One Easy Way To Figure Out What To Gift The Special Person In Your Life This Year

It can be real difficult to figure out how to give a good gift.

Because honestly, as much as we think we might know a person, it can always be a hit or miss (unless they’ve directly told you what they want…which can take a bit of the fun out of gift giving).

So I decided to come up with a riddle of sorts. Is it called a riddle? More like a rhyme type thing, so it can help you get through the perils of yearly gift giving.

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So the next time you’re in the store and you’re trying to figure out what to give your significant other. Think of this!

The perfect Christmas gift can be:

One thing they’ll find useful

Or another they want but they’re missing

Something they’d choose if they were in the store

And finally a gift for ‘kissing’ or a gift for each other/the relationship whatever that might be (softer sheets, a couples getaway, you get the idea).

What I like to often do is make a little bundle with something from each category and make it into a big fat gift they’ll love.

This way, if there’s something in the bundle they don’t like, chances are they’ll like one of the three other things!

Now of course, if you’re strapped for cash then it’s never ever a good idea to go into debt buying gifts. So you can always choose just one item to gift and still make it special for them! 

Try it out and remember it for this holiday!

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