13 Beautiful Script Fonts For Your Next Craft Project

best script fonts 2020Today I thought I’d share some of the best script fonts I’ve found on The Hungry JPEG (one of my absolute favorite market places for all kinds of fonts and templates).

They’re all script fonts and look amazing on just about any project that involves a pretty font that stands out.

These fonts are perfect for invitations, craft projects, DIY printables, wallpaper, school projects, and a ton more things. Lots of these fonts come with swatches and different variations. So be sure to look through each to choose your absolute favorite one.

Now, remember that these fonts are NOT free. You have to pay for them to download and use them however you want with their complete license usage rights.

You can read their full complete license here. 

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You can use this for anything you get on The Hungry JPEG site that isn’t just fonts. They have a HUGE variety of invitation templates, SVG graphics, textures, patterns, mockups, special holiday bundles, and more.

It’s perfect if you’re a DIYer like me, or have a special design project you need to work on. To check out each font, find their corresponding link below!

13 trendy script fonts

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Download the best script fonts

Castlerock- best script fonts 2020


Once I laid eyes on Castlerock I KNEW I needed to feature it because of it’s easy going look. This type of font is perfect for t-shirt designs, mug designs, or even creating your own printables.

Dorothy And Clark- best script fonts 2020


Dorothy And Clark was a winner when I saw how they showcased it in action. I love that it’s simple and doesn’t try to hard to stand out while still looking trendy.

Enjoying Life Font- best script fonts 2020


“Grateful vibes only” is the perfect quote for a font named “Enjoying Life” wouldn’t you think? The loops and swooping gorgeous capital letters in this font set make it one you’ll probably want to use again and again.

Espander font- best script fonts 2020


From this whole list font, I’d say this one is one of my top favorites because of how sleek it looks. It’s elegant yet to the point while packing a punch and standing out. Love it!

Gladiolus font- best script fonts 2020


if you want something a little more classic and flowery then Gladiolus is the font to check out. I think this font would go perfect in a wedding invitation.

Grandfather font- best script fonts 2020


Grandfather is such a gorgeous font in it’s own right I don’t think I can say enough about it. There are about a million things this font would be perfect for, including invitations and banners.

Little Ophelia font- best script fonts 2020


Little Ophelia looks a bit like a cursive font with a little more flair to it. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and is super versatile if you know how to use it. This one’s definitely a keeper.

Madgue font- best script fonts 2020


Madgue is a beautiful font that makes for a great pairing with a sans serif font if you’re trying to get extra creative with it. It’s perfect for t-shirts, cards, and yes, printables too!

Sky High Font- best script fonts 2020


Sky high screams beauty, classic, and put together and it’s perfect for wedding invitations if you love loops and flair. Definitely a must try!

Sweitenia font- best script fonts 2020


Sweitenia is the type of font you keep in your arsenal for when you need a quick font that just right and will get the job done. It’s a beautiful and versatile font you can use for a ton of design and craft projects.

Victoria Script font- best script fonts 2020


If you love softer fonts that loop without jagged edges and fast serious lines then Victoria Script is the one to try. It’s definitely a quirky font design.

Caramello font- best script fonts 2020


Carmello is one of those beautiful fonts that remind you of bullet journal fonts or calligraphy. It’s a happy theme that’s carefree and fun. It’s perfect if you’re working with lots of color.

Carlinet font- best script fonts 2020


If you want a font that looks like art without really trying then try Carlinet. It’s perfect as a background font or a font that imitates real life writing (perfect for mockups!)

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