Make Extra Money: 6 Survey Sites To Add $200 A Month To Your Empty Wallet


First thing’s first.

Survey sites are not my most favorite way to earn money.

I’d rather put in the long hours to blog for a greater return in the future.

But, they do work.

Now, answering survey questions won’t make you the next Warren Buffet, but they DO earn you money if you have the time and the patience to answer them.

You can think of it like this:

Something I like to do constantly is strategizing. I’m always thinking about how one thing can enable me to do the other in the future.

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For example, when I started freelancing through my blog, I’d use some of that money to pay for my blogging expenses, so it didn’t have to come out of my paycheck every month.

You could do the same if you’ve thought about starting a serious side hustle (that might involve a little more planning/money).

So, if you’re really on a tight budget, you can make a few extra dollars a month with surveys to start your t-shirt business or to finally start your blog (yeah you know who you are).

Have you started your blog yet?
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To Earn As much as possible you want to sign up for all of them to be able to get surveys constantly from each (not to mention the FREE $5 bonuses for signing up). Only joining one won’t come close to cutting it. Ya dig?

Let’s get started.

VIP Voice

Make Extra Money With Survey Sites

If you like games then VIP Voice is for you!

You can win points by playing their VIP Instant Win Games or by filling out their surveys.

With their tiered program, the more surveys you take the more points you’ll earn per survey.

Get started with VIP Voice here.


Make Extra Money With Survey Sites

Swagbucks stand out because you can make money with more than just surveys ( like shopping online, watching videos, and searching the web).

It’s dead easy to use, and they also like to give out free points (they call them SB) once in a while that you can also redeem for cash.

(just make sure you have a Paypal account!)

You can create your Swagbucks account here and get $5 FREE bucks just for joining.

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Inbox Dollars

Make Extra Money With Survey Sites

Inbox Dollars can offer you shorter surveys you can take on a more frequent basis.

Their motto is ‘Earn Cash, Not Points’ for redeeming coupons, playing online games, and shopping online.

You can get started with Inbox Dollars here and claim your FREE $5 dollars for signing up.

My Points

Make Extra Money With Survey SitesMy Points is a hybrid between cash back and survey taking. Which is probably the reason why people like it so much.

You can sign up for My Points here and get points for every survey you take that you can redeem as gift cards.

Earning Station

Make Extra Money With Survey Sites

Earning station gives you gift cards for filling out surveys, watching videos, and/or playing games.

They often have ‘express offers’ that give you discounted books or household items for $1.

When you’re ready, you can either cash out your balance via Paypal or get a gift card to stores like Wal Mart or Amazon.

Get started earning cash with Earning Station here.

Global Test Market

Make Extra Money With Survey Sites

You can redeem gift cards by answering a few questions about yourself, or giving your thoughts on a particular product.

Global Test Market is pretty straightforward about their rewards program.

Fill out surveys, earn points, redeem gift cards.

Start earning gift cards through Global Test Market here.

Some Other Money Making Site You Should Check Out Are:

Get cash back just for shopping with:
Sell your old stuff with:

Some More Resources

If you’re looking for even more ways to earn money with creative side hustles check out this long list to get you motivated.

Or, if you want to learn how I started freelancing on the side you can check out this detailed post and steal some important pointers.

And last but certainly not least, if you feel like you’re finally ready to start a blog and take the plunge (and leave the surveys behind), use this easy to follow guide to get started with your first money making blog!

I created this blog with VALUE in mind. I hope you got at least a little bit (or a lot a bit) today.

Happy hustling, friends! ☺

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