9+ Best Affiliate Programs For Lifestyle Bloggers To Increase Their Income

Best affiliate programs for lifestyle bloggers

As a good blogger, you’re always looking for the best affiliate programs to join.

It can be a great way to monetize the lifestyle content you’re already publishing.

The fun thing is, there is no telling how much you can earn with each affiliate. It could be as little as $5 to as much as $5,000+.

It all depends on a few factors (like web traffic, for one). But if you want any chance of earning a penny through affiliates on your site, you have to take the time to apply to the best ones and strategically add them to your blog posts where it makes sense.

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Now, what exactly are these affiliate programs?

To help out on your affiliate quest to earn some side money through your blog, here is a list of more than 11 affiliate programs that are easy to join.

Let’s dive in.


Best affiliate programs for lifestyle bloggers

Awin is a great global affiliate program that has a huge selection of affiliates to choose from.

It fits a wide range of lifestyle bloggers, and it’s specifically great for travel and fashion bloggers (there are tons of fashion brands under the Awin affiliate umbrella).

They currently represent more than 6,000 brands worldwide including a bunch of hotel chains, Fiverr, Pet Supplies, DressLily. The list is huge.

All you have to do is fill in a quick application and wait for your acceptance e-mail.

Get started applying to Awin and opening your account here.

Flex Offers

Best affiliate programs for lifestyle bloggers

Flex Offers is the grandpapi for Frugal Living/ Personal Finance Bloggers

They are great for money related affiliates like Lending Club, and money earning survey sites like Swagbucks and Earning Station.

They’ve got a pretty interactive dashboard where you can create your links and apply them to your content pretty easily.

Get started with Flex Offers and get your acceptance email here.


Best affiliate programs for lifestyle bloggers

Ebates is an awesome way to both earn cash backs for shopping online and refer your blog audience to (you get $5 for every referral).

The best part is there is no limit to how many people you can refer to the Ebates cash back program, so it’s a sturdy affiliate you can regularly use in your posts.

Open your Ebates account here if you haven’t done so already and get your referral link to start adding it to your relevant posts.

Other affiliates similar to Ebates: Swagbucks (earn money for answering surveys online and watching videos) and Ibotta (earn cash back for shopping online.

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Best affiliate programs for lifestyle bloggers

Share-A-Sale is like the grandmother of all lifestyle affiliates. Or at least that’s how I like to think of them.

They are just a good old affiliate program that every lifestyle blogger should be a part of, whether you want to promote gardening, fashion, cooking, or blogging products.

There is a wide selection of affiliate earning programs under the Share-A-Sale net, including Tailwind.

Get started and open your Share-A-Sale account here.

Ultimate Bundles

Best affiliate programs for lifestyle bloggers

The Ultimate Bundles Affiliate Program is a great way to earn money for a variety of bloggers.

What they are: UBAP basically puts a LOAD of online products revolving around one theme that costs a fraction of the price of what it would take to pay for each of them.

They’ve got bundles for all kinds of themes. Here are a few you can look into becoming an affiliate for:

Click here to become a UB affiliate and be well on your way to monetizing your lifestyle blog content.


Best affiliate programs for lifestyle bloggers

Max Bounty’s application process is a bit longer. They even require a phone call before your account can be approved. They boast the highest affiliate commissions and want to make sure the blogger promoting their products are up to par.

They have way too many affiliate options to list here that can go anywhere form auto insurance to dating sites to cell services.

Here is how to apply for the MaxBounty affiliate program.


Best affiliate programs for lifestyle bloggers Igain

iGain claims it’s their mission to maximize your affiliate earning potential. iGain has thousands of affiliates you can look through including many popular survey sites and its one of the best affiliate programs for lifestyle bloggers. Once you join iGain you also get an account manager that can help you with your affiliate goals/campaigns. Check out iGains here.

CJ Affiliates

Best affiliate programs for lifestyle bloggers cj affiliates

CJ Affiliates is yet another affiliate program you can consider joining if you’re trying to expand your affiliate income. It’s a very popular marketplace for affiliate marketers that offers a variety of affiliate programs.

You can sift through thousands of products to promote that make sense for your blogging goals, your brand and your audience. You can even use them as an affiliate gateway for your blog hosting company. Here is how you can get started with CJ Affiliates.

Amazon Associates

Best affiliate programs for lifestyle bloggers

Amazon Associates is the everything affiliate. You want to become an affiliate for a certain product, chances are Amazon Affiliates has a link for you with earning potential. Its one of the best affiliate programs for lifestyle bloggers to start earning money because of how easy it is to get start with your own account.

All you have to do is open your Amazon Affiliate account and get started creating your personalized links.

Get Started With The Best Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to be on your way to earning money through your content.

It’s really as easy as plugging in a contextual link and then bringing constant traffic to the link (as with everything, there are a lot more specifics to that).

It’s something that you can do the work for now to then see results later. Though it takes a lot of work to set up and establish at the beginning, it is well worth it in the long run.

Affiliates I’m Loving Right Now

Some of the best affiliate programs for lifestyle bloggers I’m loving right now are:

Ebates: Ebates is an easy way to make some extra money by simply referring friends to open a cash back account with them.

FlexOffers: I love FlexOffers because it gives me easy access to finance affiliates for my money hacks posts.

Awin: I love their affiliate interface and how easy it is to create shortened links when I need them. They are also generous on commissions.

Chime: I hands down love this online bank and it’s helping me build my savings a little at a time. Their referral program is awesome because you and your referrer earn $25 once they open an account and get their first direct deposit in.

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  1. Hi Patrick, I’d say start with Shareasale or Amazon Associates, as those are some of the easier affiliate programs to start with, especially for a mom blogger. Whether you get the most bang for your buck will depend on which affiliates you use within each network (that make sense for the audience you’re trying to reach) and how you promote them on your blog, not necessarily the network itself. Hope this helps, good luck with your blog!

  2. Hello!

    My wife and I just started a mom/lifestyle blog together, and we have never done this before. We just want to make sure we are choosing the right programs for our niche, and the biggest bang for our buck. Any suggestions outside those listed above?

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