the dessert stand.
  • You can now add your second set of succulents to the top planter. I added about 4 small succulents to the top. Add a bit of water to settle the succulents.
  • Go ahead and take two 35 inch pieces of twine and use them to tie bows around each planter. I like to make sure I tie the twine into a knot where I want it centered FIRST and then tie the bow second for a more secure bow.
  • And voila! You should have a brand new succulent planter you're ready to show off in your home!


You can find small dessert stands (or sometimes referred to as cupcake stands) at your local 99 cent stores (or dollar stores) to create this project. If you can't seem to find them there, your second best bet is either Michael's craft store or Amazon, though they might be a bit pricier there.
Happy crafting!